Latch Hooking

Latch hook craft kits were very popular when I was younger.  If you are old enough, you too may have memories of these latch hooking kits being in a craft room!

Latch hooking became popular in the 1970s as a craft for children, but latch hooking isn’t just for kids anymore! 

Now these kits have given way to a more complex textile art form. Lovely latch hook pillows, latch hook rugs, and even creative wall hangings can be made for unique and textured home decor.

Learn the basics of latch hooking a project from the very beginning in order to try this craft as a an adult. 

The basics of latch hooking

Latch hooking is named for the tool used in this craft. It is a hook with a toggle, attached to a handle. 

To begin, a piece of precut yarn is wrapped at the middle around the latch hook and pushed into a cell on the backing, which is a wide woven fabric made of stiff cotton.  This backing is much like a grid with holes.

The two ends of the yarn are then wrapped around the hook and pulled back through to the top of the canvas. As the hook is pulled, the yarn will be secured in a knot known as a lark's head knot.

This is continued with other pieces of yarn until the grid is completely filled in.  The canvas can come preprinted with a design, or a design can be uniquely made by the artist.

The finished latch hooking project is a beautiful pattern or design made with the short pieces of yarn, making a low pile.

It is possible to create impressive designs with various colors, thicknesses, lengths and textures using different types of yarn such as wools, string yarns, mohair, Sari ribbon and more.

What is the difference between latch hooking and rug hooking?

Most often, rug hooking is completed on a frame and latch hooking, done on coarse, open-weave fabric, can be worked on any surface without a frame. Rug hooking is done on a base fabric of burlap or hessian.

Another difference between the two arts is the tool used for each craft.  Both tools have a hook, but the latch hook has a toggle and is longer than the rug hook. 

“Latch hooking” and “rug hooking” are terms that make this art a bit confusing, mostly because it is possible to make a latch hook rug!

Rugs can be made using various other techniques as well.  Take a look at the rug making page for more details.

On this page can be found many latch hooking projects that are both creative and very fun to make.  

For beginners, there are links to learn the basics of latch hooking.

Projects on this page include

  • Latch hook pillows
  • Rainbow latch hook rug
  • Whimsical decor such as the bomb pop 
  • Gingham latch hook rug
  • Shaggy latch hook pillow covers
  • And so many more!

There are several tutorials showing how to finish a latch hook piece as well. 

With the links on this page, you can find comprehensive instructions for latch hooking, videos, books, simple ways to finish a latch hooking work, and so many fun projects to create!

There are even links to products used in latch hooking!

This craft of latch hooking is relaxing, simple, fun and kid friendly. 

Scroll down to see all there is to do here related to latch hooking!!

Latch Hooking

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Basics of Latch Hook

Learn how to latch hook with an easy-to-follow tutorial. Make wall hangings, throw pillows, rugs, and more! Latch hook projects are a great use for scrap yarn too. Hand Occupied

Bomb Popsicle Latch Hook

Learn how to make this bomb popsicle-inspired latch hook wall hanging with a free pattern and tutorial. Hands Occupied

DIY Latch Hook Wall Hanging

Step-by-step tutorial for latch hook of square inside square inside square. Cupcake Cutie

Finish a Latch Hook Rug

An article on how to finish a completed latch hook rug. Home Steady

Finishing Latch Hook Rug

For this technique the rug is finished by whipping the edge. Cindi Gay Rug Hooking

Gingham Latch Hook Rug

Not only visually stunning, this gingham latch hook rug is also very easy to make. Dream a Little Bigger

How to Finish a Latch Hook Rug

Learn how to finish a latch hook rug. It's so simple custom rugs are just a few tutorials away! Dream A Little Bigger

Latch Hook Finish

How to finish a latch hook project into a wall hanging. Cross Stitches

Latch Hook Pumpkin

Latch Hook Pumpkin #ad

Learn how to make Latch Hook Pumpkin at JOANN. Affiliate Link to JOANN

Latch Hook Rag Rug

Latch Hook Rag Rug

This project shows you how to recycle fabric to create beautiful rag rugs. Craft Bits

Latch Hook Supplies & Kits

Need latch hook supplies. Want a latch hook kit. This links has lots of kits and supplies for latch hooking.

Latch Hook T-Shirt Rug

Latch Hook T-Shirt Rug

Learn how to make a rug by upcycling old t-shirts using the latch hook rug method. Scratch and Stitch

Latch Hook w/ Wooden Handle

Latch Hook w/ Wooden Handle #ad

By Caron Affiliate Link to

Latch Hook Wall Hanging

Make a stunning wall hanging for your home with these free instructions. Honestly WTF

Latch Hook Wall Hanging

Latch Hook Wall Hanging #ad

Check out and make this latch hook wall hanging using JOANN free instructions. Affiliate Link to Joann

Latch Hook Wall Hanging Tutorial

Latch Hook Wall Hanging Tutorial

Latch hook a textured wall hanging with this free tutorial. A Beautiful Mess

Latch Hook with Comfort Grip Handle

Latch Hook with Comfort Grip Handle #ad

By Boye Affiliate Link to

Latch Hook Yarn

This blog will explain how to cut your own yarn for a latch hook. We Are Knitters

Rainbow Latch Hook Wall Hanging

Easy DIY instructions to recreate a rainbow wall hanging. Studio DIY

Shaggy Latch Hook Cushion Cover

Shaggy Latch Hook Cushion Cover

This latch hook cushion is a color explosion that will brighten up any room. With detailed instructions for sewing the pillow cover and creating a design. My Poppet Makes

Square Latch Hook Finishing

Learn how to do finishing in latch hook projects with square corners. Hands Occupied

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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