Chair Caning & Weaving How-To

Chair caning is a vanishing art. It is a way of weaving cane to produce a comfortable, attactive chair seat and back.

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Beginner's Guide to Chair Caning

In this blog, you'll look at popular styles, prepare the cane to use, maintain your cane chair, materials needed, and other seat options. Van Dyke's Restorers

Cane and Reed Guide

What are the differences between chair cane and rattan reed and how are they used in the construction of wicker furniture and basketry. Wicker Woman

Cane Furniture Care Information

Tips on the care and maintenance of your cane furniture. The Wicker Woman

Cane Webbing Removal

Use these simple directions to show you how to easily remove chair cane webbing. Wicker Woman

Catalog - Frank's Cane and Rush Supply

On-line catalog of supplies for chair caning, wicker repair, basketry and more. Frank's Cane and Rush Supply

Cattail Leaves Gathering

Here’s an article and a video that takes you step-by-step on your journey to gathering cattail leaves for seat weaving or basket making projects. Wicker Woman

Cattail Leaves Processing

Follow these steps to prepare and process cattail leaves for weaving chair seats and baskets. Wicker Woman

Cattail Weaving

Here is a video on how to cane a chair with cattails. NancyToday on YouTube

Chair Caning 101

Learn a little bit about the history of Chair Caning, the art and craft of this weaving technique and even how to identify and repair. The Wicker Woman

Chair Caning Instructions

A seven step method for chair caning along with advanced caning patterns. Chair Caning

Chair Caning Part 1 (Video)

A video of how to cane a chair - traditional method. Wickerguru on YouTube

Chair Caning Part 2 (Video)

Wickerguru continues the tutorial on how to cane a chair. Wickerguru on YouTube

Herringbone Weave A Chair

Check out this video if you want to learn how to weave flat wide binding cane in the Herringbone pattern in a chair seat. YouTube

Herringbone Weave Pattern

Learn how to weave a chair seat with flat reed in a herringbone pattern. Mother Earth News

How to Cane a Chair

This article is from choosing chair, to drilling holes to weaving. WikiHow

Install Chair Cane Webbing

Step-by-step instructions for how to install can webbing to repair a chair. Wicker Woman

Paint Wicker Furniture

This handy wicker furniture painting article answers the questions most often asked about How-to Paint Wicker Furniture. Wicker Woman

Paper Fibre Rush

What Is Paper Rush, Paper Wicker, Paper Rope? The Wicker Woman

Pre-woven Cane

Instructions on how to install pre-woven cane into the groove of a chair. Basket Makers Catalog

Pre-woven Chair Caning - Part 1

A video is using the pre-woven rattan method to repair a chair seat. Easy step-by-step instructions. Wickerguru on You Tube

Pre-woven Chair Caning - Part 2

This part 2 video continues the pre-woven rattan method to repair a chair seat. Easy step-by-step instructions. Wickerguru on You Tube

Press Cane Removal

This beginner DIY blogger is going to show you two ways – the Easy and Stubborn Spline Methods – to remove pressed cane from a chair! Everyday Old House

Press Cane Seat

A video on how to install a press cane seat. You Tube

Rush A Chair

To rush a chair the strands of rush are stretched across the seat and looped around the rails, moving in a counterclockwise direction, to fill in the seat. Learn this seatweaving technique. WikiHow

Rush Chair Tutorial

Video instructions on how to weave a rush seat in a ladder-back chair using fiber rush. Peerless Rattan Supplies on YouTube

Rush Seatweaving

Learn how to rush that chair seat with these how-to instructions. Wicker Woman

Rush Weaving A Chair

In this video learn how to weave a chair with paper fiber rush along learn tips and tricks for making your rush chairs look professional and not just suitable. Great for all levels of weavers. Silver River Chairs on YouTube

Seat Weaving Patterns and Designs

Pictures and information on the different types of seat weaving - hand caning, cane webbing, splint, rushes and more. The Wicker Woman

Seatweaving #101

Basic overview of a variety of seat weaving techniques including chair caning, rush, splint, Danish cord and more! Wicker Woman

Shaker Chair Tape Weaving

This blog has instructions for repairing a chair with shaker tape weaving. Shaker Workshops

Shaker Tape Seating Instructions

Online Step-By-Step Shaker Tape Weaving Instructions for chairs, rockers or stools. Basket Makers Catalog

Shaker Tape Seats PDF

From beginning to end learn how to weave Shaker tape seats. Fine Woodworking

Types of Woven Chair Seats

How-to article showing and describing the variety of woven chair seats, from different designs and patterns to materials used for weaving. The Wicker Woman

Weaving a Chair Seat

Learn how to weave a chair set with hickory bark. The Basket Maker's Catalog

Weaving a Chair Seat with Hickory Bark

Hickory bark, a traditional chair seating material, is beautiful and long-lasting. Learn how to weave a chair set with hickory bark. Basket Makers Catalog

Weaving a Ladder Back Chair Seat

Learn to weave a chair seat with this tutorial. Using flat reed is an inexpensive and strong chair seat and will last for years. Basket Makers Catalog

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