Notions and Supplies

Learn all about sewing notions and supplies and how to use them, such items an snaps, buttons, thread, zippers, pins and more.

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History of a Zipper

Learn about the zipper - how, when, who invented it and more. Wikipedia

How Zippers Work

Learn how a zipper works at this site. How Stuff Works

 KAM Plastic Resin Snaps

KAM Plastic Resin Snaps #ad

Glossy Black Size: 20 (T5) 100 complete sets Affiliate Link to

 KAM Snaps/Plastic Snap Sets

KAM Snaps/Plastic Snap Sets #ad

Pack of 250 Complete KAM Snaps/Plastic Snap Sets Affiliate Link to

 KAMsnaps Starter Case

KAMsnaps Starter Case #ad

KAMsnaps Starter Case: Heart / Star / Round KAM Snaps Press Pliers for Plastic Snaps No-Sew Buttons Fasteners Setter Hand Tool for Clothes, Cloth Diapers, Bibs (Floral Organizer) Affiliate Link to

 KAMsnaps Starter Pack

KAMsnaps Starter Pack #ad

KAMsnaps® K2 pliers, awl & size 20, standard length KAM plastic snaps included (everything you need to get started). 100 complete snaps (200 caps, 100 sockets, 100 studs) in 10 assorted rainbow colors. Affiliate Link to

Bobbin Thread Holder

Bobbin Thread Holder

Storing bobbins can be a bit of a problem with the threads going all over the place. This quick sewing tip shows how to use inexpensive, clear plastic tubing as a bobbin thread holder and stop thread from unraveling. Associate

Button Size Chart

Ligne to millimeters to inches. Apparel Search

Button Size Chart

Line = Inches = Metrics Chichester Inc.

Buttonhole - Buttonhole Stitches

Stitch used for hand sewn buttonholes.


All about buttons - history, types, buttonholes and more. Wikipedia

Buttons - Coloring Buttons

Brief instruction on how to color buttons with food coloring. Tamdoll's Workshop - Silver Mountain Originals

Clover Needle Threader

Clover Needle Threader

Desk Needle Threader is the ultimate threader. Simply drop your needle in (any needle except tiny quilt petites) rest your thread in the slot press the button and you will have your pre-threaded needle. Ideal for difficult to thread floss and metallics and also for difficult to see needle eyes

Cone Thread Holder

Cone Thread Holder

How to make a cone thread holder and thread guide for your sewing machine.

CST USA Sewing Thread Color Chart


Fasteners Made Easy PDF

Information on the different types of fasteners - snaps, hooks and eyes - and how to apply to garment. New Mexicco State University Cooperative Extension Service

Hand Sewing Needle Chart

A needle chart reference - Needles are available with different eye shapes (long, round, etc.), come in different lengths and come with different points (sharp, round, blunt, ball-point, wedge). Fiber Images

How to Hand Sew A Button

How to Hand Sew A Button

Learn how to hand sew a button onto a garment or project.

How to Install A Zipper Into A Project (Exposed Zipper)

How to Install A Zipper Into A Project (Exposed Zipper)

How to sew a basic zipper where the teeth and part of the tape is exposed. This super simple method for installing a zipper is used in sportswear, home décor projects, pouches, purses and many other projects.

How to Machine Sew On A Button

How to Machine Sew On A Button

This tutorial will show how to sew on a button using a sewing machine with a built-in button stitch.

How to Machine Sew On A Button

How to Machine Sew On A Button

This video will demonstrate how to sew on a button a sewing machine and the zigzag stitch. If your sewing machine doesn't have a built-in button stitch, you can use the zigzag stitch to sew on buttons. Learn how with this video.

Invisible Zipper Application PDF

Learn how to install an invisible zipper into your project.

It's A Snap! KAM Snaps!

It's A Snap! KAM Snaps!

How to install KAM snaps using a KAM snap pliers. It's easy to install plastic snaps for a variety of projects, such as baby items, clothing, crafts, purses, totes, towel toppers, etc. Learn how to use the pliers.

KAMsnaps Plastic Resin Snaps

KAMsnaps Plastic Resin Snaps #ad

200 KAM Size 20 T5 Resin Plastic Snaps Buttons for Baby Bib Cloth Diaper Affiliate Link to

Reversible Zipper

How to make a reversible zipper. Stan's Sewing Supplies

Separating Zipper

What is a separating zipper? Wise Geek

Sewing Needle Tutorial

Learn all about sewing machine needles. Reanna Lily Designs

Sewing Needles

All about sewing needles! What is the right needle to use for your project? Seasoned Homemaker

Shorten A Zipper

Shorten A Zipper

How to shorten a zipper by hand.

Shortening A Zipper

Shortening A Zipper

This tutorial will explain how to shorten a zipper using a sewing machine to make the zipper stop.

Shortening a Zipper

Learn how at Beacon Fabric. Beacon Fabric

Snap Tape - How to apply Snap Tape

Step-by-step instructions for applying snap tape to a project. Our Pastimes

Snaps - Covered Snaps

Info on covering snaps. Pattern Review

Snaps - Covering Snaps

Instructions on covering snaps. Everything Sewing

Spiral Eye Needles - Self-threading Needles

Spiral Eye hand sewing needles easily allow thread through an opening on the side. Once threaded, it stays threaded. The Needle Lady

Thread Cross Reference #ad

Thread conversion from Madeira or Robison-Anton to Sulky. Affiliate Link to Sulky

Zipper Repair

How to repair a zipper when the slider has come off completely. wikiHow

Zipper Repair

How to repair a zipper. JonFund

Zipper Repair

Step-by-step instruction for easy zipper repair. Ace Leather Goods

Zipper Repair

How to repair a broken zipper. How Stuff Works

Zipper Terms

Definition of zipper terms to assist in determining you zipper needs. Zipper Source

Zipper Types

Illustrations of the different types of zippers. Seattle Fabrics


This site has everything you always wanted to know about zippers from zipper structure to how to attach zippers to how to shorten zippers. Quest Outfitters

Zippers & Buttonholes

Basic zipper information. Craft and Fabric Links

Zippers - Zippers Made Easy

A guide to sewing zippers. New Mexico State University

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