How to Sew Binding on a Quilt

Learn how to make binding, how to sew binding on a quilt, how to miter corners and other quilt edgings.

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Bias - Continuous Bias Binding

Cutting continuous bias binding. Buzzville

Bias Strips - Continuous Bias Strips (Video)

A video on how to make continuous bias strips. You Tube

Bias Strips- Cutting

How to cut bias strips for piping and binding. Pate-Meadows Designs

Bias Tape

How to make bias tape. The Shabby Creek Cottage

Bias Tape - The Old Fashion Way

Bias tape for a quilt or a project is not hard to make. Here is a tutorial. The Quilt Ladies

Bias Tape Maker

Making bias tape is easy with a bias tape maker. Learn how to use a bias tape maker. Pate-Meadows Designs

Binding - Quilt Binding Calculator

Simply enter in your quilt and fabric measurements, click "Calculate" and the calculator will tell you how long your binding should be, as well as how many strips you need to cut and how many yards that will require. OklaRoots

Binding - Quilt Binding Calculator

This quilt calculator calculates the amount of fabric required to bind your quilt given the quilt's dimensions (width and length) and the binding strip width. Quilter's Paradise

Binding - Quilt Binding Calculator

This quilt calculator will tell you how much fabric you need to bind a quilt, and exactly how many strips you need to cut. Cut Sew Quick

Binding - Quilt Binding Calculators

This handy quilt calculator to help you figure out how much quilt binding you need to prepare and how much fabric it will take to make it. Scissortail Quilting

Binding - Quilt Binding Strips Calculator

Having trouble figuring out how many fabric strips you need for your binding? Use this Quilt Calculator to find the number of fabric strips to cut for any size quilt. Block Central

Binding a Quilt

Binding a Quilt

Learn how to add a binding to a quilt. Learn how to make the binding, how to attach the binding, how to miter corners and how to attached the binding ends.This is a scrappy binding which is sewn onto the quilt. No hand sewing is required.

Binding Non-Square Corners PDF

How to attach a binding to a project that doesn't have square corners. Eazy Peazy Quilts

Blanket Binding

Learn how to use, how to work with, and how to apply blanket binding to a project. Dove Originals Trims

Charm Squares Scrappy Binding

How to make scrappy binding using charm squares. Fabric Fascination

Double Fold Binding

Double Fold Binding

This video will show you how to make double-fold binding which is also known as the French-fold binding. This is one of the commonest binding techniques.

Flange Quilt Binding Tutorial

Flange Quilt Binding Tutorial

Learn to bind a quilt with a flange binding. This double-fold quilt binding is attached by machine and has no hand sewing. Staff

Fold Over Quilt Binding (Self Binding)

Fold Over Quilt Binding (Self Binding)

Learn how to self bind a quilt, table runner or wall hanging using the backing fabric as a binding. This binding method is so easy. Learn how with our video tutorial and photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions. Staff

How to Bind a Potholder

How to Bind a Potholder

Learn a simple way to bind a potholder with a hanging loop. This binding is completely done with a sewing machine using the serpentine stitch. No hand stitching.

Joining Binding Ends

Learn how to join the binding ends. All People Quilt

Joining Binding Strips

Joining Binding Strips

The best way to join quilt binding strips together to make continuous quilt binding that will fit around the quilt project.

Mitered Corner - How to Sew A Mitered Corner

Mitered Corner - How to Sew A Mitered Corner

This video will show you how to mitered a corner when adding binding to a project.

Pillowcase Finish - Finish Quilt without Binding

Pillowcase Finish - Finish Quilt without Binding

Learn how to finish a quilt without using a binding. This quilt finishing technique is referred to as the pillow case method or the envelope method. This method is appropriate for small quilts, such as baby quilts, and quilt hangings. It is a quick and easy way to finish a quilt.

Prairie Points

Learn how to make continuous prairie points with one fabric. Pieces of Rana's Life

Prairie Points - Many Colors

Many color continuous prairie points - a tutorial. A stash buster! Pieces of Rana's Life

Prairie Points - Two Fabrics

Learn a simple way to make alternating colors of prairie points with two fabrics. Pieces of Rana's Life

Scrappy Binding

Scrappy Binding

A video tutorial on how to make a scrappy quilt binding.

Scrappy Binding Tutorial

This is another method for making scrappy binding b using strips of fabric. Jaybird Quilts

Single Fold Binding

How and why to use single fold binding. Jo Avery

Single Fold Binding Tutorial

Single fold binding is great for mini quilts and small projects. Jaybird Quilts

Traditional Quilt Binding Method

Traditional Quilt Binding Method

This tutorial shows how to finish the edges of a quilt, wall hanging, table runner, placemat, and other quilt projects using a traditional binding method. Staff

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