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Need information on selecting a sewing machine? Need information on the care of a sewing machine? Do you need a manual? All types of sewing machine information is available here.

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 Bobbin Winder - Sidewinder Portable Botton Winder (Sold at Amazon)

Bobbin Winder - Sidewinder Portable Botton Winder (Sold at Amazon) #ad

Quickly and easily fill bobbins without having to re-thread your machine. Uses two AA batteries. Affiliate Link to

 Me and My Sewing Machine

Me and My Sewing Machine #ad

Excellent step-by-step photography along with easy-to-understand instructions detail the various kinds of seams, how to put in a zipper or hem, and it even includes patterns for some fun projects. by Kate Haxell - Paperback - Published 2010

Basics - Sewing Machine Basics

Buying, parts & maintenance. Start Sewing

Bernina Sewing Machine Foot Pedal

Bernina Sewing Machine Foot Pedal

Chris of wants to show you the special foot pedal that come with her Bernina sewing machine.
This Bernina foot pedal features the needle up/down positioner. By pressing the heel of the foot pedal the needle can go up or down into the fabric.

Bobbin - How to Wind A Bobbin

Bobbin - How to Wind A Bobbin

Learn how to wind a bobbin.

Bobbin Clips

DIY project for managing bobbin threads. Schlosser Designs

Bobbin Thread Not Catching - Causes & Solutions

If you are having problems with your bobbin thread not catching, here are some causes & solutions. Sewing Machine Buffs

Brother Innovis - How to Clean Your Machine

Brother Innovis - How to Clean Your Machine

Watch this video to see how to clean a Brother Innovis 4000D sewing and embroidery machine.
Keep your machine in good working order by cleaning it regularly.
Learn how!



This quick tip will show you how to stop a sewing machine foot pedal from sliding around on tile or wood floors by using a mouse pad.

Foot Pedel Demonstration

Foot Pedel Demonstration

Demonstrating how to use a mouse pad to prevent your sewing machine foot pedal from moving.

Hem Knit Pants

Hem Knit Pants

This tutorial will show how to sew a hem on knit pants using the stretch stitch and a twin needle. Associate

Hemming Foot Tutorial

Comprehensive instructions with photos on how to use a hemming pressure foot. Ellie & Mac

Instruction Manuals- Singer - Online

Online instruction manuals for Singer sewing machines. Vintage Sewing Machines

Kenmore Sewing Machines PDF

A chart of Kenmore sewing machines by model name, model number and year produced. Sears Archives

Machine Needles

Are you confused about sewing machine needle sizes. Learn here. Clotide

Machine Needles - Sewing Machine Needles

Understanding the numbers associated with sewing machine needles - American and European. Sewing


Know your hand-sewing needles. Craft Stylish



Don't throw sewing machine needles and pins into the trash. Learn how to dispose of broken and bent needles and pins safely. Watch Video.


To keep track of the needles that I have taken off my machine but that still have some life left in them, I use one of the old-fashioned tomato-shaped pincushions. Mark each section with the size and type of needle, using a black permanent marking pen. Quilter's Review

Overlock Machine

Guide for selecting an overlock machine. New Mexico State University

Pressure Feet

Learn which type pressure foot to use. Clotide

Pressure Foot

A chart of sewing machine models and type of pressure foot shank for the machine. Clotide

Pressure Foot - Rolled Hemmer

How to choose and use a rolled hemmer pressure foot.

Problem - Skipped Stitches

Learn the reason for you machine skipping stitches and how to solve the problem. Start Sewing

Problem - Thread Breaking

Understanding the causes for thread breaking will help you remedy the situation. Learn more in this article. Start Sewing

Sewing Machine

Guide to buying a sewing machine. Start Sewing

Sewing Machine Maintenance

A well-made sewing machine-traditional or serger, new or old, used often or only occasionally-will sew perfectly for many years if it is given proper care. Learn more here. New Mexico State University

Sewing Machine Maintenance

Sewing Machine Maintenance

How to clean and oil a Bernina sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Troubles

Checklist of common sewing machine trouble and what may be causing the trouble. New Mexico State University

Thread Tension

Understand thread tension. Threads Magazine

Twin Needles (Double Needles)

Twin Needles (Double Needles)

How to thread a sewing machine with a twin needle (double needle).

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