How to Wash, Care and Repair a Quilt

I have a lovely quilt that my grandma and I made when I was thirteen.  Thankfully, I knew how to wash the quilt and care for it. But like all things, it has aged with time.

I was just looking at the old quilt this week, and to my dismay, there are a few holes in the top (and not small ones!) and near the hand pieced seams, the fabric is starting to tear.

Whether there is a favorite quilt that is damaged and can’t be let go of, or someone likes to collect antique quilts, the resources here showing how to repair a quilt will be helpful.

There are preservationists who will completely repair an antique quilt that is worth a lot of money. But for most, the quilt repair and restoration tips found here will be sufficient for the quilts that are for use as opposed to simply being on display.

There is a great resource on our page of quilt museums where one can see lovely antique quilts and quilting items displayed.

The variety of techniques available to repair and restore old quilts is plentiful. 

Many different techniques are shown in the tutorials below, including taking out and replacing pieced work, zig-zag stitches on seams, and removing the entire quilting to change the batting or backing.

How to Wash a Quilt

Also included in the list below are articles with detailed instructions on how to wash a quilt.  Washing a new quilt is much different than washing an old quilt, and the resources below will tell the best way for the quilt in question.

How do you remove yellow stains from an old quilt?

Old quilts often have stains, particularly yellow stains from sweat.  It is important to remove the stubborn yellow stains on the quilt without damaging the quilt or changing the color of the fabric.

Most people are amazed at how nicely the stains are removed using a simple mixture of Oxyclean and water.  A paste can be made with the Oxyclean and water and gently rubbed into the stain. The area is then rinsed with vinegar and water.  

Next, the quilt can be machine washed with laundry detergent and Oxyclean added to the load. It is important to check the stain after washing.  If it remains, do not dry the quilt. 

Try spraying the stain with more vinegar and let it dry in the sunshine.  Amazingly, the sun can help bleach many things safely.

Scroll down to find more ways to care for quilts, including how to wash a quilt and how to repair quilts.

You are sure to find the technique that works for you!

How to Wash, Care and Repair a Quilt

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