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Basic No-Fail Slime Recipe

It's as easy as 1 - 2- 3 to make slime with this slime recipe. In addition to being easy, the recipe is very versatile because you can add fun mix-ins.

Watch our video and read the instructions to learn how to make slime. In addition to the basic recipe, you will find links to a lot of other slime recipes.

So bookmark, pin and copy this post.

35+ DIY Christmas Crafts

Find over 35 Christmas craft to make including home decor, ornaments, wreaths, gifts ideas and even holiday crafts kids can make. Staff

Bead Garland Christmas Ornament

Kids will love to make this super simple ornament as a gift for teachers, parents or grandparents. Learn how with this video and the photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions. Staff

Bird Seed Ornament

Bird seed ornaments are fun and SO EASY to make. The feathery friends in your yard will love them! Watch the video to learn how to make bird seed ornaments. By YouTuber Tim Rosanelli

Birdbath Planter

Don't throw away an old birdbath. Recycle it into birdbath planters. This project is so easy and only requires about a half hour to complete. Learn how to make a birdbath planter by watching our video tutorial and reading our step-by-step instructitons.

Braided Ribbon Barrette

This tutorial demonstrates how to make a braided ribbon barrettes.
These barrettes debuted in the 80s but are still popular today.
Imagine how thrilled your child will be if you make her some beautiful braided barrettes to match her outfits. These barrettes are quick and easy.

Button Bookmark

Learn how to make a super simple, fun button bookmark. A excellent gift giving idea.

Candy Cane Rag Wreath

Farmhouse-style Christmas rag wreaths are extremely popular. To get in the holiday spirit learn how to make a candy cane rag wreath. Associate

Candy Cane Vase (Dollar Store Craft)

A DIY candy cane vase is an easy, quick and inexpensive holiday decorating idea. Learn how to make a candy cane vase. These make nice hostess gifts or teacher gifts.

Candy Sleigh

Learn how to make a candy sleigh! These make great teacher gifts and are fun and easy to make. By

Christmas Lantern

Brighten up your home with this DIY Christmas lantern. Staff

Christmas Sock Garland

Are you looking for a simple and quick Christmas decorating idea? A wonderful addition to your Christmas decorations is garland made with socks.
This sock garland can be whipped up in less than a half-hour.

Crepe Myrtle As Craft Material

Crepe myrtle dried seed pods and branches are an excellent resource of free craft material. It can be used for many different craft purposes. Learn more about this resource.

Cute As A Button Pumpkin

Decorating for fall and Halloween would not be complete without pumpkins.
Learn how to turn and faux pumpkin into a fabulous, fun festive decoration that can be displayed year after year.

Decoupaged Frame

This video and photo tutorial will teach you how to decoupage an inexpensive frame into a pretty frame using scrapbook paper.
This same technique can be used to decoupage a frame for Easter, Christmas, graduation, birthdays or any special occasion. Staff

DIY Plastic Plant Labels and Markers

Learn how to make your own plant labels for seed starting of herbs and veggies by recycling milk jugs. Staff

DIY White Lace Pumpkin Decoration

Create this no carve pumpkin decorating idea, a white lace pumpkin, with dollar store foam pumpkin, lace and a few other supplies. Associate

Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

How to make a cute and cheap DIY Halloween / Fall wreath that only requires a handful of supplies from the dollar store. Associate

Dollar Tree Haul - Craft and DIY Supplies

It's a Dollar Tree haul for crafts and DIY supplies. I love to shop at Dollar Tree for inexpensive craft supplies and craft kits.
Look at what I found!

Duct Tape Book Cover

How to make a duct tape book cover.

Duct Tape Coin Purse

Learn how to make a super simple duct tape coin purse (pouch) in about an hour.

Easter Basket (Dollar Store Craft)

Learn how to make this cute and inexpensive ribbon Easter basket with items from the dollar store.

Easter Decoupage Frame

This video and photo tutorial will show you how to decorate a frame using decoupage and scrapbook paper with an Easter theme, but any theme can be used.

Easter Wreath (Dollar Store Craft)

Let me show you how to make this Easter wreath with supplies purchased at Dollar Tree. This wreath used socks, plush animal, floral wreath and burlap ribbon.

Face Mask Ribbon Lanyard

Do you keep losing your mask or are tired of having to carry it when you take it off? Make a face mask strap lanyard so it can hang around your neck like a necklace when not using it. Staff

Felt Flower

How to make a easy felt flower. This flower is a great embellishment for wreaths, headbands, pillows and bags.

