Quilt Panel Patterns, Tips and Tricks

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Pick a fabric panel for quilting and create your own special masterpiece in no time!  Quilt panels come in so many different themes from baby quilt panels, to holiday panels, to lovely nature panels.

These panels work just perfectly as the centerpiece of a quilt to create everything imaginable.  Think table runners, placemats, wall hangings, bed quilts and so much more.

To make a larger project with a quilt panel, simply add sashing and borders. Panels also often come with coordinating fabrics and coordinating precuts that make it so simple to just add a line of 5” blocks, pinwheels, or other simple small blocks to add to the panel to change the size.

Fabric panels make quick and easy projects.  It is also possible to find tutorials based on a specific panel to provide ideas to form a quilt with a panel.

What is a fabric panel?

A fabric panel is a large piece of material that serves as the centerpiece for a quilt or another sewing project.  A single image may be featured or even a series of pictures that can be cut apart can be the feature of a quilt panel’s design. 

When coordinating fabrics are added as sashing or borders, the panel can be made into a different shape or size.  These make wonderful wall hangings and baby quilts, but can also be made into other quilt projects.

What are the different types of fabric panels for quilting?

  • Quilt Panels
  • Soft Book Panels
  • Apron Panels
  • Christmas Stocking Panels
  • Pillow Panels
  • Placemat Panels
  • Doll and Soft Toy Panels
  • And more

After purchasing a panel, take a good look at it and let the imagination flow. It is important before using the panel to study the panel itself to find themes, motifs, and design inspiration.

I don’t think I’m an anomaly by any means when it comes to purchasing quilt panels  I find them so intriguing and feel compelled to purchase them. 

My creative juices start to flow, and I am sure I will  eventually find the most exciting and fun project to make with the panel.

For example, I found this adorable baby quilt panel and, even though there was no baby in my life nor soon to be one, I had to purchase it.  It was so very charming.

I however, didn’t find that using the panel was simple or easy, because I alone made it very complicated for myself.  This panel was a multi-frame design, and I wanted to create something so very unique.

I found myself cutting and rearranging and needing to add small pieces to fill in gaps.  Here is my first panel made into a baby quilt.  I feel it is definitely not my best work.

Baby Quilt with Panel By WendyPhoto by Wendy Heim 

But I learned so much from the work I did on this panel quilt. From now on I will be more willing to keep it simple.  Panels are in fact, made to simplify and help to make a project in a cinch!

By scrolling down this page, there are many fun projects to be found that can be made with fabric panels.

Check out the beautiful Attic Window style of using the panel. Most often, a natural scene is chosen, cut into window pane squares, and separated with fabric to make it appear as if the viewer is looking through a window at the beautiful nature scene.

There are several links to the Attic Window technique to use for panels below. Take a look at Attic Windows Quilt with Panel from Quilting Tutorials at Missouri Star for a wonderful and clear tutorial on an easy way to make an Attic Window block.

Panels to be made into cloth books are very popular but are sometimes confusing to put together.  Check out our ABC XYZ Cloth Panel Book tutorial with many quick tips and tricks for sewing this particular quilt panel by Stacy Lest Hsu.

Annette made this cloth book and has some great tips for you as she worked to figure out the best and simplest way to put the book pages and flaps together.

You are sure to find a panel idea that fits your personal interest and creativity level.  Check out the links below for wonderful tutorials, tips and tricks for using panels for quilting! When the time comes to add sashing or other finishing touches to your quilt, check out our page on quilt finishing techniques!

Quilt Panel Patterns, Tips and Tricks

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 Fabric Panels for Quilting

Fabric Panels for Quilting #ad

Shop for Fabric Panels! These fabric panels are perfect if you need to make a quilt in a hurry. If you've been searching for a good fabric panel for quilting for a while, you've finally found the right place. Affiliate Link to Fat Quarter Shop

 Fun With Panels

Fun With Panels #ad

Discover how to make fun and functional projects such as quilts, table runners, placemats and bags using a panel for the sewing project. by Cyndi McChesney - Paperback - Published 2022 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 One-Block Wonder Panel Quilt

One-Block Wonder Panel Quilt #ad

This book teaches quilters the endless ways to turn preprinted fabric panels into fabulous blocks. by Maxine Rosenthal, Nancy Miller - Paperback - Published 2021 Affiliate Link to Amazon

