How to Make Fabric Yo-Yos

Making fabric yo-yos is a fun and simple project that is the perfect carry-along sewing activity.  Never made a fabric yo-yo before?  This is the page to learn about these adorable little puffs!

Fabric yo-yos, or Suffolk Puffs as they are also called, became popular in the 1930’s and have been used to make quilts and to embellish all sorts of sewing projects since.

What are fabric yo-yos?

Fabric yo-yos are pretty, circular shaped puffs made with fabric circles.  The edges of the fabric circle are turned under with a running stitch, and then the thread is pulled to form a circle poof that looks somewhat like a gathered flower.Pile of Fabric Yo-Yos

Using fabric scraps and thread, along with a template or yo-yo maker, these can be sewn up in just minutes.

Keep in mind that, although this page is devoted to fabric yo-yos, there are also crocheted yo-yos. Crochet yo-yos and fabric yo-yos are made very differently, yet they can be used in the same manner.

They can be used for yo-yo quilting, making blankets, scarves, and used as embellishments for quilts and clothing items. The fabric yo-yos can be strung together to make arms and legs for dolls as well as making many home decor items. 

How do you make a fabric yo-yo?

For traditionalists who don’t feel the need to buy another gadget for sewing, the yo-yos can be made the old fashioned way with fabric, a template, an embroidery needle and thread.

Fabric yo-yos are made from fabric, usually cotton quilting scraps, on which a circular template is used to draw around. These circular templates can be made from cups, small saucers, lids, etc.

The fabric circles are hand sewn around the edges then the thread is pulled tightly to form the puffy yo-yo shape. There are wonderful tutorials below that show how to make a yo-yo from fabric.

Check out the link below with printable templates to use. For reference, the fabric yo-yo will end up about half the size of the circular template.

For those who would prefer to use a sewing gadget to make a slew of yo-yos, Clover brand offers Quick Yo-Yo Makers in five sizes from extra small (¾” finished yo-yos) to jumbo (3.5” finished yo-yos). 

Take a peek at our yo-yo products page to find all kinds of things “yo-yo”!

Close Up of Fabric Yo-Yos

How do you join fabric yo-yos?

Most sewists simply whip stitch the yo-yos together.  In this way, both making and joining the yo-yos together is a completely portable project.

However, joining the fabric yo-yos with the whip stitch does leave stitches showing, no matter how neatly and carefully they are sewn.

Scroll down to learn how to join the yo-yos using a sewing machine.  This is no longer a portable project, but some will prefer this method over using a whip stitch. It is also a good way to sew many together when yo-yo quilting or making a blanket.

Once you know how to make fabric yo-yos, take a look at our free yo-yo projects page for many ideas!  I suspect that it will come as a surprise that there are so many things to make using the fabric yo-yos!

Needlepointers’ Pinterest Yo-Yo page is another place to browse for yo-yo ideas!

Happy Sewing!

How to Make Fabric Yo-Yos

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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