Felt Stacked Christmas Tree Ornament

A cute felt Christmas Tree Ornament will add a festive touch to the tree. Learn how to make a stacked Christmas Tree ornament with this tutorial. Staff

Flat Ribbon Bow

Learn how to tie a ribbon bow with patterned ribbon. One-sided pattern ribbon can present a problem when tying bows. This tutorial shows how to tie a bow so the pattern shows on the front of the bow.

Four Leaf Clover

Learn how to make easy felt four leaf clovers with this tutorial.

Fruit Trees, Bushes and Plants for a Small Yard

Tour of fruit-bearing trees, shrubs and plants grown in Annette's yard.
Learn how to get the most our of the small yard by planting food-producing items. Even with a yard less then a quarter acres, you can grow a variety of garden to table fresh, sun-ripened fruit.

Garden Tour and Composting

A spring tour of Chris' garden and learn her method of composting along with what to compost and what not to compost. Chris grows vegetables and fruits in her garden.

Glitter Christmas Ornament

These DIY glitter ornaments will sparkle on your tree and they are super easy to make.
Learn how to make it with our tutorial and step-by-step photo tutorial. Craft


When gluing keep the glue bottle upside down in a plastic cup. The glue will always be ready to use.

Half Hitch Knot - How to Make a Half Hitch Knot

This tutorial will show how to make a spiral knot using only two cords. This knot is also known as the half hitch spiral knot.

HDX Junior Tube Cutter

HDX Junior Tube Cutter features a small, lightweight design that is ideal for working in tight spaces. Use to cut 1/8 in. to 5/8 in. O.D. copper and PVC tubing. The cutter wheel lasts for many uses and is easy to replace.

Home Garden Tour

Take a tour of Chris' June garden. It is always fun to see and get inspiration from an average home gardener. Associate

Honey Bees

Learn how to install package honey bees into an empty hive.

The package of bees contains 10,000 to 20,000 bees plus the queen. Watch the exciting process.

Honey Harvesting

Have you ever wondered how beekeepers extract honey from beehives? Here is the answer.

How to Drill Hole in Ceramic Flower Pot or Planter

Have you ever purchased the perfect ceramic pot only to discover it doesn't have a drainage hole? If you can use a drill, you can make a hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage. Learn how to add a drainage hole to a planter.

How to Dye Queen Anne's Lace

One of my favorite wildflowers is Queen Anne’s Lace. You can be dye it, dry it and place it in a fresh or dried floral arrangement or use it in craft projects.
Queen Anne's Lace can also be used as a teaching tool. This is a great summer STEM experiment for kids.
Learn more!

How to Grow Potatoes

Do you want to grow potatoes in your garden but you don't think you have room. The truth is, it is possible to grow potatoes in almost any sunny location - even on a deck or a porch - by using potato grow bags.

Learn how to plant potatoes in grow bags.

How to Make a Sock Puppet

Kid's will have fun creating sock puppets with old or mismatched socks and some basic craft supplies and things you already have around your home.

How to Propagate Geranium Plants

Learn how to start geranium plants from cuttings. Never buy another geranium plant for your garden. Starting geraniums from cuttings is very easy.

How to Reattach Leg to Table

The leg on my drop-leaf table fell off. This is how I put the leg back on the table.

How to Repair and Conceal Furniture Scratches

Do you have furniture with scratches, dings, and gouges? Find out what ordinary item around your home you can use to camouflage furniture scratches and make them less conspicuous.

Jack-O-Lantern Slime Pumpkin Jar

Halloween is creeping up on us. Ooey, gooey slime and pumpkins are the perfect combination for Halloween.
Watch our video or keep reading this post to learn how to make jack-o-lantern slime pumpkin jars. Staff

Laundry Stained Clothes

How to fix clothes that have been dyed in the wash by mistake … Dye them on purpose!

Did you ever take clothes out of the washer to find that it is color stained. Don't throw it away. Tie Dye it!

Learn how to fix it with this tutorial. Staff

Learn how to make a Candy Sleigh

Watch our video tutorial on how to make this cute candy sleigh!

Learn to Repair Holes in Bird & Insect Garden Netting

This article demonstrates how to mend holes in various types of garden covers. Associates

Loopy Hair Ribbon Bow

This video will show how to make a Loopy Ribbon Bow for your hair with ribbon and a barrette.

