Tie Dying Projects and Techniques

As a young teen, I so badly wanted to create that beautiful spiral effect that all of the cool kids had on their tie dyed hoodies, tie dyed t-shirts, and tie dyed sweatshirts.

I tried. I tried really hard.  But each time, my tie dye came out looking like I randomly dropped dye on the shirt, or worse yet, it looked like a muddy mess with all of the colors blending together.

What I needed at the time was this page!  We have gathered many instructions for unique ideas and techniques for fun tie dying.

There are tips for tie dying a hoodie, how to successfully do bleach tie dying, and how to use ice for tie dying. Plus so much more!

What Can You Tie Dye?

Tie dyed hoodies and sweatshirts are really popular right now!

If you check out the specialty stores, they are showing cool monochromatic tie dyed sweatshirts and hoodies at outrageous prices!!  You can get the same look at a fraction of the cost using the ice tie dying method.

The Ice Tie Dye link from Chaotically Yours gives wonderful instructions for tie dying a sweatshirt, and the project cost was around $12.00! 

You just have to check this out.  Tie dying a hoodie or matching sweatpants using the same method would be really cool as well!

There are so many more items that can be tie dyed and look incredibly awesome.  

Tie dyed shoes are also popular for all shoe sizes. From babies to grandmas!  Start with grubby white tennis shoes or buy a new white pair which won't cost much at all.  The Swoodson Says website has a tutorial for tie dying shoes in a nice pink and purple ombre.  Look below for the shoes link.

How about those grungy stained baby clothes?  I wish I had known about this when my kids were babies!  Craft Bits has a wonderful tutorial showing how to tie dye baby clothes in sweet pastels.  The Baby Clothes Tie-Dye Tutorial below shows you how!

Scroll down to see the free projects for more items you can tie dye!

Tie Dye Techniques

I mentioned ice tie dying above. It is something that is so easy and not nearly as messy as traditional tie dying. The ice tie dying technique is explained in several of the project links below. 

Did you know that snow and ice tie dying came about from quilters who wanted a resourceful way to dye their fabrics?

Ice tie dying is a simple process, but be sure to use powdered dye! The tutorials below will show you exactly how to do it. 

Bleach tie dying is technique that gives another unique look to your clothing.  We have several links below that show you how to use this method of bleach tie dying.  You can even use a bleach pen! Check these tutorials out below!

If you are looking to tie dye a hoodie, denim jeans, baby clothes, lunch boxes and more, this page is the place to be!  

(Hey, how fun would it be to tie dye white fabric to make your own tie dyed lunch box? We have a great tutorial showing how to make a cute lunch box that would be perfect for this!)

Tie Dying Projects and Techniques

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How to Tie Dye - 5 Methods

Learn how easy it is to tie dye with this tutorial. Tie dying techniques shown are Ombre method, Shibori method, spiral method, crumple method and painting method.
Tie-dying is a fun summer craft which you can do to keep your kids busy for hours.
By Staff

Tie Dye Kit - One-Step Large Tie Dye Kit

Create your own tie-dyed fashions. Includes 5 bottles, 5 dye packets, 8 gloves, rubber bands, instructions. Affiliate Link to

Tie-Dye Tumble-Dye #ad

Noen Kit with Idea Book, 3-Pack by SEI Affiliate Link to

Totally Awesome Tie-Dye

With Totally Awesome Tie-Dye, it's fun and easy to dye and wear your own colorful clothing! by Suzanne McNeill - Published 2018 Affiliate Link to Amazon

1 Hoodie 4 Ways to Tie Dye

Hoodies are a wardrobe staple no matter how old you are. Learn 4 ways you can make a simple white hoodie into an awesome hoodie with tie-dye patterns. Tie Dye Your Summer

Baby Clothes Tie-Dye Tutorial

Tie-dyeing baby clothes is a great way to personalize outfits and is ideal for covering up minor stains from hand-me-down items. Craft Bits

Batik Fabric Art

How to make batik fabric art using a glue stick. Craft Invaders

Black Ice Dye Napkin Tutorial

Learn how to ice dye with my black ice dye napkin tutorial! I dyed cotton napkins using Jacquard Procion dye powder in Jet Black. See how. Let's Craft Instead

Bleach Pen T Shirts

Check out how simple the bleach pen process is and start making your own DIY bleach pen t-shirts. Family Focus Blog

Bleach Print T-Shirt

Did you know that you can bleach print on shirts? It also makes for a great way to maybe hide a stain on a shirt you already have. Reuse Grow Enjoy

