Free Online Quilt Calculators and Charts

How can quilt calculators and charts help quilters?

Quilting and quilt making involves a lot of mathematics and mathematical calculations.  I never realized it until I started to quilt.  Math is used to plan and design quilts, from calculating fabric yardage to playing with geometry to design a block.  Instead of spending a lot of time calculating yardage, block sizes, etc., use a handy quilt calculator or chart.

We've searched and found all types of quilt-related free online quilting calculators and quilting charts.  These calculators and charts can be very helpful.

A few of the links below are paid printable or booklets.  We have marked those links with ($$PAID) to indicate that it is not free.

  • Fabric Calculator
  • Border Yardage Calculator
  • Sashing Calculator
  • Quilt Backing Fabric Calculator
  • Binding Calculator
  • Half-Square Triangle Size Chart
  • Calculate on-point side and corner triangles
  • Quilt Block Calculator
  • Bed Sizes Charts
  • Quilt Size Charts and more!

Below you will find these helpful resources. Let the quilting calculators and charts do the work for you.  Have more time to quilt!

Don’t forget to bookmark or pin this page because you never know when you may need one of these quilting calculators or quilting charts.

These calculators and charts are provided free by various websites.  If you have any questions on how to use the calculators, please contact the person in charge of the website. 

As a quilter, you may also be interested in some of these Sewing Calculators & Charts.  We also have free online knitting calculators.

Free Online Quilt Calculators and Charts

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ALL-IN-ONE Quilters Reference Tool ($$PAID)

ALL-IN-ONE Quilters Reference Tool ($$PAID) #ad

($$PAID) This book by C & T Publishing will answer many of your quilting questions! Yardage requirements, cutting instructions, setting secrets, choosing supplies, piecing techniques, number conversions and more! Affiliate Link to SilverWolfReflection Etsy Shop

Backing - Quilt Backing Calculator

This quilt backing calculator computes how much fabric is needed for backing or batting for a quilt. Quilting and What Not

Backing - Quilt Backing Yardage Requirements

This quilt backing chart is based on 45" wise fabric and for quilts under 72" wide. Quiltville

Backing and Batting Calculator

This calculator determines how much yardage from a bolt of fabric is needed to make a backing for a quilt. It may also be used to determine how much batting. Quilter's Paradise

Bed and Mattress Sizes

Sizes for USA and UK. CSG

Binding -  Free Quilt Binding Calculator

Binding - Free Quilt Binding Calculator

This quick and easy binding calculator will aid in the calculation amount of fabric needed and the number of strips to cut from the binding fabric to make a binding for a quilt. Calculation results are in yards and meters.

Binding - Quilt Binding Calculator

Simply enter in your quilt and fabric measurements, click "Calculate" and the calculator will tell you how long your binding should be, as well as how many strips you need to cut and how many yards that will require. OklaRoots

Binding - Quilt Binding Calculator

This quilt calculator calculates the amount of fabric required to bind your quilt given the quilt's dimensions (width and length) and the binding strip width. Quilter's Paradise

Binding - Quilt Binding Calculator

This quilt calculator will tell you how much fabric you need to bind a quilt, and exactly how many strips you need to cut. Cut Sew Quick

Binding - Quilt Binding Calculators

This handy quilt calculator to help you figure out how much quilt binding you need to prepare and how much fabric it will take to make it. Scissortail Quilting

Block Number Calculator

Use this handy quilt calculator to find out how many blocks do you need to make a quilt. Missouri Quilt Company Forum

Block Number Calculator for Twin/Single Bed

Use this quilt calculator to find the number of blocks needed to create a twin quilt with blocks set edge-to-edge in straight rows and columns. Generations Quilt Patterns

Borders - Quilt Border Yardage Calculator

This quilt border calculator calculates the amount of fabric required for creating borders for your quilt given the quilt's dimensions (width and length) and the width of the borders. Quilter's Paradise

Borders - Quilt Borders Calculations

Learn how to calculate quilt border fabrics for your quilt. Generations Quilt Patterns

Borders, Backing and Binding Calculator

Use this handy quilting calculator to calculate the fabric required for borders, backing and binding. Lily Street Quilts

Calculating Continuous Bias

These calculations will help you calculate how much fabric you need when adding a continuous bias binding to your quilt. The Sewing Loft

Convert Fabric Measurements Charts

These handy free conversion charts include converting fractions to decimals and yards to inches. Scissortail Quilting

Fabric - Quilt Fabric Calculator

Simply fill in some numbers to calculate the amount of fabric needed to make a quilt. Reproduction Fabrics

Fabric - Quilt Fabric Calculator

Calculate how much fabric you will need for your quilt project with this handy quilt calculator. The Quilted Crow

Fabric Calculator

This handy on-line calculator will calculate how much light, medium and dark fabric is necessary to make a quilt.

