Sewing Videos

These sewing video tutorials will help with basic sewing methods and also advanced sewing techniques.

Sewing Videos

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American Girl Doll Simple Doll Skirt

Learn how to make a super simple doll skirt for an American Girl Doll or 18" doll. No pattern necessary. Needlepointers Staff

American Girl Doll Tote Bag

This tutorial will show you how to make a cute tote bag for your 18" or American Girl Doll.

Apron - Pre-printed Apron Panel

How to make a apron with a lining using a pre-printed apron panel.

Baby Bib

Every new mother needs bibs for the baby. Learn how to sew a simple reversible baby bib. These bibs make wonderful gifts. The project is simple enough even kids can learn to sew by making this project.

Basket - Pop-Up Basket

Learn about a cute pop-up basket made by Annette & Chris at a quilt retreat. The pattern is by the Fat Quarter Gypsy.

Blind Hem Stitch Using the Sewing Machine

Learn how to sew a blind hem stitch with a sewing machine. You can use this stitch to hem pants, skirts, curtain, etc.
Making a hem using this stitch is fast, easy and almost invisible.

Bobbin - How to Wind A Bobbin

Learn how to wind a bobbin.

Bunny Treat Bag

If you need a last-minute Easter gift idea, these simple bunny gift bags are perfect. This bag is super easy and will take only about 15 minutes to whip up. The treat bags are the perfect size for giving gift cards, candy and small items to children, grandkids or friends. Staff

Burp Cloth - Contoured Burp Cloth

Learn how to sew a contoured baby burp cloth with our free pattern and tutorial. This is a cute, easy and quick beginner sewing project. Make for yourself or give away as a baby gift.

Buttonhole with Sewing Machine

This tutorial and video will show how to machine sew a buttonhole with a Bernina 3A buttonhole foot. Associate

Candy Cane Rag Wreath

Farmhouse-style Christmas rag wreaths are extremely popular. To get in the holiday spirit learn how to make a candy cane rag wreath. Associate

Candy Corn Banner

Sweet as candy, this candy corn banner is a pretty addition to your Halloween decorations. Staff

Cast Iron Handle Cover

Learn how to make a handle cover for a cast iron skillet. Keep your hands from getting burned when cooking with cast iron cookware by making quick and easy handle covers.

Cell Phone Case - Sock Cell Phone Case

Do you want to one-of-a-kind cell phone case for your cell phone? Do you need a cell phone case to protect your phone?

Watch this tutorial to learn a quick, inexpensive and fun way to protect your phone from getting scratched by making a sock cell phone cozy.

This is a good beginner sewing project.
Needlepointers Staff

Chapstick Holder

Never lose your lip balm again! Stitch up a chapstick holder with this free pattern. It's super cute, super easy and super quick to make.

Clothes Hanger Covers

Clothes hangers are essential household items and they don’t have to be boring. Jazz up a closet by transforming plain wire or plastic hangers into something fun.

Clothes hanger covers are perfect for hanging special garments in your wardrobe and make great homemade gifts on special occasions including Mother’s Day, housewarming and bridal showers. Staff

Clover Needle Threader

Desk Needle Threader is the ultimate threader. Simply drop your needle in (any needle except tiny quilt petites) rest your thread in the slot press the button and you will have your pre-threaded needle. Ideal for difficult to thread floss and metallics and also for difficult to see needle eyes

Cord Wrap

No more tangled wires around the house or while traveling. Grab some scrap fabric and sew up some fabric electric cord or charger cord wraps. Keep your cords organized and tidy. Watch this free beginner sewing project tutorial.

Cute Insulated Lunch Bag

Free insulated and lined lunch bag pattern.

Decorative Fabric Towel Border

How to add a fabric border to the bottom of a store purchased towel.
This tutorial has easy step-by-step instruction on how to embellish a towel with a decorative fabric border. Even people learning to sew can do this.

Denim Jeans Bag (Basket)

Stop throwing away old jeans! You can transform the old jeans into a useful denim bag (basket) with this tutorial.

DIY Catnip Cat Pillow Kicker

Cats love catnip so make your furry friend a few catnip pillow kicker toy. Each pillow is the purrfect toy to keep your cat entertained for hours.

DIY Farmhouse Fabric Carrot Tutorial

With our free fabric carrot pattern, you can add a farmhouse Spring and Easter touch to your home by sewing adorable fabric carrots. Team

DIY Halloween Treat Bag

These Halloween goodie bags are great for trick-or-treating or party favors. Our Halloween treat bags are cute and pretty darn quick to sew. Associate

Doll Fleece Hat

Learn how to sew a cute and easy fleece doll hat with fringe.

