Yo-Yo Activities

Learn how to use a yo-yo, learn yo-yo tricks! Lots of yo-yo fun...

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5 Awesome Yo-Yo Tricks

The five tricks are the sleeper, the rock the baby, the breakaway, the brain twister and the trapeze. Scout Life

A String Trick

How to throw the brain twister. Classic YoYo Tricks

Basic Throw

Learn the basic yoyo throw. Yoyo Tricks

Beginner Yo Yo Tricks

Learn how to yoyo quickly using these beginner yoyo trick videos. Yoyo Tricks

Beginner Yoyo Tricks

Learn how to throw a lindy loop, a pinwheel, rock the baby, a breakaway and a round the corner with these instructions and videos. Classic YoYo Tricks

Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

Easy yo-yo tricks! If you want to learn yo-yo tricks, here is the place to start. How Stuff Works

First Yo-yo Tricks to Learn

If you are just starting yo-yoing, learn this list of tricks in order. It's a nice progression and will build up your skills. How To Yo-yo

How to Yo-Yos Work?

Did you ever wonder how a yo-yo works? What is the important feature of the yo-yo? Learn here. Class YoYo Tricks

Learn at YoYo Expert

Start your journey into yo-yoing here. Find tricks for all skill levels - from beginner to intermediate to advance to expert. Get started here. YoYo Expert

Looping YoYo Trick

How to throw the time warp. Classic YoYo Tricks

Looping YoYo Tricks

After learning yoyo basics, move on to more challenging tricks such as looping yoyo tricks. Yoyo Tricks

String A YoYo

Learn how to string a yoyo with these illustrated instructions. Wiki How

String Replacement

Learn how to replace the string on your yoyo. Yoyo Tricks

Winding the YoYo

Learn the 4 easiest ways to wind up a yoyo and get the string wrapped back up quickly. Yoyo Tricks

Yo-Yo - e-Yo PDF

Instruction sheet from Hasbro. Hasbro

Yo-yo Maintenance

Learn some yo-yo maintenance on the string, bearing, etc. How To Yo-yo

Yo-Yo Tips and Tricks

This post is about choosing a yo-yo, the shapes of the yo-yo, yo-yo axles, yo-yo maintenance and more. MACkite

Yo-Yo Tricks

Learn cool yo-yo tricks with these video demonstrations. Yomega

Yoyo String Tricks Basics

In the String Trick Basics category gets you started in string tricks like the Breakaway Throw and the Pinwheel along with all the fundamental mounts like Double or Nothing. Yoyo Tricks

YoYo Winding Methods

Have trouble getting your yo-yo to wind at all? Here are some ways. How To Yo-yo

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