30+ Easy Upholstery Projects for Beginners

Upholstery and reupholstery play major roles in interior design. Both add comfort and character to a space in the home.

DIY upholstery can transform a cherished antique chair or even a modern couch into a work of art with the right fabric and good workmanship.

Upholstery and reupholstery enhance the appearance of the pieces but also add to the durability of the furniture. Reupholstery allows the DIY crafter to revitalize older pieces and turn them into furniture that can be passed down through generations.

Ancestry and Memories

Reupholstering an old piece of furniture in the family for generations is a special gift. My great-grandmother had a lovely wing-backed chair with old fabric that was not usable in the condition it was gifted to me.

Choosing a color and design of upholstery fabric that coordinates with my living room and covering that chair gives me the warmth and comforting feelings of my great-grandmother with a piece of furniture that was hers.

One of the nicest things about it is that that old chair was made more structurally sound than the current furniture in my home. As is said, “they don’t make them like they used to!”

The antique furniture is usually well-made, and with a little extra loving care by reupholstering it, it will last for years to come.


Many people love the art of upholstery as it gives them the ability to customize the furniture to meet their tastes and preferences. The selection of upholstery fabric is huge, from luxurious velvets and satins to durable, family-friendly fabric.

Adding special touches like piping, tufting, and trim personalizes the furniture to match the decor and personality of the person who owns the piece.

The easy beginner projects below will get newcomers started on their upholstery journey, and the more complex ideas found on this page will appeal to the seasoned upholsterer.

The reader will find useful upholstery tips and tricks to make the job easier. Look for the DIY upholstery projects on this page that are smart and fashionable.

The barstool makeover is an easy project with simple steps to make a beautiful kitchen or recreation area piece.

Look below to learn all about upholstery tools that will make the projects even easier. The right tools are of utmost importance! The articles below will show the tools needed to make the project look like a professional upholsterer did the work.

Where can I find old furniture?

One of the best places to find old furniture is thrift stores, or better yet, a flea market find may be the best option. 

Thrift stores have outdated furniture, which can also be reupholstered to make this old furniture new, perfect for the living room or other home areas. However, I have found that flea markets often have a better selection.

It just depends on what is being sought after.

Use the simple techniques below to get the best results to turn old furniture into art. Scroll down to see all of the great upholstery options and projects available.

30+ Easy Upholstery Projects for Beginners

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An Upholstery Primer

Terms and detailed information on the terms.

Barstool Makeover

Barstool Makeover

This post provides step-by-step instructions for easily reupholstering any chair seat, specifically bar stools. Down Red Bud Drive

Bed Frame Reupholster

Bed Frame Reupholster

Update the bed frame by reupholstering it. A Beautiful Mess

Bench Cushion

How to sew a custom bench cushion with piping. Pretty Handy Girl

Bolster Cushion

How to make round bolster cushions.

Boxed and Welted cushion

Learn how to sew a boxed and welted cushion.

Bull Nosed Cushion

How to make a bull nosed cushion.

Chair Seat

Fixing an old chair by replacing the cushion and the cover is a simple project. Learn how! Guardian

Chair Seat Reupholstery

How to reupholster a chair seat. This is a simple first upholstery project. The Spruce

Chair Upholstery

Chair Upholstery

You will learn how to upholster thrift store chairs with a piece of fabric and this tutorial. Organized 31

Coil Spring Tying

Comprehensive upholstery instructions for tying coil springs.



Here is a photo tutorial on how to reupholster a couch with new fabric. Seam Whisperer


How to make seat cushions for wicker chair furniture.

Dining Chair Reupholster

Dining Chair Reupholster

By learning how to reupholster a dining chair you can save lots of money. Birdz Of A Feather

Dining Chair Upholster

How to upholster dining chairs. wikiHow

Drop-In Seat

How to upholster a drop-in seat. An easy upholstery project. The Painted Hive

Fabric Choices

Fabric Choices

This post tells you about upholstery fabric choices and teaches you how to choose upholstery fabric. Hello Sewing

Office Chair Makeover

Office Chair Makeover

Don’t throw out a rolling office chair in good condition just because the fabric is worn! This tutorial shows you how to do an Office Chair Makeover for only the cost of new fabric to reupholster your chair. Girl, Just DIY

Office Chair Reupholster

Office Chair Reupholster

Here is a tutorial for reupholstering an office chair with durable fabric. Birdz Of A Feather

Ottoman Upholstery Instructions

The tutorial can be applied to upholstering boat seats, benches, bar stools, boxed dining room chairs, restaurant seating and so on.

Outdoor Cushions

Sew your own outdoor cushion with this tutorial and some durable outdoor fabric Ana White

Padded Headboard

Padded Headboard

Update an existing headboard to a simple upholstered one! Leap of Faith Crafting

Reupholster A Chair

Reupholster A Chair

Reupholster a chair and give it a bright and fun new seat with denim jeans. DIY Candy

Seat - Drop-in Seat

How to make a padded drop-in seat. Build Easy

Simple Upholstery Methods PDF

A free bulletin by Margaret Huston Tuller on how to upholster. From tools needed to steps in upholstering to reconditioning upholstered furniture. Montana State University

Spring Tying

This page shows how to tie upholstery spring in a variety of ways. Very useful. Carr's Corner

Stool Makeover

Stool Makeover

Without too many tools or special skills, you can makeover a treasured or sentimental stool. Christine's Crafts

Sweater Stool DIY

Upcycle an unwanted sweater into a cozy new bench or stool! Upcycle That

Upholster a chair

Step-by-step instructions

Upholstery Springs

How to tie upholstery springs without a manual. Natural Upholstery

Upholstery Tacking Strips

Three types of tacking strips and how to use them. Sailrite

Upholstery Yardage Chart

A quick graphic chart of the amount of fabric needed for different furniture styles. Courtesy C.S. Osborne & Co.

Waterfall Bench

Waterfall Bench

Learn how to make and upholster a waterfall bench using these instructions. A Beautiful Mess

Yardage Chart - Upholstery

Use these yardage chart to determine the amount of fabric needed to upholster an item. Online Fabric Store

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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