Doll Holiday Party Dress

This video shows and explains how to make an adorable holiday party dress for an American Girl Doll or an 18" doll.

Doll No-Sew T-Shirt

Learn how to make a quick and easy no-sew tee shirt for an 18" doll (American Girl doll).

Doll Skirt for 18" or American Girl Doll

A video on how to make a simple skirt for a doll.

Doll Sleeping Bag

A video showing a doll sleeping bag for an 18" doll or American Girl Doll.

Drawstring Travel Shoe Bag Tutorial

How to sew a fabric shoe bag. Shoe bags are handy when traveling. Shoe bags help keep clothing and luggage from getting dirty. Learn how to sew a quick, easy and handy shoe bag.
This project is so easy even someone learning to sew can make it.

Easy DIY Tote Bag with Flat Bottom

Learn how sew a simple tote bag with our video tutorial and also our step-by-step instructions. Everyone needs tote bags. My some for yourself or to give as gifts. No pattern necessary.

Edgestitching - How to Edgestitch

A video on how to edgestitch which is sometimes referred to as topstitch. . Edge stitching is a finishing stitch which is sewn on the right side of the fabric very close to the edge. It is a decorative stitch.

Elastic Replacement - How to replace elastic in waistband

Learn how to replace elastic in an elastic waistband.
Even if the elastic is sewn into the garment you can replace it without removing the old stretched out elastic. This tutorial will show you how to replace the elastic.
By Staff

Envelope Pillow (Beginner Sewing Project)

How to make an envelope pillow cover with a back-flapped closure. This is a super easy beginner sewing project for kids or adults.

Everyday Cloth Napkin

DIY Fabric Napkin Tutorial. A great way to save money on paper products and start to go zero-waste is to sew earth-friendly cloth napkins. This tutorial will show you how to sew a super simple everyday cloth napkin.

Fabric Bookmark

A fabric bookmark is a wonderful beginner sewing project for kids or adults. Learn how to make an adorable fabric bookmark by watching our video and reading our free pattern instructions. This is a kids can sew project.
Make them for any holiday, keep or give as a gift or use as a stocking stuffer.

Fabric Button Boat

These button boat fabric baskets are fun and easy to make. The design is by Lazy Girl Designs and a pattern named Button Boats. Staff

Fabric Glue Stick

A Fabric Glue Stick is a handy product everyone should have in their sewing kit. Learn more about how and when to use a fabric glue stick.

Fabric Jar Toppers

This video will show how to make fabric mason jar covers. These quick and easy fabric jar toppers make mason jars gifts very attractive and cute..

Fabric Lanyard

Learn how to sew a fabric lanyard with this quick and easy video. Needlepointers Staff

Fabric Pocket Tissue Holder

Learn how to sew fabric tissue holders for travel size tissues. It is a quick and easy sewing craft that even a beginner can make.
Keep some on hand for last-minute gifts for teachers, Mother’s Day, stocking stuffers, hostess gift, friends or birthdays.
Needlepointers Staff

Fabric Snowflake

Learn how to make a 3D fabric snowflake. This easy snowflake craft required no sewing. You only need contrasting fabric, ribbon, Heat 'n Bond, scissor and glue gun.


A quick tip and idea on how to store fabric by repurposing an old DVD video cabinet.

Fabric Tray

How to make a simple fabric basket or tray with kam snaps holding the corners. These are quick, easy and decorative to make! No pattern necessary.

Fabric Tubes - How to Turn Tubes Right Side Out

Learn how to turn fabric tubes right side out with this handy, dandy sewing tool, the Dritz Quick Turn.

Face Mask Ribbon Lanyard

Do you keep losing your mask or are tired of having to carry it when you take it off? Make a face mask strap lanyard so it can hang around your neck like a necklace when not using it. Staff

Farmhouse Valentine Heart Rag Wreath

Valentine's Day is a whole lot cuter with this super easy heart-shaped valentine rag wreath. Anyone can make with rag wreath with this free tutorial. Associate

Fat Quarter Pop Up Container

This fat quarter pop up is a fun, handy little container that pops! Learn more and how to make this project.

Felt Stacked Christmas Tree Ornament

A cute felt Christmas Tree Ornament will add a festive touch to the tree. Learn how to make a stacked Christmas Tree ornament with this tutorial. Staff

Fidget Quilt Tutorial

How to make a fidget quilt.
fidget quilt is a lap quilt which helps provide stimulation for the fidgeting hands of Alzheimer's, dementia, and autistic people. It sooths the fidgeting by entertaining them, busying hands and fingers, stimulates their senses and gives them something to do.

