Locker Hooking

It’s time to get loopy!!  The two worlds of needlework and quilting are blended together to make the old art of locker hooking.  If you never heard of locker hooking, read on!

Is locker hooking the same as latch hooking?

Locker hooking is not the same as latch hooking. There are two similarities between locker hooking and latch hooking.  They both use latch hook canvas as the base and a hook.  However, the hook for locker hooking is a bit different than the latch hook for latch hooking.  

As for the textile used for these two different crafts, latch hooking uses short lengths of yarn pulled through to the top of the canvas making a shaggy effect.  Locker hooking uses strips of fabric, ribbons, and other textiles to make loops on the top of the canvas.

What materials are used in locker hooking?

There are several simple supplies needed for locker hooking:

  • Latch hook canvas
  • Locker hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Cotton twine or yarn
  • Strips of 1” wide fabrics sewn together

We have a thorough page on locker hooking supplies and kits as well.

What is locker hooking?

Locker hooking originated in the UK.  It is not a new craft, as it has been around for close to 100 years. Locker hooking is an old school thrifty craft that is well worth reviving!

Locker hooking involves using a locker hook, which looks similar to a crochet hook with an eye in one end, and latch hook canvas.  Cotton twine or yarn is threaded through the eye of the hook and one end is tied to one corner of the canvas. 

Next, one inch strips of fabric are attached together to make a long strip which is then positioned on the back of the canvas. The hook is put into the canvas from the front to the back, pulling up a loop of fabric to the front of the canvas.  

This is repeated along the row, pulling up small loops in each hole of the canvas.  After a few small loops of fabric are on the hook, the hook is pulled through the fabric loops.  The cotton twine or yarn is then hidden inside of the loops, keeping the loops attached to the canvas.

This is a difficult art to describe, yet it is simple to do. Scroll down below to the many tutorials on locker hooking.  There are wonderful videos that will be very helpful.

Once locker hooking is learned and practiced, it might be time to look for locker hooking patterns. Although locker hooking does not need to follow a pattern at all, there are some wonderful free patterns below that can be followed to create a neat design.

What can you make with locker hooking?

Locker hooking is used to make:

  • Rugs
  • Coasters
  • Bracelet cuffs
  • Trivets
  • Bags
  • Cozies for electronics
  • Art Pieces
  • And so much more!

This craft can be as simple as using up fabric remnants to more detailed and ornate by using different ribbons and embellishments.

Try your hand at locker hooking and bring back this fun and thrifty craft.

Locker Hooking

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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