Basket Weaving & Chair Caning Supplies

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Basket Weaver's Tool Set

Basket Weaver's Tool Set #ad

Everything you need to cut, pack, snip, open spaces and determine sizes. Affiliate Link to Etsy

Basket Weaving Kit

Basket Weaving Kit #ad

Kits came with all the materials needed and instructions for making unique baskets of all types and sizes. Affiliate Link to Etsy

Basket Weaving Packer

Basket Weaving Packer #ad

Weave Rite tool for packing rows of basket weaving. Approximate steel length: 2 1/4". The handle is approximately 5". Affiliate Link to Etsy

Basketry Scissors

Basketry Scissors #ad

These scissors have an ambidextrous grip, so they are perfect for left- and right-handers. 8" overall length. Affiliate Link to Etsy

Cane Webbing

Cane Webbing #ad

100% cane, 18" wide, 1/2" openings. Sold by the yard. Affiliate Link to Michaels

Cane Webbing

Cane Webbing #ad

100% cane, 24" wide, 1/2" opening. Affiliate Link to Michaels

Chair Caning Pegs

Chair Caning Pegs #ad

Wooden pegs for chair caning - 3" Long; 7/16 - Head Diameter; 1/8" - Base Diameter. Affiliate Link to Amazon

Chair Caning Reed

Chair Caning Reed #ad

Spline reed, flat reed, webbing and more. Shop online at Etsy stores for lots of chair caning and basket making supplies. Affiliate Link to Etsy

Chair Caning Supplies

Chair Caning Supplies #ad

Find the chair caning supplies you need here! Reed, webbing, pegs, kits, tools and more. Affiliate Link to Etsy

Chair Caning Wedges

Chair Caning Wedges #ad

These chair caning wedges are simple to use, suitable for amateurs and skilled people. Affiliate Link to Amazon

Flat Reed

Flat Reed #ad

Need flat reed for basket making or chair caning? Look no farther. Amazon has a lot of choices. Affiliate Link to Amazon

Shaker Chair Tape

Shaker Chair Tape #ad

Amazon is pleased to offer Shaker tape at a discounted price. Affiliate Link to Amazon

Shaker Tape

Shaker Tape #ad

Etsy shops have a huge selection of shaker tapes in different widths and colors. Check them out for a super easy way to purchase the shaker tape. Affiliate Link to Etsy

Spline Natural Rattan

Spline Natural Rattan #ad

This rattan spline is used to attach rattan cane to chairs. Diameter is 4mm, each strand is 3-4 meter long, and in this listing is for 6 feet. Affiliate Link to Etsy

Split Reed

Split Reed #ad

Shop for split reed at Amazon. A huge selection of different sizes for basket making and chair caning. Affiliate Link to Amazon


Spokeweight #ad

A spoke weight is used in basket weaving to hold the stakes in place to help start a basket. Get one here! Affiliate Link to Etsy

Weave-Rite Tools

Weave-Rite Tools #ad

Larger Weave-Rite tools have a cherry handle and a stainless steel shaft. They are wonderful helpers when weaving baskets. Affiliate Link to Etsy

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