Fleece Blanket - No Sew Fleece Blanket

How to make a tied fleece blanket. Kids and adults can easily make soft, cozy blankets with fleece by following these instructions. They make great gifts!

Fleece Loopy Boa

Our free boa pattern is a modern twist on the feather boa - a fleece loopy boa scarf. This feather-weight boa adds just the right air of frivolity to a sweater or jacket. Team Member

Flower Appliqued Tote Bag

Learn how to raw edge applique a tote bag. No-Sewing Needed! This project is simple and a great way to use up scrap fabric. Makes a nice gift bag! Staff

Fold 'N Stitch Wreath share a personal project, Fold 'n Stitch Wreath. This project can be used as a wall hanging or candle table topper.


This quick tip will show you how to stop a sewing machine foot pedal from sliding around on tile or wood floors by using a mouse pad.

French Seam _ How to Sew a French Seam

A video on how to sew a French seam which give a project a neat, professional-looking finish, with no raw edges.

Garden Apron

With this tutorial and free pattern, learn how to sew a garden apron with handy pockets for yourself or someone who loves to garden.

Gathering - Basting Stitch Method (Video)

Learn how to gather using the basting stitch method with this basic sewing tutorial video.

Gathering - Using the Zig Zag Over Thread Method (Video)

The typical instructions for gathering is to sew two lines of basting stitches and then gently pull the fabric to gather. Did you ever have the basting stitches break? This tutorial will show you a simple method of gathering using a zigzag stitch over thread.

Hair Scrunchies

Learn how to sew a fabric hair scrunchies. By using different fabric you can make scrunchies for any occasion or fashion outfit.
Watch our video tutorial and read the our easy step-by-step picture tutorial to make scrunchies. Staff

Halloween - Pumpkin Roll

How to make cute Halloween decoration - a pumpkin roll craft. This is a easy, kid-friendly craft. By

Halloween Fabric Garland

Time for DIY Halloween crafts! Halloween fabric garland can be used to adds a festive element to any room in the home.
Learn how to make super easy, super cute Halloween fabric garland. Anyone can do it, even kids. Free Halloween DIY Project.
Needlepointers Staff

Halloween Fabric Wreath

How to make a super easy, super inexpensive and super awesome looking Halloween no-sew fabric wreath with a wire frame and fabric strips.

Hand Basting Stitch / Running Stitch

A basting stitch is a long, easily removable, temporary stitch. It's used to ease, gather or temporarily hold two fabrics together.

Hand Sewing - Backstitch (Video)

This tutorial is on how to hand-sew a backstitch. This stitch is a strong sturdy stitch resembling machine stitching in appearance. It can be used for joining two seams together or mending a seam.

Hand Sewing - Blind Hem Stitch (Slip Stitch)

This hand hemming stitch is practically invisible on both sides of the garment or project. Learn how to hand sew the blind hem stitch.


Do you ever have trouble pulling the needle through the fabric? This tips explains how to use a small piece of jar opener rubber to help pull needle through material.

Hanging Hand Towel with Kam Snaps

Do you want a way to hang a hand towel so it does not fall on the floor? This tutorial will show you how to use Kam Snaps to make any hand towel into a hanging towel.

Hanging Kitchen Towel (Easy Sewing Project)

This video will show you how to make a towel topper using a kitchen towel and a potholder. This is an great gift project. It is perfect for beginner sewers as it's an easy sewing project.

How to Fix Pants Hem

Here is an easy and fast way to fix an undone or fallen hem on pants or trousers with a sewing machine. Associate

How to Hand Sew A Button

Learn how to hand sew a button onto a garment or project.

How to Install A Zipper Into A Project (Exposed Zipper)

How to sew a basic zipper where the teeth and part of the tape is exposed. This super simple method for installing a zipper is used in sportswear, home décor projects, pouches, purses and many other projects.

How to Line a Crocheted Bag

Learn how to add a fabric lining with pockets to a crocheted bag.

How to Machine Sew On A Button

This tutorial will show how to sew on a button using a sewing machine with a built-in button stitch.

How to Machine Sew On A Button

This video will demonstrate how to sew on a button a sewing machine and the zigzag stitch. If your sewing machine doesn't have a built-in button stitch, you can use the zigzag stitch to sew on buttons. Learn how with this video.