Boutique High-Top Shoes

How to jazz up a pair of shoes. Down Red Bud Drive

Crumble Tie Dye

This free tutorial explains how to tie dye a sweatshirt using the crumble tie dye technique. Refashionista

DIY Ice Tie Dyeing

The process of ice tie dyeing is fairly simple and honestly, extremely foolproof. Learn how here. Honestly WTF

DIY Tie Dye Curtains

With this free tutorial, you can easily make tie dye curtains. The Country Chic Cottage

DIY Tie Dye Hoodie

This tie dye tutorial is going to give you some great advice to achieve the best tie dye hoodie you have ever made! Fave Crafts

DIY Tie-Dyed Dish Towels

With this tie-dye dish towel tutorial, you can complete the project in an afternoon. Organized 31

Food Coloring Tie Dying

Learn how to tie dye a shirt with food coloring using this step-by-step tutorial. Fave Crafts

Food Coloring Tie Dying Tutorial

For an eco-friendly tie-dye option and no tie dye kit needed, DIY tie-dye with food coloring is the answer. Learn how with this tutorial. NY Metro Parents

Headband Tie-Dyes

These DIY tie dye headbands are easy to make from t-shirts and look great! DIY Candy

Hoodie Tie Dye

A do-it-yourself guide on how to tie-dye a hoodie sweatshirt. Chaotically Yours

Ice Tie Dye

The ultimate guide to ice tie-dye. Chaotically Yours

Ice Tie Dye Method

To ice tie dye you only need three things - the item you want to tie dye, ice and powdered dye. Learn this method of tie dying with this tutorial. Brit + Co

Ice Tie Dye Technique

Learn how you can use the ice tie-dye technique to create some gorgeous effects on a common white cotton t-shirt. Bre Pea

Japanese Tie Dye Shibori Napkins

This permanent marker tie-dye technique is so easy to do. Learn how here. Organized 31

Modern Table Runner

Have you ever tried painting fabric? Try it out by making this modern painted table runner. Sustain My Craft Habit

Pillow Case Tie-Dye Tutorial

Learn how to stitch an envelope-style pillowcase and use Tumble Dye to give it a fun tie-dye look! Craft Bits

Shibori Indigo Tie Dye Blanket

Learn how to make a Shibori indigo tie-dye blanket with this free tutorial. Swoodson Says


An easy way to tie dye shoes. Swoodson Says

Spider Web Halloween Tie-Dye Shirt

Learn how to make a tie-dye spider web shirt and then have fun wearing it. Diana Rambles

Spiral Tie Dye

The swirling mix of custom colors on a t-shirt or sweatshirt is the absolute classic look for any tie dye project. Learn how here. Chaotically Yours

Stained Baby Clothes Restoration

How to easily restore stained baby clothes using natural dyes. Adventures and Preggers

Sweatshirt Hoodie and Sweatpants

This tutorial is on how to tie dye sweatshirts and sweatpants. Tweens and teens will love this tutorial. The Neon Tea Party

Sweatshirt Tie Dye

No special tie dye products are needed for this tie dye technique - only bleach. Learn how to die dye a sweatshirt with bleach. Sarah Maker

Tablecoth Tie Dye Tutorial

Make your own Tie Dye tablecloth to use a picnic blanket or a summer party tablecloth. Home Made Interest

The Art of Tie Dye

Learn terrific tie dye techiques from supplies to special tie dye patterns. Rit Dye

Tie Dye

5 ways to tie dye. Down Red Bud Drive

Tie Dye - Cold Water Method

Cold water tie dye brings a classic craft back with a much safer and easier method.

Tie Dye a Hoodie

Learn how simple it is to tie dye a hoodie by reading this article. WikiHow

Tie Dye Canvas Sneakers

Learn how to tie dye plain white sneakers into a fashion statement.
Tie dying is a fun summer craft which can keep kids busy for hours.
Needlepointers Staff

Tie Dye Dress

It's easy to tie dye a dress with this tutorial. Even a beginner can do it. DIY Candy

Tie Dye Lunch Bag

Decorate your reusable lunch bag with tie-dye and embellishments. Fave Crafts

Tie Dye Wall Letters

You can easily make this super fun and colorful Tie Dye Wall Letters – a perfect home decor craft. Crafts by Amanda

Tie-Dye Clothing

Learn how to tie-dye clothing with this tutorial. Also, see how to bleach-colored cotton t-shirts for a fun tie-dye look. The DIY Dreamer

Tie-dyeing Mandalas and Stars

Instructions on tie-dyeing a mandala and star design. Paula Burch's Web Site

Tie-Dying using Bleach

Create a unique tie-dye item using bleach as the tie-dye medium. Craft Bits

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