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Quilting help and information. Lots of useful quilting information. Free projects and patterns, shopping affiliates, quilting books and more.

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How to Make A Quilt

There is no one way to make a quilt. There are lots of techniques. Learn basic quilting information such a fabric preparing, cutting the fabric including use of rotary cutter, pinning, pressing and more quilting basics.

Quilting Videos

Learn how to do quilting techniques with these videos. Videos are an easy way to learn how to knit.

Accuquilt Tutorials & Projects

Learn about the Accuquilt fabric cutting machines, Go! Me, Go! and Go! Big Cutters. We will be adding tutorials on how to use these cutters and project ideas to make.

Lots of free patterns can be found on the AccuQuilt Site and are easy to download. . .(more)

Applique Techniques and English Paper Piecing

Learn how to applique and use English paper piecing in your quilting projects. Special topics include types of applique, including raw edge applique. along with a focus on hexagon paper piecing.

Apps for Quilters

Find many apps for your iphone or ipad to help with quilting and sewing. Find shops, calculators, learn techniques and magazines.

Bargello Quilting

Bargello quilts are made by cutting strips at a specific width and sewing them together. Learn more about making Bargello quilts.


Quilting can involve a lot of math! Find many calculators which will help with your quilt planning & designing.

Crazy Quilting

Crazy quilt is an expressionistic quilt using randomly pieced fancy fabrics which are then embellished with embroidery stitches on almost every seam and patch. Crazy quilting is a great way of using scrap fabric. For more information on this quilting technique. . .(more)


All you need to know about fabric! Textile guides and glossary, fabric yardage calculators, fabric conversion chart, fabric dyeing and more.

Finishing Techniques

How do you finish your quilt? Borders? Bindings? Backings? Tying? You will find useful articles on all these finishing subjects so you will be able to finish your project to perfection.

Glossary of Terms

What is a fat quarter? What is lap quilting? What is loft? These are just a few quilting terms a quilter must understand. Glossaries of quilting terms are here.

Graph Paper for Quilters

Grid or Graph paper is useful for creating quilt designs & patterns. This page is full of more than 15 different graph papers you can print for FREE!

Memory Quilts

Create a memory quilt to honor special times of both happiness and loss using fabrics from clothing or photo transfers.

Notions and Supplies

Learn all about quilting notions and supplies and how to use them.

Patterns - Quilting Pattern

Fun DIY quilt patterns. These are some quilt patterns we love.

Quilt Blocks

Quilt Blocks - Free designs. Enjoy browse through the many free quilt block designs available.

Quilt Care and Restoration

Learn how to care for and preserve a quilt. Learn how to store the quilts. Learn how to wash a quilt. Learn how to repair a quilt.

Quilt Games

Fun quilting related stuff - games, etc. Fun ideas for quilt guild meeting and retreats.

Quilt Labels

Learn the reasons and instructions to label your quilt with modern or printable quilt labels and quilt tags.

Quilting Tips

We have over 65 quilting tips and tricks to help you get the best results. Learn tips for applique, cutting & marking fabric, hand & machine quilting and more.

Quilt Types and Styles

Learn about the different types and styles of quilts - pieced, applique, whole, scrap and more.

Quilting in Spanish

Information on quilting in Spanish.

Quilting in French

Some articles on quilting in French.


What is a quillow? It is a quilt which can be folded into a pillow. Quillows are great gift ideas for family and friends. Learn how to make and fold quillows right here.

Rag Quilt

One of the latest trends in quilting

A rag quilt is not made out of rags. It gets its name from the fact that the seam allowances on the front of the quilt are exposed and left to fray and unravel when washed, giving the quilt a ragged-look.


Redwork is the technique of using red embroidery floss and stitching on muslin squares using the outline embroidery stitch or machine embrodiery design. The squares can be sewn together to make quilts, pillow or any other imaginative project.

Scrap Quilts

Scrap quilts are quilts make from fabric leftover from other quilts and projects. Scrap quilts can also be made from old clothing such as a memory quilt. Learn more here about making a scrap quilt and links to scrap quilt patterns and projects.

Sashiko Quilting

What is Sashiko? Learn more about the traditional japanese form of quilting, Sashiko Quilting. This beautiful application can be used to decorate pillows, tableclothes, purses, potholders and other items.

Shows and Events

A list of the best quilt shows and events in the United States, including QuiltCon, presented by the Modern Quilting Guild.

T Shirt Quilts

Learn how to make T-shirt quilts.


Trapunto is a quilting technique of the quilting having an embossed design. It is produced by outlining the pattern with stitches and then padding it with yarn or cotton.

Yo Yo Quilting

Yo-Yos are a great way to use scrap fabric.

A yo-yo is a circle that has the edge turned under with a running stitch and the thread pulls to form a circle that looks like a little rosette.  Yo-yos are sewn together side-by-side. . .(more)


Over 200 free quilting patterns and projects.

Free Quilting Catalogs

Do you still like to thumb through catalogs to shop for quilting and sewing supplies and kits?  Or to get inspiration for creating a unique sewing or quilting project?  

Here's a comprehensive alphabetically list of manufacturers and stores. . .(more)

Favorite Quilting Sites

Here is a list of our favorite websites and blogs that are all things quilting...quilt shops, quilt designers, quilt resources and more. These are sites that we love and would personally recommend to our visitors. So take a look at some of our favorite. . .(more)

Find a Fabric Store

Fabric store locations, interactive maps, phone, website and more.

Sites with Free Patterns

Hundreds of websites offer free sewing and quilting patterns & projects. Have fun browsing through this selection.  Then, downloading and printing your favorites. Thousands of free quilting and sewing patterns are available here.

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