How to make a kite. Kites! Fly, fly away... Kites are fun and can be a great family activity.

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 Easy-to-Make Decorative Kites

Easy-to-Make Decorative Kites

Step-by-Step Instructions for Nine Models from Around the World by Alan and Gill Bridgewater - Paperback - Published 1986 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Kites for Everyone

Kites for Everyone

How to make and fly kites. by 0486452956 - Paperback - Published 2006 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Box Kite

How to make a box kite. Storm the Castle

Box Kite

How to make a box kite. How to Make and Fly Kites

Box Kite

How to make a box kite. My Best Kite

Box Kite (Video)

A video on how to make a box kite. You Tube

Delta Kite

How to make a Delta Kite - easy to follow instuctions. My Best Kite

Delta Kite

An article on how to make a delta kite. Make Your Kite

Diamond Kite

How to make a diamond kite. Squawkfox

Diamond Kite

How to make a traditional diamond kite - including a video.

Diamond Kite

How to make a kite! Jen

Diamond Kite

Follow the instructions on this site and make your own kite.

Flying Kites - Knots and Hitches

James S. Aber Page

Kite - How they fly

Learn how a kite flies. Jen's Skratchpad

Kite - Kids Kite

This article has step-by-step instructions to make a very simple kite for kids. My Best Kite

Kite - Plastic Bag Kite

Learn how to make a kite from plastic grocery bags. wikiHow

Kite Flying - Knots

Useful knots suitable for flying kites. Delta Kites

Kites - 19 Kites

This site has instructions on how to make 19 different kites. How to Make a Fly Kites

Kites - 27 Kites

Fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions for 27 different kites. My Best Kite

Knots - Kiting Knots

Instructions on kiting knots. My Best Kite

Sled Kite

Step-by-step instructions for a basic sled kite. Exeter Kite Central

Sled Kite

How to make a sled kite. Make Your Kite

Vietnamese Kite

How to make a Vietnamese Kite. Make Your Kite

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