Over 70 Brilliant Crafting Ideas with Socks; Absolutely Free!

What’s The Deal With Only One Sock?

It's a puzzling problem that everyone has; the ever growing, unexplained pile of lonely socks without a mate.  We haven't found the cause, but we found many free craft patterns and ideas to make something from them!

Free Sock Projects

We have decided to devote this page just to lonely socks!  You will be amazed at the things we found for you to enjoy creating with the socks-without-a-mate in your house. To be truly honest, we must admit that for a very few of these things, you will need new socks that you can buy at the Dollar Store.

Sock Puppets

A very popular use for those mismatched socks is to make sock puppets!  There are several sock puppet ideas here, and we also have a special page just for making sock puppets!

We have other great puppet ideas, too!

Kids’ Toys

We found several sock monkey patterns to include the traditional sock monkey and other newer sock monkey versions.  You’ll also find several free patterns for stuffed animals, like teddy bears, a stuffed snake, bunnies, and even bean bags!

Doll Clothes and Items loves to show you how to make doll clothing for your 18-inch dolls and fashion dolls.  Checkout the hats, tube tops, and a doll pillow, to name a few.

Electronic Protection

Protective cases and covers for electronic items can become very expensive.  The free patterns that we have for phone cases, ipod pouch and more will be fun to make and save you money!

Holiday Decorations

Making holiday items with socks is very popular, and we found a great variety of free patterns for you, like Christmas and Easter wreaths, garlands, and even holiday gnomes! 

Take a look at the page, as there are many more holiday sock ideas.

Home Decor

You will be amazed at how classy and adorable the free home decor patterns are!  Be sure to check out the cute owl decorations, owl door stopper, rug and much more!

Animal Toys

Many animals, especially dogs, love to chew.  You can make several different dog toys and even a toy for your hamster with these free sock patterns.

Helpful Household Items

We think the useful household items are a way to use socks in a very helpful way. Think of these free patterns as sock hacks! 

You’ll find Swiffer dusters, mug cozies,  a pin cushion, heating pad, drawer sachets, and many draft stopper patterns. 

Look around because there are many more ideas!

Clothing and Accessories

This category is pretty cool! We found you free sock patterns for a scarf, coin purse, hand warmers, drawstring pouch, winter headband and others! 

Who could imagine?  You’ll love these ideas too.

Enjoy looking at the free sock patterns below. Time to put those lonely, mismatched socks to use!!!

Over 70 Brilliant Crafting Ideas with Socks; Absolutely Free!

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18" Doll Bikini Top

A video on how to make a bikini top for a doll from a sock. You Tube

Bean Bags

Make bean bags with worn-out socks. A Little Tipsy

Bean Bags

Kids need bean bags for many activities such as hopscotch, hot potato, juggling, bean bag toss, just to name a few. So don't throw away those mismatched socks. Make sock bean bags. Inspire Imagination Through Creation

Cell Phone and IPod Cozy

Recycle your old (baby/toddler) sock into a beautiful cell phone pouch. Fine Craft Guild

Cell Phone Case - Sock Cell Phone Case

Cell Phone Case - Sock Cell Phone Case

Do you want to one-of-a-kind cell phone case for your cell phone? Do you need a cell phone case to protect your phone?

Watch this tutorial to learn a quick, inexpensive and fun way to protect your phone from getting scratched by making a sock cell phone cozy.

This is a good beginner sewing project.
Needlepointers Staff

Christmas Gnome

Christmas Gnome

This Christmas craft tutorial shows you how to make a Christmas Gnome using socks. Craft Bits

Christmas Gnome DIY

Christmas Gnome DIY

Decor Hint shows how to make adorable Holiday Gnomes. Decor Hint

Christmas Sock Garland

Christmas Sock Garland

Are you looking for a simple and quick Christmas decorating idea? A wonderful addition to your Christmas decorations is garland made with socks.
This sock garland can be whipped up in less than a half-hour.

Classic Sock Monkey

This classic, goofy sock toy has been a favorite of children and adults for many decades. Learn how to make a classic sock monkey. wikiHow

Coffee Cup Cozy

Keep your hands from getting burnt on a hot coffee cup by making some cup cozies with socks that lost their mate. Mommy Potamus

Coin Purse

Create fun, cute, and functional coin purses with a baby sock. What a cute idea for a baby shower gift! Repeat Crafter Me

Cup Cozy

A tutorial on how to make a no-sew cup cozy or travel jar cozy. Yellow Hibiscus

Cupcake Socks

Cupcake Socks

This Mother's Day craft is a great way to present mum with a pair of soft winter socks. Craft Bits

DIY Sock Monkey Tutorial

Learn how to make a sock monkey with this step-by-step photo tutorial. Web Goddess

Dog Braided Rope Toy

Upcycle old socks into a braided dog rope that your dog will surely enjoy by following these step-by-step free instructions. By Jessie Marie at Instructables

Dog Toys

Four ways to turn old socks into dog and puppy play. And the best part is they are all no-sew toys. Proud Dog Mom

Doll Hat

Doll Hat

How to make a simple doll hat with a sock.

