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Binding, the final step in making a quilt, can be intimidating for some. But our free quilt binding calculator makes figuring out how much fabric is needed to bind a quilt, and this makes it so much easier to get started!

This free quilt binding calculator will aid in the calculation of the number of strips to cut from the binding fabric to make a quilt binding for a quilt. It will also give the fabric yardage needed for the quilt binding.

To calculate the binding for a quilt, the binding calculator takes the inputs of the quilt dimensions, size of the binding strip, fabric width and sewing of straight/mitered seams.

Simply enter your quilt measurements below and click the "Calculate" button. Confused? See instructions after the entry form.

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Quilt Binding Calculator

Enter the Quilt Dimensions:

All Entries are in inches. Results will include meters.

How to measure the quilt.

Choose the Quilt Binding Options:


The quilt binding calculator takes the width and length of the quilt, the width of the fabric from which the binding strips are being cut, the desired width of the binding, the way the seams are to be joined and the overage to calculate the total binding length needed.

Then it determines the number of strips of fabric to cut and how many extra inches are needed for the seams or mitered joints. This is added into the total binding length needed.

Finally it calculates the number of strips and amount of fabric in yards and meters needed to cut the strips for the binding.

Quilt Binding Calculator Instructions:

How to measure the quilt. 1. Width and Length of Quilt: Measure the size of your quilt top in inches and enter the measurements.

2. Width of Binding Fabric: What is the width of the fabric you plan to use for the binding? Measure the selvage-to-selvage width of the fabric. Most quilting fabrics are 42/44", 58/60" or 108/109" wide.

3. Width of Binding Strips: What quilt binding width do you want to use? The binding strips will be folded in half and sewn to the quilt to create a binding. Enter the width of the quilt binding you want in inches. We have several different quilt binding tutorials if you need help binding the quilt.

What size binding is used for flange binding? If you are making a flange quilt binding, use the quilt binding calculator twice, once for each fabric. For the flange binding, the binding fabric is cut at 1-1/2" wide. The flange fabric is cut at 1-3/4" wide. The quilt binding calculator will give the amount of fabric and number of strips to cut for each of the two flange binding fabrics.

4. Desired Overage: Minimum is 10 inches overlap for the beginning/ending. The overage is necessary in order to overlap the binding and join the ends of the binding together. Enter your desired overage in inches.

5. Will you be joining the binding strips using straight or mitered seams? There are two ways to join the pieces of the binding to each other to make one long binding strip.

One way is to join the pieces using straight seams. Straight seams use less fabric and are a simple way to sew the binding strip together. The disadvantage of this way of joining fabric for binding is that it creates a very bulky and lumpy seam when joined to the quilt.

The second way is to make diagonal seams. Diagonal seams reduce the bulk of fabric when joining the binding to the quilt and avoid lumps and bumps. However, when making diagonal seams to join pieces to make the long binding, more fabric is used and wasted.

We have a tutorial on How to joining quilt binding strips with diagonal seams that can help you!

6. Once you've entered all of the entries, click on the bottom green line to find the amount of fabric to purchase and the number of strips needed.

Tips and Tricks for Binding a Quilt:

  • Precut strips work great for binding as they are already 2 ½” wide.
  • When sewing strips together end to end on the diagonal, press the seams open to reduce bulk.
  • Fold strips in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and press after sewing the binding into one long strip
  • Using a binding tool is sometimes helpful when measuring for the overlap

How to Cut Strips for a Quilt Binding

Binding Calculator How to Cut Strips
  1. Lay out the fabric, wrong sides together with selvage edges matched together at the top, on a cutting mat. Using a rotary cutter and a quilter’s ruler, cut the strips in the appropriate width. (Fabric scissors may also be used to cut the strips).
  2. Cut as many strips as indicated on the calculator results.

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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