DIY Pumpkin Wreath

I love to decorate for all of the holidays and having something to greet my guests at the front door is a must.  This is a great tutorial showing how to make a burlap pumpkin wreath that is just perfect for the fall season.

You can find many other wreaths for all occasions as well!

This simple door decoration is made using the Dollar Tree 3D pumpkin shaped metal wreath frame.

DIY Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial - fb

How do you decorate a Dollar Tree pumpkin frame?

There are many ways to decorate a Dollar Tree pumpkin frame that is a lovely fall accent for the home.

Some Dollar Tree pumpkin frames are cut apart and beaded, others can be wrapped with jute to give it a macrame look, I've seen white lace and tiny beaded ribbons, and others are covered with burlap and ribbon like this one.

Learn more about how to make a pumpkin wreath with burlap by watching our video or keep reading this post with step by step instructions and photos.

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link DIY Pumpkin Wreath to watch in Youtube.

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WHAT YOU NEED to make this DIY pumpkin wreath

DIY Dollar Store Wire Pumpkin Form Fall Wreath Supplies

INSTRUCTIONS for making a 3D pumpkin shaped wreath:

STEP 1: attach the burlap between the 3D metal pumpkin frames

Lay one of the metal pumpkin frames flat side down on the work surface.  Fold the burlap fabric in half and center it over the Dollar Tree pumpkin  frame.

Lay the second pumpkin wreath frame over the top, making sure the burlap is taut between the two 3D metal pumpkin frames.  There should be extra burlap around the outside of the pumpkin.

Using the metal florist's wire or the zip ties, attach the two pumpkin frames together, keeping the burlap taut.

Fall Wreath Burlap

The ties should be placed very close to the edge of the wire frame.  This will insure that the holes and the ties will be covered by ribbon or cording.

Attach a wire or zip tie at the bottom of the layered frames first and then pull the burlap taut.  Attach the next one on the pumpkin at the top near the stem.

Pull the burlap taut again, then attach the two frames together on each side.

STEP 2: cut the extra burlap off of the pumpkin frame

Lay the pumpkin shaped 3D metal wreath flat on the work surface, making sure all of the surplus burlap is spread out flat around the pumpkin so the extra fabric can be removed.

Fall Wreath Trim Burlap

Using scissors, cut around the entire frame, including the stem, leaving at least 1/2 of an inch of fabric around the pumpkin.

step 3: Glue the excess fabric around to the inside of the pumpkin wreath

To make a clean and neat edge, fold the excess burlap around to the back of the pumpkin shaped 3D wire frame.  Using the hot glue gun, glue this onto the inside.

Fall Wreath Glue Burlap

The silicone finger protectors from the Dollar Tree really keep burns from happening.  They are highly recommended.

Using the hot glue, continue all of the way around the pumpkin wreath, including the stem.

Fall Wreath Burlap Glued

From the front, the edges should look neat.

step 4: Glue the wide ribbon to the pumpkin wreath

The pumpkin shaped 3D wire frame has six sections divided by the wires. Begin with the center section and glue the 2 1/2 inch fall ribbon from the top to the bottom. Cut the ends of the ribbon flush with the edge of the pumpkin wreath.

Fall Wreath Wrap First Ribbon

Skipping a section of the pumpkin on either side of the middle ribbon, glue a piece of the ribbon as was done in the center section, from the top to the bottom of the next sections.

Fall Wreath Add third ribbon

When the 2 1/2 inch fall ribbon has been attached to the three sections, there should be a blank section without ribbon between each of them. 

step 5: add the trim to the pumpkin wreath

Using jute, cording, or a ribbon, finish the edge of the pumpkin.  In this tutorial, a ribbon was chosen to match the burlap and to be wide enough to thoroughly cover the raw edges of ribbon.

Fall Wreath Start Glue Ribbon

Use the hot glue gun to glue the trim of your choice around the edge of the pumpkin wreath.  Do not go around the stem. Keep the trim around the full part of the pumpkin only.

Fall Wreath Glue Ribbon

Since the metal pumpkin frame is curved, be sure to add glue when necessary to keep the trim looking neat from a front view of the pumpkin.

Fall Wreath Wrap Ribbon around side

step 6: cover the stem of the DIY pumpkin wreath

When all of the hot glue has cooled, flip the pumpkin wire frame over.  The stem is going to be wrapped with jute.  Using the hot glue, attach the end of the jute to the base of the stem.

Wrapping the jute around the stem, add hot glue when necessary.  If there are spaces between the jute, simply wrap around the open space and add glue.  Remember to only glue on the back of the stem.

Fall Wreath Jute Wrapped

Once the stem has been wrapped to the top, cut the jute with enough left to glue the end to the back of the stem.

Fall Wreath Glue Jute

step 7: add a bow to the decorated pumpkin wire frame

Using the 2 1/2 inch fall ribbon, make a bow to attach to the top of the pumpkin. There are many ways to make bows.  The wired ribbon helps to make a nice full bow.

Fall Wreath Bow Added

Using your own technique or the technique shown in the video above, make a 5 inch bow.  Attach the finished bow to the top of the pumpkin with hot glue.  The bow looks nice off to either side of the stem.

Fall Wreath Glue on Bow

Your fall DIY pumpkin wreath is ready to hang proudly on your door to greet visitors!

Fall Wreath Finished

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DIY Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial - pin

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