Doll Pillow

Doll Pillow

How to make doll pillows from a sock for doll or doll house. For this video we used a Halloween sock but you could use any socks.

Doll Stocking Hat

Doll Stocking Hat

Learn how to make a stocking hat for your 18" doll from an old knee sock or unmatched knee sock.

Dollar Store Sock Wreath

Make an inexpensive holiday wreath - holiday socks from dollar store, a wreath form and a sharp knife is all you need. Work In Progress Kits

Door Draft Stopper

This DIY door draft stopper is actually made from socks and this tutorial will show you how you can easily make one yourself! One Good Thing by Jillee

Draft Stopper

DIY draft socks are super simple to make, inexpensive, and work well to stop the chilly drafts from under doors or from window sills. Garden Therapy


This sock dragon is a happy 8 1/2” dragon toy made with socks. For the free dragon templates and instructions, go to the website. Craft Passion

Drawer Sachet

These sachets are sooo easy to make with socks. An Exercise In Frugality

Easter Wreath (Dollar Store Craft)

Easter Wreath (Dollar Store Craft)

Let me show you how to make this Easter wreath with supplies purchased at Dollar Tree. This wreath used socks, plush animal, floral wreath and burlap ribbon.

Fashion Doll Hoodie

Fashion Doll Hoodie

Learn how to make a fashion doll hoodie from an old sock.

Fashion Doll Skirt & Halter Top

Fashion Doll Skirt & Halter Top

This video will show you how to make a skirt and top for a fashion doll from a sock.

Fashion Doll Sock Dress

Fashion Doll Sock Dress

How to make a doll dress from a sock for a fashion doll.

Fingerless Gloves

Why not turn worn and unmatched socks into fingerless gloves, with this simple DIY? Saved By Love Creations

From Socks to Scarf

Here is a terrific idea for a sock scarf. Make a usable scarf in about 60 minutes. Seniors Skiing

Giraffe Sock Puppet

Recycle an old or mismatched socks into a giraffe sock puppet. Craft Jr

Golf Club Covers

The perfect gift for Father's Day. If you want to know what to do with old socks, repurpose them into golf club covers. Fave Crafts


With these free step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to repurpose socks into a winter headband. B & C Guides

Heating Pad

A rice sock heating pad is a homemade heating pad that you can quickly heat in the microwave. Once warm, you can apply the rice sock to different areas of your body to treat pains, aches, chills, and some other ailments. WikiHow

How To Make A Mouse Out Of A Sock With Free Pattern

How To Make A Mouse Out Of A Sock With Free Pattern

Made in less than a half hour, turn a sock into this adorable mouse. This is a perfect beginner sewing project for kids. Teaches hand sewing skills! Beginner Sewing Projects

How to Make a Sock Puppet (No Sewing)

How to Make a Sock Puppet (No Sewing)

Kid's will have fun creating sock puppets with old or mismatched socks and some basic craft supplies and things you already have around your home.

How to Make Puppets

Lots of puppet ideas - Sock Puppets, Canvas Puppets, Paper Bag Puppets, Stick Puppets, Marionettes, and Hand Puppets, Bent Spoon Puppets and Puppets from Cups. Danielle's Place

Jar Cozy

Jar Cozy

This sock jar cozy is a quick and easy project for kids - great for a teacher's gift. Learn how to make it.

Little Sock Bunny Tutorial

DIY quick little sock bunny can be made with this tutorial. Elsie Martley

Long Winter Gloves

To a pair of gloves sew some unmatched socks to make the gloves longer on those cold wintry days. Ruffles and Stuff

Lop-Ear Sock Bunny

With this free tutorial, you can sew a sock bunny that stands 14” tall and is cuddly and huggable, and kids will love its size as well as its iconic long lop ears. Craft Passion

Mini Sock Snake

Mini Sock Snake

How to make a sock snake softie. Sum of Their Stories

Monster Sock Puppet

Monster Sock Puppet

Do you have a single sock missing its mate? Turn the sock into a fun monster sock puppet craft. Jinxy Kids

Octopus Toy

This no-sew socktopus is simple and quick to make. Amateur crafters can differently do this one. One Good Thing By Jillee

