How to make Glitter Ornaments

These DIY glitter ornaments will sparkle on your tree and they are super easy to make.  These would be fun for kids to make at holiday parties or to give as gifts. 

Glitter ornaments make great holiday gifts and can be personalized with purchased stickers or vinyl applique. Find some other fun holiday crafts for kids to make by clicking the link.Glitter Ornaments DIY - facebook

Keep reading or watch the video below to learn how to make these simple glitter ornaments.  

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link How to make Glitter Ornaments to watch in Youtube.

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WHAT YOU NEED to make diy glitter ornaments:

Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Supplies


Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Ornaments decorating Christmas Tree

Before starting, cover your table with newspaper or other protection.


Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Remove CapRemove the cap from the ornament and set aside in a safe place.  This will be replaced after the ornament is finished and dry.

Step 2: Add Glue

Add a generous amount of Elmers Clear Glue to the inside of the ornament.  You will need enough to coat the inside of the ornament. Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Add Glue

Why do we use Elmers Clear glue? In preparing for this tutorial, our first try we used Mod Podge for the glue inside the ornament.  Mod Podge usually dries clear.  In this case, the mod podge did not seem to dry clear as I could see a white haze on the inside of the ornament even after a week of drying.  The Elmers Clear Glue dries clear and looks nicer when finished.Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Mod Podge Ornament


Hold the ornament in different directions to make the glue cover the whole inside of the ornament.  The glue will move slowly around, so be patient!  Remember to get all the way to the neck of the ornament.Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Coat Inside

More glue can be added if necessary.  Once the glue is covering the whole inside of the ornament, it will appear completely clear and smooth.  Don't worry if there are a few small bubbles.

Step 4: Remove excess glue

Too much glue inside the ornament will cause the glitter to clump up and not cover the inside nicely.  Drain any excess glue by placing the ornament upside down in a disposable cup.  Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Glue Drips Out

Let it drain for a few minutes but not long enough for the glue to dry.Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Drain Excess Glue

Step 5: Add Glitter

Remove the ornament from the cup and carefully pour a generous amount of glitter inside the ornament.  Add enough that it can be swirled around inside the ornament and nicely cover the inside.Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Add Glitter

Having trouble pouring the glitter into the ornament?  Make a small funnel out of a piece of paper and then insert it into the opening of the ornament.  Pour the glitter in through the funnel.

Step 6: SWIRL GLITTER around ornament

Carefully swirl the glitter around the inside of the ornament so that it coats the whole inside.  Cover the end of the ornament with a folded paper towel so that the glitter does not come out.Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Swirl Glitter

The glitter can be gently shaken to cover the inside, or just tilt the ornament in all directions.  Add more glitter if needed. Covering the hole at the top will allow the glitter to get near the top of the ornament and not pour out.

Step 7: Remove Extra GLITTER from ornament

Once the inside of the ornament is coated with glitter, dump the extra glitter into a bowl or onto a paper.  If it's dumped onto a paper, you can funnel it back into the glitter bottle so it's not wasted.Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Dump Out Excess Glitter

Step 8: Let Dry and replace the cap

Place the ornament on its side on a table or other safe place to allow it to dry completely. 

Once the ornament is dry on the inside, replace the cap so the ornament can be hung on a tree.

Does your DIY glitter ornament have some spots that are not covered by glitter after it dries?   This may happen if there was excess glue and/or glitter in an area of the ornament.  The glitter can fall off.

To fix this, wait until the glue is completely dry.  Once it is dry, carefully add more glue inside targeting the problem area.  Swish it around to cover that area.  Add more glitter to the problem area and allow it to dry.   Placing the wet side facing down on the table should help it dry and the glitter stay in place.

Step 9: Decorate outside of glitter ornament

Decorate the outside of your ornament by adding stickers or vinyl appliques or simply a small ribbon at the top.  This can add some personalization to the ornament especially if you are giving it as a gift. 

Add stickers of initials, favorite sayings, or favorite items.  Some examples are the gift receivers first and last initial, sayings such as Noel, Christmas, Happy Holidays, or favorite items like snowflakes, Santa, cars, trucks, dolls or other items the person enjoys.

If you have a Cricut cutting machine, the possibilities are endless!  Make your own personalized Vinyl appliques and stick them to the ornament.

I added some puffy snowflake stickers to my ornaments, but I do not recommend these puffy type stickers.  The puffy stickers do not seem to stay stuck to the ornament, so I am not happy with the results.

A simple coordinating ribbon tied in a bow can be glued to the top makes a nice additional decoration to the ornament.  The ribbon could also be tied around the top.Glitter Ornament Tutorial - Ornaments on Tree

The DIY glitter ornament is complete!

We hope you enjoyed this easy craft Holiday craft idea and decide to make some for yourself or as gifts this holiday season.


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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Glitter Ornaments Tutorial - pin

Glitter Ornaments Tutorial - pin

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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