30+ Free Fabric Yo-Yo Projects

Making fabric yo-yos is a fun and simple project that is the perfect carry-along sewing activity.

Fabric yo-yos, or Suffolk Puffs as they are also called, became popular in the 1930’s and have been used to make quilts and to embellish all sorts of sewing projects since.

Fabric yo-yos can be made the traditional way using circular templates from lids, cups, jars, etc. to trace around the fabric. 

Clover brand also makes five sizes of yo-yo makers for those who want to make a pile of yo-yos for a project such as a blanket or quilt. Look for yo-yo products on our site for things such as the yo-yo makers.

If you need a tutorial on making fabric yo-yos, we have an informative page that will be very helpful.

What can I make with fabric yo-yos?

These beautiful circular fabric shapes can be used in a variety of ways. Popular fabric yo-yo projects include quilts, blankets, dolls, embellishments for totes, headbands, pins, shoes…just about anything you can think of!

However, that is just the beginning!  This page is devoted to many traditional and nontraditional fabric yo-yo projects.

Mini fabric yo-yos can easily be made into jewelry.  Check out the links below to create jewelry projects like

  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Pins

This page has fabric yo-yo projects that include holiday items like

  • Shamrocks
  • Ornaments
  • Wreathes
  • Garlands
  • Easter bunny and chicks
  • Christmas doilies

Our home decor projects are a nontraditional use of fabric yo-yos like

  • Curtains
  • Napkin rings
  • Placemats
  • Bedspreads and coverlets
  • Yo-yo quilt patterns
  • Pillows

Fabric yo-yo projects also include clothing items such as

  • Cover ups
  • Headbands
  • Flip flops

Some very unique fabric yo-yo projects below include

  • Yo-yo birdhouses
  • Keychains
  • Coin purses
  • Dolls 

Needlepointers has a wonderful fabric yo-yo Pinterest page full of great projects too! 

If you like to crochet, this may be surprising, but sewing fabric is not the only way to make yo-yos! Check out our page on crochet yo-yos as well!

So scroll down and get ready to go crazy for yo-yos!

30+ Free Fabric Yo-Yo Projects

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  Yo-Yo Maker

Yo-Yo Maker #ad

A selection of Yo-Yo makers for sale at Affiliate Link to

Bangle Bracelet

Here is a free tutorial on how to make a yo-yo bangle bracelet. It used about 25 mini yo-yos, and took a couple of hours to make. Always Expert Moore


This page explains how to a yo-yo bedspread. Thrifty Fun

Christmas Yo Yo Doily

Instructions for making a yo-yo doily. By using non-Christmas fabric you can use this pattern for any occasion. Love To Sew

Coin Purse

Here is a tutorial for making a zipper coin purse embellished with yo-yos. DIY Tutorial Ideas


Purl Soho has a free tutorial on making a mini Yo-Yo Coverlet! Purl Soho


Learn how to make unique yo-yo earrings with fabric scraps, a couple of buttons, and some beads, with this easy-to-follow DIY tutorial. Felt Magnet

Fabric Scrap Rosette Ornaments

These pretty little rosette ornaments are so quick and easy to make with the instructions! Use them to decorate gifts, hang on the tree or around the home. Jacquelynne Steves

Fabric Yo-Yo Christmas Wreath

Fabric Yo-Yo Christmas Wreath #ad

Create a sweet and charming wreath out of fabric yo-yos for Chrismas or any holiday simply by changing the color scheme. Affiliate Link to Joann

Fabric Yo-yo Flowers (Doorknob Decoration)

Fabric Yo-yo Flowers (Doorknob Decoration)

Make some fabric yo-yos into a cute decoration to hang from a doorknob. Seam Whisperer

Fabric Yo-Yo Santa Ornament

Fabric Yo-Yo Santa Ornament

This Santa ornament is adorable and easy to make. Make some cute fabric yo-yo Santa ornaments to decorate a Christmas tree or to give as gifts. Associate

Fabric Yo-Yos With the Clover Yo-Yo Maker

Fabric Yo-Yos With the Clover Yo-Yo Maker

This tutorial demonstrates how to make fabric yo-yos with the Clover Yo-Yo Maker. Associate