Owl Door Stop

Owl Door Stop

Turn an old pair of wool socks into an adorable and handy little hoot homemade door stop for the house. Sustain My Craft Habit

Owl Sock Pattern

Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! Meet the sock owl family and learn how to make them with sock owl patterns and tutorials at Craft Passion. Craft Passion

Potholder Loops

Turn Old Socks into Potholders! Make your own potholder loops with old or orphaned socks to use on one of those little metal potholder looms. By Peggy Hazelwood at Hubpages

Puppy Dog

How to make stuffed puppy dogs out of socks and rubber bands. Artists Helping Children

Simple Coffee Cozy

This is a really, really simple way to make a coffee cozy - use a sock. Splash of Something


Sew mismatched socks into a toy snake. Grosgrain Fab

Snowman from Sock

Snowman from Sock

Are you someone that likes snowmen? Here is the perfect crafting idea - a DIY Sock Snowman. This blogger shows you how to make one. Reuse Grow Enjoy

So Simple Sock Wreath

For this project make a trip to the dollar store (Dollar Tree of course) and came back with a wreath form and 4 pairs of knee-high, striped socks. You can also add a sign if desired. 52 Mantels

Sock Bunny

Move over sock monkey! Make a sock bunny! Lil Blue Boo

Sock Bunny

Sock Bunny

Learn how to make an adorable sock bunny with this step-by-step tutorial. Colorful Craft Corner

Sock Bunny Tutorial

Lost a sock - Only one sock? Make a sock bunnies by stuffing the sock and embellishing it with craft supply items you have around the house.

Sock Cozy Tin Can Planter

Sock Cozy Tin Can Planter

Use this easy upcycle project to create a DIY sock cozy upcycled tin can planter. Thrifty Jinxy

Sock Crafts for Kids

How to make no-sew sock dolls and no-sew sock animals. Danielle's Place

Sock Dog

It takes only an afternoon and some very basic sewing skills to turn a pair of stray socks into a cuddly canine. Martha Stewart

Sock Drawstring Pouch (No Sew)

Sock Drawstring Pouch (No Sew)

How to make a drawstring pouch with a sock. To make a sock drawstring pouch you can purchase inexpensive socks from the dollar store or recycle the unmatched socks laying around the house.

Sock Kitty

Let’s see how to sew this cute little sock kitty using this tutorial. Craft Passion

Sock Lion

This sock lion is an average of 20" tall and has long arms, feet, and body. Get the free instructions at Craft Passion website. Craft Passion

Sock Monkey Instructions

Sock Monkey Instructions

These instructions for a sock monkey pattern show you how to make a classic sock monkey with a step-by-step tutorial.

Sock Monkey Tutorial

Let's make cute Sock Monkeys! Craft with Confidence

Sock Pincushion Tutorial

A tutorial on how to make a pincushion from a old sock. Unfortunately Oh

Sock Puppy Tutorial

Lost sock? Make this sock puppy from a single sock. Little Black Teapot

Sock Recycling Idea - Fashion Doll Tube Top

Recycle old or orphaned socks into tube tops for fashion doll or other doll.

Sock Rug

Do you have a pile of socks with holes in them that are beyond darning? Or save all those old worn-out socks. Then turn them into a rug by reading these instructions. Making Do With the Not So New

Sock Snowman

There is something magical about smiling snowmen. Use these instructions for making an easy no-sew sock snowman. Homemade Gift Guru

Sock Snowman Ornament

A quick and easy idea for Christmas. It's inexpensive and great for younger children. Childmade

Sock Weath

How to make an adorable sock wreath. You’ll need a 12? Foam Wreath form and two pairs of striped Tube Socks. Studio 5

Sock Wine Bottle Cover

Sock Wine Bottle Cover

Do you need a quick, easy idea for gift wrapping a bottle of wine? Stop by the dollar store and purchase knee-high socks and make a sock wine bottle cover. Staff

Stegosaurus Socks DIY

Do your kids love dinosaurs? If so, they will love wearing these socks. Happy Together by Jess

Swiffer Pad from a Sock

This tutorial demonstrates how to make a dry or wet mop cover you can toss in the washing machine from a sock. DIY Everywhere

Swiffer Pads

If you are completely flabbergasted by the amount of money Swiffer refills costs, you don’t have to continue paying anymore. Make reusable Swiffer pads from chenille socks. WikiHow

Teddy Bear

Socks are for more than monkeys! How about a teddy bear? Learn how to make one. Raw Creatures

Traditional Sock Monkey

A free, step-by-step guide on how to make a sock monkey. Hubpages

Vintage-Style Sock Monkey

The true vintage pattern was released around 1920 and is still used today. Now you can make a vintage-style sock monkey with the pattern. Sock Monkey

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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