How to make a Christmas Candy Cane Rag Wreath

Get into the holiday spirit by creating a Christmas candy cane rag wreath.  This candy cane craft is festive, plus it is easy to make.

Over the years I have made seasonal wreaths with round wire forms.  So when I found a candy cane shaped wire form I was so excited and had to try it as a fabric wreath.  I really liked how my Patriotic Rag Wreath turned out so I wanted to do something similar with this wreath frame.

Candy Cane Rag Wreath Tutorial - fbDIY Farmhouse Candy Cane Rag Wreath

With rag wreaths, the fabric has unfinished ends and there will be loose strings, I think this is all part of the charm of the country rag wreath. 

When mentally designing this rag wreath, I wanted the wreath fluffy and fill.  The more strips tied to the wreath the fuller.  Hand tying rag strips one by one to each wreath wire would accomplish a super fluffy wreath. 

I also wanted it to look like a candy cane.  So the choice of fabric and the placement of the fabric were important.  More about that later.

Spruce up your holiday decor with an adorable candy cane rag wreath.  Learn how to make it by watching our video or keep reading this post for a photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Want more wreath ideas? Head over to our free homemade wreath tutorials page for over 30 ideas for wreaths for all occasions.

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how to make a candy cane rag wreath

Candy Cane Rag Wreath Hanging On Wall

WHAT YOU NEED for the rag wreath:

INSTRUCTIONS for candy cane rag wreath:

STEP 1: gather supplies

Candy Cane Christmas Rag Wreath Supplies The supplies and tools need to make this rag wreath project are listed above.

Fabric choice for Christmas candy cane rag wreath?
You want it to look like a candy cane.  So, choose either plain red and white fabric or a fabric with a small pattern on the color.  I choose a red print and a white fabric with a small red print. 

During the holiday season, many stores have holiday fabric on sale.

How much fabric is needed for the candy cane wreath?
The candy cane wire wreaths come in different sizes.  I used a 20" wire form which required 1 yard of red and 1 yard of white fabric.  To make a different size, all you have to remember is the larger the candy cane form the more fabric you'll need to cover it.  The smaller the wire form, the less fabric you'll need. 

Where can you buy a candy cane wire frame?
Candy cane wire forms are sold online and at craft stores or even dollar stores.  Depending on where they are purchased, they come in different sizes.

STEP 2: cutting fabric for the rag wreath

Start by cutting the red and white fabric into strips that are 1” wide x 6” long.  You will need a lot of strips.

An easy way to cut the strip is by using a quilter ruler, cutting mat and rotary cutter which makes the job quicker.  However, you can also use a scissor and ruler to measure and cut the strips.

Here is how to cut it quickly.  Lay the folded fabric onto a cutting mat and line up the lines on the mat to be sure it’s straight.  Cut the fabric into 6” strips from selvage to selvage. Candy Cane Rag Wreath Cut Fabric

Stack a few (2 or 3) of the 6” strips on top of each other and sub-cut into 1” strips.  Stacking fabric will make the cutting go really fast.  Most rotary cutters can cut 6 layers at once. Candy Cane Rag Wreath Sub Cut Strips

Don’t worry if the strips are not perfect.  It won’t be noticeable when tied to the wreath.

STEP 3: tying strips to wire candy cane wreath form

Once the fabric is cut into strips, it is time to begin tying them onto the candy cane wreath form.

This part is easy to do, it's a repetitive task, but takes quite a bit of time. To make it go faster and be fun, try multitasking.  Work on the wreath while watching TV or a movie, listening to music or a podcast, or while chatting with friends. 

When all the fabric is cut, keep the red and white strips separated into two piles. Candy Cane Rag Wreath Strips Cut The candy cane wreath frame is divided into sections.  My wire frame has seven sections.  Each section will be filled with one color.

Candy Cane Rag Wreath Tie Overhand Knot Start at either end of the wire form, tie a red strip to the wire with an overhand knot.  You only need to tie it once.  No need for a double knot. Candy Cane Rag Wreath Tighten Knot

There will be enough fabric on the wreath to keep everything secure. Candy Cane Rag Wreath Tie More Fabrics To Wreath Continue to tie red strips on each wire until the first section is filled.  As you tie, push the strips very close together.  This will give the wreath a fuller appearance.

Here is a look at the back of the wreath: Candy Cane Rag Wreath Push Fabrics Close Together

After completing the first section, use the white strips to completely fill in the next section.Candy Cane Rag Wreath Wreath Frame Partially Filled Continue alternating colors tying and and scrunching them together until the candy cane wreath form is completely covered.

All the strip ends should be on the front of the wreath and look similar to the image below. Candy Cane Rag Wreath Wreath Filled

STEP 4: add a hanger

Candy Cane Rag Wreath Hanging On Inside Door To hang the candy cane rag wreath on a door, window or wall, you will need something to hang it with. I used a long strip of fabric tied to the back in  a loop to hang the wreath. Candy Cane Rag Wreath Tie On Hanging LoopOther options would be to use ribbon or twine.

STEP 5: decorate the candy cane wreath

Since my candy cane fabric wreath is so colorful, I decided to keep it simple and use it un-embellished. I like the farmhouse style of the wreath. Candy Cane Rag Wreath Hanging On Door However, if you wish, add embellishments to the wreath with greenery, berries, ball ornaments, a bow and so on.

And that's it - couldn't be easier.  So happy with my super fluffy candy cane rag wreath. It did take me 2-3 hours but the end result was worth it.  It's beautiful.

Another thing I like about a rag wreath is it is easy to store when not in use. When ready to use it again, just fluff the fabrics and ta-da it is ready to hang on the door or in your home.

This wreath would definitely make a great, unique gift for people, too.

Happy Crafting!


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.


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