Mini Felt Christmas Wreath Ornament

Homemade Christmas ornaments are special crafts to keep and to give.  In your home, spend quality family time together this holiday season making ornaments.  Start a family tradition and each year create a memory ornament.

You can start the tradition with our mini Christmas wreath.  You're going to love this no-sew little felt Christmas wreath ornament which is so easy to make but looks adorable and lovely on the tree.  It may look complex but it is really, really simple. 

Mini Wreath Felt Ornament Tutorial - fbDIY FELT ORNAMENTS

Felt ornaments make cool and unique holiday tree decorations.  They are also useful to adorn other things like mantels, packages, lamps, windows and so on.

Today, we want to share our no-sew felt wreath ornament because it's really easy and quick to make, but turns out looking super cute! 

It doesn't require any sewing, so it's easy enough for kids to do.   By prepping the ornament pieces ahead of time, even young children (toddlers) can participate in creating this no-sew felt tree decoration.

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To learn more about today's tutorial, the mini Christmas tree wreath ornament, watch our video or keep reading this post for a photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link Mini Felt Christmas Wreath Ornament to watch in Youtube.

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how to make a mini no-sew felt wreath decoration 

Felt Christmas Decoration-Mini Wreath Ornament Finished On Tree Finished

felt wreath ornament supplies list:

Mini Felt Christmas Wreath Ornament Supplies

NOTE: If young children are making these felt wreath ornaments, beforehand prep steps 1 and 2 of the project - cut out the 1" square and cut a slit in the center of the squares. 

INSTRUCTIONS for making felt wreath :

STEP 1: cut felt squares

To make the mini felt wreath ornament, if you are using wool felt fabric or wool felt blend fabric, you need 100 1" squares.   Wool felt and wool blend felt is a little thicker than standard felt.  If you use standard felt sheets, more 1" square will be needed.

For this wreath project, I am using a wool blend felt in two colors, red and green.  Wool felt blends are blends of wool and another material most ofter rayon.  Wool blend felt has a much nicer look and feel than synthetic felt.  And the colors are amazing.

From each of the two wool felt blend colors, I cut 50 1" squares.

Mini Christmas Wreath Ornament Cut Strips

The easiest way to cut the squares is with a rotary cutter, ruler and mat.   Cut 1” strips from the felt fabric.  Stack a few strips on top of each other and then sub-cut into 1” x 1” pieces.  

If you don’t have a rotary cutter, ruler and mat, you can use a scissor.  Grab a grid ruler and measure 1” across the edge of the piece of felt.  Use a marking tool to draw a straight line on the felt.  Continue to make 1” increment marks across the piece of felt.  

Cut on the mark lines, then sub-cut into 1" squares. Mini Wreath Ornament Felt Squares

STEP 2: make slits in felt squares

Mini Wreath Ornament Snip Center Cut a small slit in the center of each felt square by folding it in half diagonally and with a scissor cut a small slit.

Mini Wreath Ornament Showing Center Hole

STEP 3: time to assemble the felt wreath

Start threading the felt pieces onto the pipe cleaner.  Since I am using only two colors, I alternated the colors when threading the felt pieces onto the pipe cleaner, first one color than the other color. Mini Wreath Ornament Thread Onto Pipe CleanerI continued adding red and green felt, alternating colors until all squares were used.

Depending on the number of colors you use, the 1" felt squares can be threaded onto the pipe cleaner in any way desired.

Mini Wreath Ornament Felt Squares On Pipe CleanerAfter all the felt squares are on the pipe cleaner, center them.  Refer to the above picture.

STEP 4: form wreath

Now it's time to form the wreath. Once every square is in place, bend the pipe cleaner into a circle and cross the two ends and twist them together like a twisty tie. Mini Wreath Ornament Bend Into Circle

With the ends of the pipe cleaners, twist the two ends together to form a loop for hanging. Mini Wreath Ornament Make Hanging Loop

STEP 5: embellish the felt wreath with a bow

With the 18" length of ribbon, tie a bow at the top of the wreath. Mini Wreath Ornament Finished On Tree Add Bow

STEP 6: finished

Finally done!  Hang it on the tree and admire. Mini Wreath Ornament Finished On Tree

That’s all there is to it.  Kids of all ages can help make these felt Christmas tree wreath ornaments.  Make several for your tree.  This wreath ornament would also make a fun gift for teachers, bus drivers, group leaders, friends or even grandparents! 

Mini Wreath Ornament - Three Finished Ornaments

Looking for some more fun Christmas craft activities for kids of all ages (including adults)? Our 35+ DIY Christmas Crafts for the Whole Family has plenty of ideas from decoupage to sewing, from recyling to gift giving and much, much more.

Have a great crafting day!


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.


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