Modern Quilt Labels and Quilt Tags

The Four "W"s: Who, When, Where, Why

One thing I learned early from my quilting mentors was “Label your quilt!”.  My thoughts were “That’s a nice idea”. 

I didn’t realize until after I had quilted a few things and had given them away that there was no record that I had been the artist who had created them!

There are many reasons and ways to create a quilt tag, which I discovered in a quilting tags workshop and learned from trunk shows, both of which were part of the program plans of my quilt guild.

Personalized Premade LabelsPre-made Labels personalized with your name

Lovely antique quilts were brought in and displayed in our small meeting room; the quilts were beautiful, and hearing the stories of the quilts was magical. 

However, some of those quilts, which took months or even years to create, had no record of who had made them or what location they had come from, and most importantly to me, how old they were.

The stories they had to tell were lost.

Quilt Label with To, From, Who Made, Where and Year, all hand stitched.Hand-Stitched Label with additional information

Some of the collectors who came to our meetings with antique quilts to share had become detectives, using clues from the colors and kinds of fabric, along with the style of the blocks used, to vaguely determine the age and the location of the quilts’ origins.

I then realized the importance of a quilt label. Quilters use labels to tell the story of the quilt, to share some words of wisdom, maybe include a prayer, tell how to care for the quilt, and much more.

Quilt Label with Hand Stitched NameSimple Hand Stitched Label with Date

My first bed-sized quilt was made for my youngest daughter.  I wanted her, and the generations to follow, to remember that I had stitched it with love especially for her, and to know many years from now the passage of time since the quilt was gifted to my daughter.

If you want to further explore quilts and their stories, you can learn about and make a memory quilt.

Your Quilt Label

I have since learned that there are so many different ways to label a quilt. Your quilt label can be modern or have a vintage look; can have simple, limited information or all of the details right down to the event it was gifted for.

Ink Jet Printed Label with hand written personal messageInk Jet Printed Label on Fabric with Hand written personal message 

The label can be printed out on a computer, embroidered, or hand written. I have since learned many different ways to attach the label; from quick and easy to labor intensive and very personal.

On this page, we have links to a wide variety of tutorials to help you create a unique label or quilt tag, as well as links to find preprinted and iron-on labels.

You are sure to find something that speaks to you and will forever leave a mark of the origins of your masterpiece.

Hand Stitched Label on the Front of the QuiltThis label is stitched on the front of the quilt.


Modern Quilt Labels and Quilt Tags

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4 Creative Ways to Label a Quilt

Quilt labels come in all shapes, sizes, materials and styles, so you can experiment and figure out what works for you. Here are 4 ways! Suzy Quilts

Basic Envelope Quilt Label

A tutorial on how to make an envelope quilt label to attach to a quilt. by Shelley Rodgers

Best-Ever Iron-On Quilt Labels

Best-Ever Iron-On Quilt Labels #ad

This value-packed book of 125 iron-quilt labels from 9 popular designers gives you so many options for personalizing your quilts or other artistic projects! by Editors of C&T Publishing - Paperback - Published 2018 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Buy Custom Labels and Tags

Want to purchase customized labels? On this page, you will find companies that create fabric tag set, personalized sewing labels, quilt labels, custom sewing labels, personalized knitting labels and more.

Corner Quilt Label

Use this corner quilt label tutorial to easily and neatly label your quilt by sewing it into the binding. Sassafras Lane

Custom Clothing Labels

Learn how to make inexpensive, creative and custom clothing labels using homemade iron-on transfers. Grumperina

DIY Quilt Label

Tutorial showing how to create several types of quilt labels, including a very unique patchwork label. Shannon Fraser Designs

Easiest Quilt Labels Ever

A super quilt way to label a quilt - a corner label. Sisters Choice Quilts

Envelope Quilt Label

Make a simple envelope label and record the story in embroidery of the quilt. Baby Lock

Fabric Label Tutorial

Learn how to make your own simple project labels using twill tape. Patchwork Pottery

Fabric Labels

Allyson Hill's tutorial on how to make your own fabric labels. Allyson Hill

Fabric Labels

Making your own fabric labels. Our Cozy Nest

Fabric Labels

Make fabric labels for homemade projects using rubber stamps and rug binding. Crafty Blossom

Heart Label

This is a simple, quick and easy label to make. Besides quilts use this label to make other things like tote bags, clothing, etc. Quilt Taffy

Homemade Iron-on Craft Labels

Homemade craft label tutorial using a T-shirt transfer kit, twill tape, a printer and an iron. Sew and the City

How to Make Quilt Labels with Inkjet Printer

How to Make Quilt Labels with Inkjet Printer

Labeling a Quilt! Every Quilt Needs A Label! Here is a quick and easy method for making quilt labels. Associate

Printable Quilt Labels

Quilt labels which can be printed on fabric. Victoriana Quilt Design

Quick Quilt Label How-To

A Quick Quilt Label Method

Create label in word document and print on printable fabric sheets. Learn more here. Quilting Daily

Quick Quilt Label Making Idea

This is a very simple and quick way to create a quilt label and sew it onto a quilt project. Crazy Mom Quilts

Quilt Label

Learn how to make a quilt label and attach it to the quilt with the blanket stitch. My Rose Valley

Quilt Labels - Free Printable Labels

Add a label to your quilt gifts with these easy printable labels. You can customize with your own message, or print one that has the words "Made With Love". All People Quilt

Quilt Labels Printable PDF digital download

Quilt Labels Printable PDF digital download #ad

Quilt Labels Printable digital download contains 18 labels to print to fabric - 3 sheets 8.5x11 Pdf and Jpegs Affiliate Link to ExpressiveQuilts Etsy Shop

Tag Quilt Label

Labeling your quilts with a fabric tag is a modern, simple, and efficient way to label without being overly fussy. Learn how with this tutorial. Rachel Rossi

Triangle Corner Label

If you hate putting labels on a quilt, try this quick, easy method. Quilt Social

Triangle Quilt Label

A tutorial on how to make a corner quilt label. Pat Sloan Blog

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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