Loopy Ribbon Bow for American Girl Doll (18" Doll)

This is video tutorial on how to make a loopy ribbon hair bow for your American Girl or other 18" doll.

Mini Felt Christmas Wreath Ornament

Homemade felt Christmas decorations are cool and unique holiday decorations. Make this felt Christmas wreath with the kids to add to the tree. Associate

Newspaper Weed Control

Do you battle weeds in your garden and flower beds year after year? Learn how to control the weeds by recycling newspapers. Staff

Paracord Bracelet

Paracord bracelets are a fun project for boys and girls. Learn how to make a paracord bracelet using one or two colors of paracord (with or without beads). Needlepointers Craft

Patriotic Door Wreath

This tutorial will show how to make a Patriotic wreath decoration for your home. This video shows step-by-step instructions for making a red, white and blue wreath to honor Memorial Day or Fourth of July. By Staff

Patriotic Farmhouse Rag Wreath

See how easy it is to make a patriotic rag wreath with our quick and easy step-by-step tutorial and video! Associate

Pet Memorial Keepsake Box

How to create a collage of pet memorabilia to honor a pet. Items to include in the collage are picture(s), paw print, collar, poem, etc. Learn how to make a remembrance box.

Pine Cone Farmhouse Garland

Pinecone Christmas garland is an all-time traditional decorating idea for the holiday. Learn how to make a simple Christmas garland with pine cones and ornaments.

PVC Pipe Planter

Whether you live in an urban area, in a small apartment or rural area, fresh food and herbs at your fingertips are easier than you think with PVC pipe. PVC pipe can be used for just about anything including making DIY PVC gardens.

Raised Garden Bed Cover

How to protect your garden from animal pests? Covering a raised garden bed protects the vegetables, fruit and foliage of the garden from pesky animals. Learn how to make a raised garden bed cover. Associate

Ribbon Hair Bow Holder

This video will describe how to make a hair bow holder with two ribbons. You can organize your hair bows, barrettes and hair clips on this handy hair bow holder.

Rustic Holiday Decoration

Take a walk in the woods and gather supplies. Then make this rustic holiday decoration. Tim Rosanelli YouTube Channel

Snowman Tea Light Ornament

How to make a snowman tea light ornament. Light up the Christmas tree with this ADORABLE ornament.

Sock Drawstring Pouch (No Sew)

How to make a drawstring pouch with a sock. To make a sock drawstring pouch you can purchase inexpensive socks from the dollar store or recycle the unmatched socks laying around the house.

Sock Wine Bottle Cover

Do you need a quick, easy idea for gift wrapping a bottle of wine? Stop by the dollar store and purchase knee-high socks and make a sock wine bottle cover. Staff

Square Knot - How to tie a square knot

Learn how to tie the square knot.

St. Patrick's Day Wreath (Dollar Store Craft)

Learn how to make an inexpensive wreath for St. Patrick's Day.

Stepping Stone Tutorial

Learn how to make a garden stepping stone.

Surgeon's Knot

Learn how to tie a surgeon's knot by watching our video tutorial and reading our step-by-step instructions.

Tabletop Christmas Tree

It’s time to decorate for Christmas. If you do not have space for a large tree and artificial table top Christmas tree can add a festive touch to a home.
Learn how to make one with this DIY tutorial. Staff

The Little Yellow Duck Project talks about the charity project, The Little Yellow Duck Project.

Tying Up Tomatoes

When it comes to growing tomatoes, how, when, and what you use to tie up and support tomato plants can make a big difference in the overall performance of the crop. Learn my favorite tying material. Associates

Valentine' Day Heart Mobile

Time for DIY Valentine's Day crafts. Learn how to make a heart mobile for Valentine's Day. This mobile will look so festive in a home.
Kids and grandkids will love helping to make it. Staff

Valentine's Day Candy Heart Wreath

The traditional Valentine’s Day candy, conversation hearts are popular so why not incorporate them into holiday decorations by making a candy heart wreath.

Valentine's Day Heart Loop Yarn Wreath

Learn to make a Heart Wreath for Valentine's Day from Loop Yarn (loopy yarn). This is a fun, quick and easy DIY Wreath project that takes less than 30 minutes to make.

Wineberry Foraging

Learn how to identify, harvest, use and preserve wineberries. This abundant fruit is an excellent source for free, organic, delicious fruit.

Winter Snow Covered Wreath

A beautiful winter wreath sprinkled with faux snow is a great way to transform your front door or home into a winter wonderland. Learn how easy it is to make one yourself.

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