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Sewing - Basics

Do you want to learn to sew?  Already know how to sew but need to learn a new technique?  Find links and tutorials for basic sewing instructions for the beginner such as pinning a pattern to fabric and threading a sewing machine.

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Sewing - Video Tutorials

These sewing video tutorials will help with basic sewing methods and also advanced sewing techniques.

Sewing - Quick Tip Videos

SEWING AND QUILTING TIPS - These are quick videos with tips and hints.

About Fabric & Interfacing

All you need to know about fabric and interfacing! Textile guides and glossary, fabric yardage calculators, fabric conversion chart, fabric dyeing and more.

Calculator & Charts

You love to sew, but you don't like the math?  We have the perfect list of links to online conversion charts and calculators for fabrics, thread, yardage, and patterns that will make your sewing life much easier! 

Here you will find calculators. . .(more)


How to make clothes along with sewing techniques for making clothes such as how to make buttonholes, how to put elastic in waistband and more.

Denim Jeans & Skirt Crafts

Find the best ideas to recycle and upcycle jeans and denim. From home furnishings to clothing, including making jeans into skirts, you're sure to find a project you'll love!

Doll Clothes

20+ Doll Clothes Projects and Tutorials

Do you want to learn how to sew clothes for your American Girl Doll or other 18" doll?  Look below for many links to doll clothes tutorials and also links to techniques for making doll clothes.

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Accent a project with accessories. Learn how here!

Fabric Postcards

Fabric postcards are the new rage. They are a small quilt which can be held in the hand. Information on fabric postcards, how-to instructions is here.

Find a Fabric Store

Fabric store locations, interactive maps, phone, website and more.

Glossary of Sewing Terms

Sewing Terminology - All types of sewing terms and fabric terms which will help you with your sewing projects.

Hand Sewing

Hand Stitching - Hand sewing how-to, stitches, etc.

Mending Tutorials

Mending is a way of repairing clothes and household items.  Being able to mend your own clothes and other items extends their life and saves money. 

Mending is a life-skill that everyone should know.  To mend all you need is entry-level. . .(more)

Notions and Supplies

Learn all about sewing notions and supplies and how to use them, such items an snaps, buttons, thread, zippers, pins and more.

Penny Rugs

In the 19th century, homemakers used scraps of wool or felted wool to make decorative table toppers, mats, pillows and wall hangings. Penny rugs are a type of folk art where coins or coin shapes are used as templates. The coin shapes are joined together with. . .(more)

Seam Finishes and Hems

A well-sewn hem is important for your fabric type, garment or sewing project.  Just am important is seam finishes.  All sewist should know the basic seam finishes as well as the best hem applications.

Sergers & Serging

Guideline and tips on sergers and serging.

Sewing in French

Sewing information, articles, books, how-to, magazines en Francais.

Sewing Labels

Labeling your projects is very important. This will enable future generations to know who made the item.

Sewing Machine

Need information on selecting a sewing machine? Need information on the care of a sewing machine? Do you need a manual? All types of sewing machine information is available here.

Sewing Techniques

Do you want to learn how to sew?  Find many links to articles on sewing techniques like buttonholes, blind hemming, french seams, couching, cording, elastic waistbands, and many other sewing how-tos.  

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Sewing Tips

Find over 80 helpful tips and tricks to use when sewing. Even experienced sewers will find helpful tips on this page.

Sewing Tools

Learn about sewing tools and learn how to use them - measuring tapes, scissors, markers, threaders, tube turners and lots more.

Shows and Retreats

Information about quilting and sewing shows and retreats.


How to sew slipcovers.

Software, Shareware & Videos

Sewing helpers! Do you need help learning to sew? You will find sewing software, sewing shareware, sewing videos and sewing DVD here.

Trouble-Shooting Sewing Problems

Are you having thread problems? Sewing problems? These sites may have answers.


Learn about Upholstering.

Window Treatments

You'll find the best window treatment ideas here! Learn how to make and hem a curtain, create DIY valances and curtain tie-backs, and find curtain and drapery calculators.


600+ free sewing patterns and projects including free videos and photo tutorials for those who love sewing.

Free Catalogs - Sewing

Do you still like to thumb through catalogs to shop for quilting and sewing supplies and kits?  Or to get inspiration for creating a unique sewing or quilting project?   Here's a comprehensive alphabetically list of manufacturers and stores that have free. . .(more)

Favorite Sewing Sites

Here is a list of our favorite websites and blogs that are all things sewing - sewing shops, sewing resources, sewing suppliers and more.. These are sites that we love and would personally recommend to our visitors. So take a look at some of our favorite. . .(more)

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