ABC XYZ Cloth Panel Book

ABC XYZ Cloth Panel Book

This soft interactive fabric book was designed by Stacy Lest Hsu with illustrations of animals for each letter of the alphabet along with some interactive flaps. Learn some tips and tricks for sewing this cloth panel book. Associate

American Pride Quilt

American Pride Quilt

Have a fabric quilt panel? With this free pattern, you can make quilts from panels. This happens to be a patriotic quilt pattern but by changing the panel and colors it can be used for any seasonal quilt. Team Member

Apron - Pre-printed Apron Panel

Apron - Pre-printed Apron Panel

How to make an apron with a lining using a pre-printed apron panel.

Attic Window Panel Scene

This project is based on the classic Attic Window pattern and uses either a fabric panel or just an interesting print! Mara Quilt Designs

Attic Windows Quilt with Panel

This free easy quilting video tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star explains how to make a fun variation of the attic window quilt that uses a panel to create a beautiful scene. Quilting Tutorials at Missouri Star

Baby Crib Quilt Pattern

Baby Crib Quilt Pattern

Learn how to make a cute quilted baby crib quilt with this tutorial.
This quilt features nine quilt blocks from a panel with multiple sashing, a fence border at the top and bottom and then two borders on the side. It is a Peter Rabbit themed quilt but can be revised to accommodate any theme.

Baby Safari Panel Quilt Idea

Baby Safari Panel Quilt Idea

Do you need a last-minute handmade baby quilt idea? This baby safari quilt is a quick and easy panel quilt idea that can be made in an afternoon. Learn more here. Associate

Baby Talk Flannel Quilt

Baby Talk Flannel Quilt #ad

This is a fun baby quilt pattern made from flannels with a brick pieced backing. This quilt is reversible. The front is a printed panel with a brick border. Get the free baby quilt pattern by clicking the link and downloading the PDF. Affiliate Link to

Covered Bridge Quilt Panel

Covered Bridge Quilt Panel

Do you have a beautiful scenic fabric panel? Here is an innovative way to utilize landscape fabric panels with this panel quilt pattern. Associate

I Spy Quilt

I Spy Quilt

I Spy Quilts are the perfect interactive quilt for toddlers. Sew up a cute I Spy quilt with this tutorial and a panel from Robert Kaufman Fabric. Staff

Innovative Ways To Use Fabric Panels

Here are 15 ideas to get you started using fabric panels. Colorado Creations Quilting

Interactive Road Mat

Interactive Road Mat #ad

Learn how to make an Interactive Road Mat using a road panel. JOANN

Merry Little Christmas

Merry Little Christmas #ad

Get a cute Christmas panel and border it with Christmas trees, friendship stars and patchwork using this free pattern. Affiliate Link to Connecting Threads


The center of this free quilt panel idea is a Christmas tree with diamond-in-square units sewn around it. Windham Fabrics

Pieced Border Panel Quilt with Free Pattern

Pieced Border Panel Quilt with Free Pattern

This free panel quilt pattern is quick and easy to sew and will work with most panels from small quilts to wall hangings. It features two borders including a pieced border. Associate

Quilt Panel Blanket

Quilt Panel Blanket #ad

Learn how to make a Quilt Panel Blanket with these step-by-step instructions at JOANN. JOANN

Quilting a Panel

How to quilt fabric panels. APQS

Secret Window Panel Pattern

Get the free pattern and watch the video to discover how to use a scenic or floral panel. Jorden Fabrics

Staggered Windows

This tutorial shows how to use a panel/focus fabric to make a window effect for a wall hanging to a large bed quilt. It all depends on the size of the panel. My Creative Quilts

Sweet Bees Baby Quilt Using Accuquilt Go!

Sweet Bees Baby Quilt Using Accuquilt Go!

Panel Quilt Idea! This Sweet Bees baby quilt is a panel quilt idea but ours is made using a border fabric. Associate


The free panel idea features a woodland tree panel and maple leaf blocks. Robert Kaufman

Woodland Forest Friends Baby Quilt

Woodland Forest Friends Baby Quilt

This Woodland Forest Friends quilt incorporates two panels into an adorable quilt. Learn more about this quilt. Associate

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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