Fabric Measurement Conversion

The table below shows conversions between measurements in yardage fraction form, yardage decimal form, inches and centimeters. Quilter's Paradise

Half-Square Triangle Chart

Two charts and a tutorial on how to sew the traditional HSTs method and the alternative HSTs method. Blossom Heart Quilts

Hexagons Quilt Calculator

Calculate the number of hexagons required for a quilt with this handy quilt calculator. CD Designs

How To Calculate Yardage for Quilt Borders

Answer the question how many yards should I buy to add borders to my quilt. This page will take you through the calculations and can be printed to keep in your quilting area. Studio Dragonfly

NO MATH Quilt Chart & Formulas Handy Pocket Guide Book ($$Paid)

NO MATH Quilt Chart & Formulas Handy Pocket Guide Book ($$Paid) #ad

($$PAID) This pocket guide book published by Landauer Publishing has 16 quilt charts, yardage requirements for blocks, borders, backing & binding formulas and more. Affiliate Link to Etsy

On-Point Sashing Chart

How many sashings, corner-stones or setting triangles does a Quilter need for these kind of layouts? Quiltville

Piece Count Calculator

This calculator determines the number of fixed-sized pieces of fabric that may be cut from a larger piece of fabric. Quilter's Paradise

Project Cost Calculator

The Project Cost calculator calculates how much it will cost for the items you need for a project. Quilter's Paradise

Quilt Calculator Charts

Three quilt calculators upon request - Quilty Formulas Calculator, Cutting Strips & Squares Calculator and Triangles & Setting Triangles Caculator. Victoriana Quilt Design

Quilt Size - Mattress Sizes and Quilt Sizes

This page has a chart of mattress sizes for standard beds and a chart of suggested quilt size for standard beds. Quilting Daily

Quilt Size - Mattress Sizes Chart

This chart shows the standard mattress, bedding and quilt sizes generally used in the United States. Generations Quilt Patterns

Quilt Size Guide for Bed Quilts

This chart gives quilt and mattress dimensions for bed quilts of all sizes, from crib to California King. New Quilters

Quilt Sizes

A chart with standard quilt sizes with measurements for the mattress, comforter, coverlet, and bedspreads. Inspiration Quilt Shop

Quilt Sizes

Quilt Sizes & How to Measure Your Bed Patchwork Posse

Quilt Yardage

How-to calculate the quilt yardage. Quilter's Cache

Quilter's Guide Reference Chart, Printable PDF Download, 11 x 17 ($$PAID)

Quilter's Guide Reference Chart, Printable PDF Download, 11 x 17 ($$PAID) #ad

($$PAID) This quilters reference is delivered as a printable PDF. It includes yardage conversions, measuring hacks, matress sizes and much more. Would be wonderful reference to print and hang on the wall. Affiliate Link to JustSewQuiltKits Etsy Shop

Quilting Knowledge Poster ($$PAID)

Quilting Knowledge Poster ($$PAID) #ad

($$PAID) This poster would be nice to hang in your sewing area and includes images of blocks, how to bind a quilt, needle cheat sheet, standard quilt sizes and more! Affiliate Link to ChristophermanShop Etsy Shop

Sash Calculator

The sashing calculator calculates how much yardage you will need for your sashing. Quilter's Paradise

Sashing - Quilt Sashing Fabric Calculator

How much sashing fabric is required for a quilt? Use this calculator to determine the amount of fabric needed. My Web Quilter

Set in and Corner Triangle Calculator

This calculator determines the size of a square to cut to create both unfinished Set In Triangles and unfinished Corner Triangles given the size of the finished square to which these triangles correspond. Quilter's Paradise

Setting Triangles for On-Point Quilt

A calculator to determine the side triangles and corner triangles for an on-point quilt. My Web Quilter

Square in a Square Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the size to cut for a square in a square block. My Web Quilter

Square in a Square Calculator

This calculator calculates all the key dimensions of a square in a square block given either the finished inside square length or the finished outside square length as a starting point. Quilter's Paradise

Strip Calculator

The Strip Calculator calculates how much yardage is needed given the strip width and the number of strips. Quilter's Paradise

Yardage Estimates

Some yardage estimates for various sizes of quilts from wall hanging to king size quilts. Apple Blossom Quilts

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