How to make an Undertale Sans Hat

Learn how to make an Undertale Sans Hat for a Halloween costume. This is an easy sewing project and tutorial. Any Undertale Sans fan would love this hat!

How to make an Undertale Temmie Costume

Do you know or are an Undertale fan? Do you want to dress up for Halloween as Temmie from Undertales? We have a simple way to make a great Temmie costume! Click for a full tutorial to make this costume!

Ironing Board Cover

Learn how to make an ironing board cover with this tutorial.

Replace the old ironing board cover with a new stylish cover.

It's A Snap! KAM Snaps!

How to install KAM snaps using a KAM snap pliers. It's easy to install plastic snaps for a variety of projects, such as baby items, clothing, crafts, purses, totes, towel toppers, etc. Learn how to use the pliers.

Jeans - How to mend jeans

Learn how to fix a hole in jeans or pants. This is a simple and easy repair technique which needs only basic supplies you may have in your sewing room.

Kitchen Curtain

Don't buy kitchen curtains! If you can sew a straight line you can sew curtains. With this tutorial learn how easy it is to sew kitchen curtains that have a rod pocket and a ruffle at the top.

Ladder Stitch/Blind Stitch

This tutorial will show you how to close on open seam on a pillow, stuffed animal and many sewing projects. The ladder stitch also known and the blind stitch or invisible stitch will finish an open seam so it is completely invisible.

Lapped Seam - How to Sew a Lapped Seam

A lapped seam is formed when one fabric layer is lapped over the other and topstitched in place. There are two ways to construct a lapped seam. This video will show you how to use the lapped seam when stitching a seam is difficult such as when sewing a blouse yoke or curved pieces

Laundry Stained Clothes

How to fix clothes that have been dyed in the wash by mistake … Dye them on purpose!

Did you ever take clothes out of the washer to find that it is color stained. Don't throw it away. Tie Dye it!

Learn how to fix it with this tutorial. Staff

Leaders and Enders in Quilting & Sewing

Leaders and Enders, also referred to as thread savers, are just little pieces of scrap fabric that you feed under the presser foot before and after sewing. Learn how to use them and their advantages. Associate

Lettuce Edge Hem

This video will show you how to do the lettuce edge hem. This hemming technique forms a ruffled edge on knit fabric. Lettuce edge finish is cute and girly.

Mock French Seam - How to sew a Mock French Seam

This video is on how to sew a mock French seam. The mock French seam is a seam finishing technique which gives the project a neat, professional-looking finish.

Nine Patch Pillow

A traditional nine-patch block can be used for the front of a pillow. Learn how to make a cute pillow using this patchwork quilting method. Staff

No-Sew Fleece Heart Pillow with Braided Edge

This soft and cozy no-sew fleece heart pillow is easy to make and best of all, there’s no sewing involved.

It's not the typical knotted fringe pillow. It's a weaved fringe that looks braided. Staff

Patriotic Farmhouse Rag Wreath

See how easy it is to make a patriotic rag wreath with our quick and easy step-by-step tutorial and video! Associate

Patriotic Star Garland Tutorial

Learn how to make fun patriotic star garland to decorate for Memorial Day or the 4th of July.
Pick out some patriotic fabric and get started.

Pencil Case for a Doll

This video will show you how to make a pencil case for an American Girl Doll or 18" doll.

Pencil Case with Zipper

Time to think about back to school! Time when kids are bored and don't know what to do!
Keep them busy for an afternoon by teaching them to make a back-to-school zippered pencil case.
This is a wonderful beginner sewing project for kids.

Personalized Tote Bags for Kids

Tote bags for kids are simple to make. Start with a plain tote bag then have a blast personalizing it with kid's name and their favorite character. Associate

Pillowcase - Rolled Up Method (Beginner Sewing Project)

Grab some fun printed fabric and make a simple pillowcase with this tutorial. This pillowcase is so simple anyone can sew it, even kids. And the best part is the seams will not fray because you will learn how to make French seams.

Pinking Shear Seams

How to finish a seam using pinking shears.

Piping - How to Sew Piping with a pintuck foot (piping foot)

A video tutorial on how to make piping using a pintuck foot. You can also use a piping foot.

Piping - How to Sew Piping using a Zipper Foot

How to make piping (cording) using a zipper foot.

Pocket Handbag

How to make a small, cute handbag using an old jeans or shorts pocket. This project only requires simple sewing skills so beginners and kids can sew this project.

Pot Holder

Learn how to make a quick and easy potholder with a panel or 7 - 8 inch square piece of fabric. This free potholder pattern can be completed from start to finish in less than an hour.

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