12+ FREE Printable Graph Paper for Quilting

Printable Graph Paper (Grid Paper)

Graph or grid paper is used for many types of craft projects.  It can be used for creating designs for needlepoint, cross-stitch, or quilting.  The uniform squares make a perfect place to draw designs.  Add the colors in and then stitch out a project.

The graph papers for quilting include not only square blocks, but triangles, diamonds, and hexagons.  These types of graph paper can be helpful when designing quilt blocks.

This Graph or Grid paper can also be used for school math assignments when graphing is required.  

Below we have many sources for free printable graph paper.  Print some on your own printer and never run out of graph paper.

A few of the links below are paid printable or booklets.  We have marked those links with ($$PAID) to indicate that it is not free.

What is a Grid or Graph Paper?

Grid and/or graph paper is a paper that is printed with horizontal and vertical lines that form squares or other shapes on the paper.  The lines are quite fine in order to allow for drawing on the page.  The lines section the paper which makes it perfect for designing quilt patterns.

This paper is also used in engineering and math problems.  It's wonderful for Art projects too.

It is also known as Axis Paper since it has lines going on both the X & Y axis making it easy to draw graphs.

Graph papers are printed with a certain number of squares per inch.  

How do I use graph paper for making quilting designs or patterns?

Find a free printable graph paper from the links below.  The paper can be printed with your home printer.

Each block on the paper can be used to draw quilting blocks and represent different fabrics.   Draw on your paper the blocks you would like to make.  Indicate which colors to be used by using different colored pencils.  Another way to indicate different colors is to use a code for each color and then provide a legend/decode on the page.

Once you have the drawing finalized, the pattern can be used to calculate the fabrics needed for blocks and the size of the fabrics.

We also have a printable graph paper to use for beading projects, graph paper for kids crafts, and for cross-stitch and needlework projects.  Click the links to find these other types of graph papers.

12+ FREE Printable Graph Paper for Quilting

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Custom Printable Graph Paper

Make your own custom-sized graph paper. This is fully customizable by picking a number of rows and columns and thickness of the lines. Teaching Tools

Free Quilt Planning Pack Graph Paper Download

Free PDF download of 5 different graph papers perfect for quilters. An e-mail address is required. I See Stars Quilting

Graph Paper

This is a simple free printable graph paper with grids. Ameri-Brand Products Inc.

Graph Paper - Excel Graph Paper

Learn how to make your own graph paper using Microsoft Excel. This article will show you how to convert Excel worksheet into graph paper. The graph paper can be customized to your specific needs. Addictive Tips

Graph Paper for Quilters: Free Downloads

Download some of our free graph paper and sketch your own creative quilt blocks. The Quilter's Planner

Graph Paper Generator

This page has all kinds of printable graph paper with options to print different densities of boxes and many different types: multi-color, circle grid, accented grid, dots, boxes, cross grid, hex box and more.

This page even includes many patterns like hexagonal, knitting grid, triangle, brick, Celtic knot, circles, diamonds, tumbling blocks and more. All are also customizable to your needs!

Grid Paper, Graph Paper for Quilt and Block Designs, PDF Download ($$PAID)

Grid Paper, Graph Paper for Quilt and Block Designs, PDF Download ($$PAID) #ad

($$PAID) Many different size square, diamonds, triangles, hexagons and tumbling blocks delivered via PDF and printable from home. Affiliate Link to QuiltersToolBox Etsy Shop

Plain Graph Paper PDF Generator

Customize the graph paper to different size paper, different grid spacing per inch, different grid color and more. Incompetech

Printable Paper

Find hundreds of different graph paper downloads from dot graph paper to hexagon graph paper. Muse Printables

Printable Quilt Graph Papers

These are handy quilting graph papers that will help you design your quilts. There are 9 different styles in three file sets. Victoriana Quilt Designs

Quilters Graph Paper - 4" Inch Grid Set Perfect for T-Shirt and Patchwork Quilts ($$PAID)

Quilters Graph Paper - 4" Inch Grid Set Perfect for T-Shirt and Patchwork Quilts ($$PAID) #ad

($$PAID) Design Your Quilt Today with this instant PDF download, including 5 different quilt sizes! The quilt grids are laid out to design your quilt in a 4" grid. Quilt sizes include crib, throw, twin, full, and queen. Affiliate Link to LisaCapenQuilts Etsy Shop

Quilting Graph Paper

Many different graph papers to choose from. Just click any paper to see a larger version and download it. Printable Paper

Quilting Graph Papers

Two interesting templates for quilting graph papers. Word & Excel Templates

Tutorial: Draft your own diamonds, hexagons and triangles for English paper piecing

Take a plain graph paper and draft your own hex, diamonds or triangles. Faeries & Fiberes

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