How to Make Puff Quilt or Biscuit Quilts

Puff quilts, also known as biscuit quilts and bubble quilts, were popular quilts to make in the 70’s and 80’s.  They are becoming quite popular again, and it’s no surprise!

These quilts are so luscious and fluffy, warm and fun!

A puff quilt is a type of patchwork quilt made with squares of fabric that are stuffed to create little cushions.  These quilts, comprised of individual, puffy squares give the quilts a texture that calls out to be squeezed!  

Sew up one of these easy and cute free puff quilt patterns that look like a lot of little pillows sewn together.  Some might think of the puff quilt as more of a comforter since there is no quilting involved.

Scrolling down this page, many puff quilt patterns and projects can be found.  The one thing you’ll notice is that not only are there patterns for biscuit quilts, but patterns for other items using the puff quilt technique.

There are puff quilt baby blankets, totes, pillow covers, a pet bed, throws, and doll blankets, too.

One interesting pattern below involves using squares from sentimental clothing or other items to make this a very special puff quilt to gift.

The puffs for these puff quilts can be made several ways. Some of the free puff quilt patterns have each individual puff completed. Once all of the puffs are done, they are sewn together in rows.

Other patterns will show the puffs being stuffed with the poly-fil as they are being sewn together.  

The doll puff quilt is sewn together as a regular quilt normally would be and then the stuffing is added when getting to the quilting step for this pattern.

Be sure to look at several different articles to see the various ways to make a puff quilt.

Is making a puff quilt for beginners?

Making a puff quilt or biscuit quilt is for a beginner to intermediate sewing level.  There are some trickier parts which include:

  • Matching up the corners of the squares
  • Keeping the sewing straight while feeding a lot of bulk through the machine
  • Being able to sew a scant ¼” seam
  • Finding  a way to fill the squares that is easiest for the sewer

Pros of making a puff quilt

  • Crooked stitching is easily hidden among the puffiness
  • The quilt sandwich is only two fabrics instead of three
  • There is no need to iron seams
  • Easy to customize size and design
  • Result is a warm and cozy blanket

Cons of making a puff quilt

  • A lot of cutting is involved since many squares are needed
  • The work is repetitious and time-consuming, but it is easy enough to do while watching television or listening to an audiobook
  • Note that using an Accuquilt Cutting Machine will lessen the time it takes to cut out the many squares.  See our page on the Accuquilt Go! Cutting System.

The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, and I encourage you to try this fun puff quilt for yourself or to give it as a gift.

How to Make Puff Quilt or Biscuit Quilts

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Pillow Quilt (Puff Quilt)

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In this video and with the pattern learn how to breeze through making and filling the puffs, adding the backing, stitching on buttons or decorative stitches and sewing it all together. Affiliate Link to Annie's Catalog

Puff Quilt Pet Bed

This tutorial makes a soft, pillowy pet bed 15" x 11 1/2' but the pattern can easily be adjusted to make it larger. Quilts By Deda

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Puffy Pillows Baby Quilt Pattern

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A puff quilt is easy to make. Here is another tutorial to peruse. Jo's Country Junction

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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