Paper Airplanes

Create paper airplanes - lots of interesting sites with free designs, paper airplane books and activities. Fun for kids of all ages.

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 Kids' Paper Airplane Book

Kids' Paper Airplane Book

There are 16 models and 76 full-color planes in all, a full-color poster of an airport, a pilot's license and flight log, and a field guide to common aircraft. by Ken Blackburn - Paperback - Published 1996 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Amazing Paper Airplanes

Try folding some of the cool airplanes here. Amazing Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplane

How to fold a paper airplane. Exploratorium

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane

Learn how to fold a paper airplane with this video or photo tutorial. By

Paper Airplane - OmniWing

The OmniWing is high performance paper airplane (glider). It can be made from a single sheet of standard typing paper, and a little transparent tape. Learn more by clicking the link above. Omniwing

Paper Airplane - Shane's Planes

Six airplane designs to fold instructions with some degree of difficulty to understand. McShane

Paper Airplane Designs

Best Paper Airplanes .com is a free site that illustrates ten original designs that fly. Best Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes

Instructions for over two dozen paper airplanes with various degrees of difficulty. Alex's Paper Airplanes

Spinning Blimps

Become and aircraft designer with scissors and paper. Exploratorium

Star Wars Folded Flyers

Star Wars Folded Flyers

Make 30 Paper Starfighters
Six-Starfighter designs look as great as they fly because they're made from full-color custom-designed paper. With five copies of each design, kids can have a fleet of Y-wings and X-wings at their command.
This book is a great learning and activity resource which will keep kid's busy for hours.
Affiliate Link at Amazon

Throwing a Paper Airplane

Information on throwing a paper airplane. Exploratorium

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