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 Complete Step-by-Step Upholstery

Complete Step-by-Step Upholstery

Fifteen easy-to-follow, step-by-step upholstery projects. by David Sowle, Ruth Dye - Hardcover - Published 2005 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Simply Upholstery

Simply Upholstery

by Sunset Books - Paperback - Published 1998 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Singer Upholstery Basics Plus

Singer Upholstery Basics Plus

Complete step-by-step photo guide for all basic upholstery techniques including chairs, headboard and more. by Steve Cone - Published 2007 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Upholstery Basics

Upholstery Basics

Complete step-by-step full color photo guide to upholstery. by Singer - Paperback - Published 1997 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Upholstery: A Beginners' Guide

Upholstery: A Beginners' Guide

A practical guide for beginner's to restore and update a piece of upholstery. by David James - Paperback - Published 2004 Affiliate Link to Amazon


How to reupholster a chair. Mod Cloth

Chair - Chair Seat

How to reupholstering a chair seat.

Chair - Chair Seat

How to reupholster a chair seat.

Chair - Chair Seat

Fixing an old chair by replacing the cushion and the cover is a straightforward job. Learn how! Guardian

Chair - Seat Pad

How to reupholster a seat pad. DIY Network

Chair - Slip Cover

How to make a slip cover for a chair. Save on Crafts

Chair Seat - Drop-In Seat

How to upholster a drop-in seat. The Painted Hive

Coil Spring Tying

Comprehensive upholstery instructions for tying coil springs. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Coil Springs Tying

Upholstery instruction on tying coil springs. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Cushion - Bolster Cushion

How to make a round bolster cushion. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Cushion - Boxed and Welted cushion

Learn how to sew a boxed and welted cushion. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Cushion - Bull-Nose

How to make a bull-nose cushion. Upholstery Magazine Online!


How to make cushions for wicker chair furniture. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Dining Chair - Upholster

How to upholster a dining chair seat. wikiHow

Furniture - How to reupholster furniture

This article has a brief explanation on how to upholster lots of different furniture. Repair Home

How to Hand Sew

Hand sewing is simple technique used by upholsters. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Measuring Instructions

Measuring upholstery material and estimating yardage. Denver Fabrics

Ottoman Upholstery Instructions

Instructions for contructing and padding an ottoman frame. Includes instructions on how to install jute webbing. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Ottoman Upholstery Instructions

How to upholtery an ottoman. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Seat - Drop-in Seat

How to upholster a drop-in seat. Build Easy

Slip Seat

Slip seat are most often found on dining room chairs. Learn how to upholster a slip seat. Fabric Workshop

Tacking Basics

Learn how to make your project look professional. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Tacking Strips

The technique of installing flexable tacking strips is shown. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Terms - An Upholstery Primer

Terms and detailed information on the terms. Upholstery Magazine Online!

Terms - Upholstery Terminology

Upholstery terms and definitions. Old and Sold

Upholster a chair

Step-by-step instructions Upholstery Magazine Online!

Yardage Calculator - Upholstery

Use these yardage chart to determine the amount of fabric needed to upholster an item. Online Fabric Store

Yardage Chart

A quick graphic chart of the amount of fabric needed for different furniture styles. Courtesy C.S. Osborne & Co. Upholstery Magazine Online!

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