Printable Paper Dolls

As a little girl, I loved paper dolls.  My grandmother knew how much I enjoyed playing with them, and she would periodically surprise me with a shiny new and not-yet-torn paper doll book.

I’m not quite sure if I just grew out of paper dolls or if paper dolls became less popular; probably both. I wanted my kids to have the fun of cutting out and playing with their own dolls and dressing them up like I did.

Sadly, paper dolls books are hard to find now.  But those looking for wonderful and free printable paper dolls will find this page a treasure trove of paper doll templates and printables.

Are paper dolls collectable items?

Paper dolls, these two-dimensional figures that are drawn or printed on paper, are indeed a collector’s item. It is not unusual for collectors to expand their collections to include other toys that are printed on paper, like paper airplanes, animals, and villages.

Collectors are drawn to the popular figures from the stage, big screen, opera, and television that have appeared as paper dolls.  Vintage paper dolls include political figures and royalty as well.

Paper dolls bring back the childhood memories of playing with these wonderful toys, and those memories draw many adults back as collectors.

When were paper dolls popular?

Paper dolls were extremely popular in the 1930s through the 1950s.  Paper toys were something that almost everyone could afford even during the Great Depression.  It is true that there were paper shortages during World War II, so the paper toys were made on a very low quality paper, yet still enjoyed by children.

Printable Paper Dolls

Simply scroll down to find delightful paper doll templates and free printable paper dolls. There are many links to paper dolls and their accessories, to include sports uniforms, ballerinas and their tulle skirts, superheroes, and even circus figures.

Unique paper doll printables and paper doll templates include 3D paper cone dolls, dolls made using contact paper, and several paper doll houses.

This large collection most surely contains links to pages that will be enjoyed by all who love paper dolls and want free paper doll printables to spread the love of these adorable toys.

For more fun with paper, take a look at our page full of paper crafts and activities.

Printable Paper Dolls

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"City Girl" Printable Dress Up Dolls

These free printable paper dolls come with all kinds of fashioned-themed accessories. Kids Activities

"Stellar Sisters" Paper Dolls

Each printable paper doll comes with her own accessories to match. Fiskars

3D Paper Cone Dolls

Cut out the template and glue it on the back to make them into cone shapes. Then cut out the outfit for the doll. Mr Printables

Angel's Prinable Paper Dolls

Two printable paper dolls with outfits. Angel's Chimera Dreams

Athletic Paper Doll Friends

From figure skating to football, we have uniforms for many sports to dress your paper dolls for their favorite past times. Making Friends

Ballerina Printable Paper Doll

While this tutorial lists instructions to make the doll out of felt, you can add tabs and make it out of paper. Snuggle Bug University

Boy Superhero Paper Doll

These free printables have everything your child will need to make his or her very own superhero paper doll friend. Kids Activities

Circus Diorama and Paper Doll Theater

Make an exciting circus shoebox diorama featuring your favorite circus animals and circus performers. First Palette

Circus Paper Dolls

Use our printable clowns, circus people and circus animals to make easy standing circus paper dolls. First Palette

Contact Paper Doll

Using contact paper is the perfect way to help kids keep the doll's clothes in just the right spot. KiwiCo

Cowboy Paper Doll Craft

Here is a Classic Country-Western Paper Doll that comes with all the fixin's of a real cowboy and country singer. Purple Kitty

Cowgirl Paper Doll

This Western Cowgirl Paper Doll comes with her own horse and no one but two outfits. Purple Kitty

DIY Paper Doll Activity Set

DIY Paper Doll Activity Set

Learn how to make a cute take-along paper doll purse to carry all those cute paper dolls. The Country Chic Cottage

DIY Paper Doll with 5 Outfits

DIY Paper Doll with 5 Outfits

Print and cut out these paper dolls with the free template. My Poppet

DIY Paper Dolls

DIY Paper Dolls

Here are some printable paper dolls along with printable outfits. A Beautiful Mess

Doll House

While this doll house was designed for clothespin dolls, it can be home to paper dolls. Call Me Grandma

Dot and Roscoe

Wintery paper doll with story, doll and clothing page. The Black Apple

Fairy Puppets

Kids will have fun making fairy paper puppets with movable arms and legs. Snuggle Bug University

Fold-Away Dollhouse

Fold-Away Dollhouse

Learn how to make a fold-away dollhouse for your paper dolls. A Beautiful Mess

Folding Paper Dollhouse

Folding Paper Dollhouse

It is a dollhouse that can fold down, pack flat in a bag or little case. The perfect little home for those paper dolls or teeny tiny toy things. Learn how to make it here. My Poppet Makes

Growing Up Vintage Paper Dolls

These free printable paper dolls include a freckle-faced little boy and a freckle-faced little girl, each with their own clothing and accessories. Purple Kitty

Historial Printable Paper Dolls

Learn about historical fashion while having fun playing. The 4-page download includes paper dolls with clothing and items from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Vikings, Ancient Rome, & the Elizabethan Era. Practical Pages

History of Paper Dolls

Learn about paper dolls. Original Paper Doll Artist Guild

Homemade Paper Dolls

Make a set of Homemade Paper Dolls out of a cereal box, fabric scraps, buttons, ribbons and this tutorial. Happy Hooligans

Iroquois Paper dolls

Printable paper doll with Iroquois clothing. Haudenosaunee Children's Page

Merida Paper Doll

Paper doll and clothes. Deviant Art

Movie Star Doll

This Movie Star Free Printable Paper Doll lets you pretend that you are back in the 1940s or 1950s with fashionable vintage outfits. Purple Kitty

Mulan Paper Doll

Mulan Paper Doll

Print the template and make a cute princess paper doll. Big Family Blessings

Paper Cup Doll

Paper Cup Doll

This is a simple paper cup doll that any kid who has mastered basic cutting motion will enjoy. Little Ladoo

Paper Doll Party Outfits

Paper Doll Party Outfits

The template is FREE! Download, print, color and cut. Then mix and match these outfits with the other paper doll printables on the page. Red Ted Art

Paper Dolls Chain

Paper and scissor fun! Learn how to create a chain of paper dolls by cutting multi-folded paper strips. Aunt Annie

Sammy Paper Doll

Paper dolls aren't just for girls! Create a boy paper doll with this free printable template. Snuggle Bug University

Self Portrait Paper Doll Craft

Use the free printable boy and girl body and clothing templates for fun creative play. Buggy and Buddy

Shirley Temple Paper Dolls

Select, print and cut-out for paper doll fun. Shirley Temple

Shoe Box Doll House

Shoe Box Doll House

How to make a dollhouse from a shoebox. My Poppet Makes

Snowman Paper Dolls

Snowman Paper Dolls

Making these paper cutting paper doll snowmen is a fun craft that helps kids to work on their scissor skills and keeps them busy during indoor playtime. In The Playroom

Vintage Paper Doll Bookmarks

Vintage Paper Doll Bookmarks

To make some paper doll bookmarks, print the free template, color the bookmarks, attach to cardboard, cut out and you have a collection of cute-as-a-button vintage paper doll inspired bookmarks. My Poppet Makes

Vintage Penny Printable Paper Dolls

This free printable paper doll comes with a whole slew of clothing and accessories for all seasons. Purple Kitty

Witch Halloween Paper Doll Craft

Witch Halloween Paper Doll Craft

Gather some fun colored papers, print off a template and make an adorable witch Halloween paper doll craft with these free instructions. Big Family Blessings

Witch Paper Doll

Witch Paper Doll

This witch paper doll craft is a simple paper-based craft. Kiddy Charts

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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