Fabric YoYo Towel

Fabric YoYo Towel

An idea for using yo-yos! Stitch them onto store-purchased towels in various designs or as a flower garden. Associates

Flower Yo-Yo Headband

This is a simple and easy yo-yo craft idea. Morena's Corner


Jazz up an old headband with a yo-yo by simply reading these free instructions. Pretty Prudent

How to make Fabric Yo-yos Bookmark

How to make Fabric Yo-yos Bookmark

Make a cute bookmark using a fabric yo-yo, paper clip and some buttons. In Our Spare Time


Here is a yo-yo keychain craft made of course with a yo-yo along with buttons and a handy tab to hold the keys. It's a quick and easy project. Lazy Girl Designs

LOVE Framed

LOVE Framed #ad

Make this fun wall hanging with yo yos in the shape of the word LOVE. Affiliate Link to Joann

Napkin Ring

These fabric yo-yo napkin rings can be made for any holiday just by changing up the color. Happier Than A Pig In Mud


Learn how to make a yo-yo necklace with the video tutorial along with the step-by-step image on the page. Clover USA blog


Chrissy explains how she made a yo-yo pillow. Elizabeth Low and Co

Pillow Tutorial

Perk up pillows with yo-yos. Tatertots and Jello


Fabric yo-yos are cute little button-like shapes. Learn how to make them into a wearable pin. Care Givers Activity Source

Shamrock Yo-Yos

At this blog learn how to make yo-yo shamrocks. Kaleidoscope Impressions

Snowman Ornament

Snowman Ornament

Learn how to make an adorable and easy snowman Christmas tree ornament from fabric yo-yos and a bead kit. Associate

Yo Yo Bell Ornaments

Yo Yo Bell Ornaments #ad

These tree ornaments are made from 8 graduated sizes of yo-yos. . Thread the stack from the top to the bottom, the smallest to largest, attaching a bell on the bottom. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Yo Yo Garland

An idea on what to do with fabric yo-yos. Soule Mama

Yo Yo Pillow

Get started making some yo-yos and hand-stitching them to a pillow. Fiskars

Yo Yo Quilt

Learn how to make a yo-yo quilt with this tutorial. The Spruce Crafts

Yo Yo Tree Ornament

Yo Yo Tree Ornament #ad

This yo-yo ornament is a great embellishment for a sewn tree. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Yo-Yo Band Pillow

Yo-Yo Band Pillow #ad

Decorate a pillow for all different seasons by making a removable band of yo-yo to place around the pillow. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Yo-Yo Bracelet

Make a fun bracelet with fabric yo-yos and these instructions. The Ribbon Retreat

Yo-Yo Chicks and Bunnies

These little creatures will bring delight to an Easter basket or table decoration. Thrifty Fun

Yo-Yo Christmas Tree Ornament PDF

Do you have scrap Christmas fabric? Turn it into cute Christmas Tree ornaments. These ornaments can be made in three different sizes. CD Designs

Yo-Yo Cover-Up

Do you have a stain or minor hole on a favorite piece of clothing? Start making some yo-yos to solve the problem. Learn more here.... Make

Yo-Yo Curtain

Here is an idea for making a window curtain with yo-yos. Joeycraftworkz

Yo-Yo Doll Friends

This free tutorial is on how to make a yo-yo clown but with a little imagination, you can use this same technique to make other doll friends. Sunshines Creations

Yo-Yo Embellished Flip-Flops

Here is a great way to add some style to ordinary flip-flops. Scrap Reused and Recycled Art Projects

Yo-Yo Pillow Tutorial

Here is how to create a colorful yo-yo pillow out of fabric scraps and a throw pillow! Suzy's Sitcom

Yo-Yo Placemat

A great project for scrap fabric. Create these charming placemats for your dining room or kitchen table using handmade Yo-Yos. All free Crafts

Yo-Yo Stuffed Pinecone

This playful decorating project idea is whimsical and unique. Stuff fabric yo-yo and secure to large pinecones. This is also a great way to use up leftover fabric scraps. Fave Crafts

YoYo Birdhouse Pattern

This butterfly house with butterflies and yoyo flowers is a fun applique project to make. Free Applique

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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