Origami With Fabric

People usually think of the art of paper folding when they hear the word “origami”.  However, this page is devoted to origami with fabric!

Yes, you can do origami with fabric!

These beautiful folded fabric designs found below, like the fabric origami butterfly, the fabric origami box, and origami bag are just a few of the origami with fabric designs found on this page!

What are the six types of common fabric origami?

Fabric origami is divided into the six basic types below:

  • General fabric folding: Some of the usual origami paper designs cannot be used in fabric origami since the soft material does not hold a good crease.  Most who make origami with fabric treat it with a fabric stiffener first.
  • Towel folding:  This is another type of fabric origami where creative towel designs are made, most often of animals.  These origami towels look great in a guest bathroom. Because a towel is usually shaped into a rectangle and has a soft texture, some traditional fabric origami designs can be difficult.  Using a washcloth helps with need for a square, and some use rubber bands to hold the fabric origami designs.
  • Napkin Folding:  Can you make origami with napkins?  Fine dining restaurants often fold their napkins into lovely origami fabric designs. Scroll down to find a wonderful tutorial for creating a Christmas tree napkin for the holidays! If you are hosting a formal dinner or a wedding, a creatively made design out of fabric napkins makes for a sophisticated table setting.
  • Origami in Quilts:  Modern quilters will sometimes make origami with fabric and sew the design onto a quilt with the applique technique.  This adds a special design element to their quilts.
  • Clothing: Fabric origami can be used for clothing and accessories.  Below are origami bags, pouches and shapes such as fabric origami butterflies and flowers that can be added to accessories such as hair scrunchies.
  • Toys: Fabric origami can be used to make simple toys for children, such as a folded washcloth during bath time or even puppets out of diapers!

How do you make a fabric origami realistic butterfly?

Butterflies are a common design for fabric origami.  They are most often small and can be made with smaller pieces of fabric scraps the sewist may have in their stash!

A fabric origami butterfly is most beautiful and can be used to decorate hair clips or scrunchies, as clothing decoration, and even as an addition to a quilt.

There are many links below to fabric origami butterflies that are simple to create.

It is possible to add lovely bits of lace to the butterflies, and some crafters even add beads for the eyes in the butterfly wings.  Adding an antenna is something that can be done as well to adorn these sweet fabric origami butterflies!

Fabric origami is usually easier to do than paper origami because there aren’t as many folds.  This is due to the fabric becoming hard to handle as it gets thicker with folding.

If you like origami, scroll down to find beautiful and simple fabric origami projects!  You won’t be disappointed!

Origami With Fabric

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Fabrigrami #ad

Fold decorative origami objects out of cloth with this easy-to-use origami book. Fabrigami is the Asian art of folding fabrics to create three-dimensional objects ranging from the practical to the whimsical. by Jill Stovall, Scott Wasserman Stern, Florence Temko - Paperback Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Flower Origami: Exotic Fabric Flowers from Simple Shapes

Flower Origami: Exotic Fabric Flowers from Simple Shapes #ad

by Kumiko Sudo - Paperback - Published 2004 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Japanese Fabric Flower

Japanese Fabric Flower #ad

How to make 65 simply stunning flower designs with fabric that are perfect as accessories on clothing, jewelry, home decorations or table adornments for special occasions. by Sylvie Blondeau - Paperback - Published 2015 Affiliate Link to Amazon

21 Napkin Folding Ideas

Need a few fun napkin folding ideas for the upcoming holiday season? Look here! Country Living

Christmas Tree Napkin

Christmas Tree Napkin

Nothing says Christmas better than a Christmas tree, so why not put them next to your plate by making Christmas Tree napkins with these free instructions. Hello Sewing

DIY Fabric Origami Butterfly Tutorial

Make an easy origami butterfly for hair clip, rings, home and fashion decoration, it’s super easy. Fab Art DIY

Fabric Butterfly

Fabric Butterfly

Each pretty folded butterfly takes just a few minutes to make. Watch the video tutorial along with the free step-by-step free pattern instructions. Hello Sewing

Fabric Origami Bag

Download the PDF file for a photo tutorial on how to make an origami bag. Jembellish

Fabric Origami Box

Fabric Origami Box

A tutorial on making a fabric origami box. How About Orange

Fabric Origami Box Tutorial

A photo tutorial on how to make a fabric origami box or basket. DIY Tutorial Ideas

Fabric Origami Butterfly

To make this fabric origami butterfly, you'll need a two-sided fabric rectangle. Then fold and hand sew to hold together. eSheep Designs

Fabric Origami Christmas Ornaments

These two fun fabric origami ornaments are a beautiful addition to your holiday décor or as a quick gift. Love to Know

Fabric Origami Crane Ornament

Follow along with these free instructions and create your very own fabric origami crane ornament. Dutch Label Shop

Fabric Origami Ornament Tutorial

With scraps of fabric and two buttons, make some origami ornament with this step-by-step tutorial. Sy-elsk-lev

Fabric Origami Pouch

Crafty Quilter shows you how to make a fabric origami pouch that you are going to love! Get the free instructions. Crafty Quilter

Fabric Origami Project

This web page shows some of the beautiful fabric origami projects made by Glenda Scott. Get inspired! Make Origami

Fabric Origami Quilt Block

A technique for making a fabric origami quilt block. Instructables

Folded Christmas Ornament

Folded Christmas Ornament

These DIY fabric ornaments are a must-sew kind of project for all sewing enthusiasts who like to give their homes that special holiday charm. Hello Sewing

Folded Fabric Flowers

Once you conquer the folding technique with the free instructions and tutorial, these beautiful lovely can be made into Christmas ornaments and as embellishments on clothing, packages, etc. Quilting Digest

Japanese Knot Bag

Japanese Knot Bag

A Japanese knot bag is a small open tote bag, but with a twist. It has asymmetrical handles, and one of the handles slips through the other to form a knot and close the bag. Hello Sewing

Origami Bag

With this photo tutorial, make a simple Origami Bag design that makes a great slouchy purse or beach bag. Online Fabric Store

Origami Bento Bag

Origami Bento Bag

This tutorial will show you how to sew an origami tote bag with lining and boxed corners, in easy-to-follow steps. Hello Sewing

Origami Christmas Ornament

Make origami Christmas ornaments using this fun, crafty tutorial and fabric, pompom. ribbon and basic sewing supplies. Apple Green Cottage

Origami Christmas Star Ornament

Brighten up the holiday by making fabric start ornaments. Ashlee Marie

Origami Fabric Butterfly

Here is a tutorial to make an origami butterfly.

Origami Fabric Market Tote Bag

This slouch-type bag is so quick and easy to make. Alanda Craft

Origami Folded Fabric Ornaments

Have a blast making folded fabric ornaments with this tutorial. Through The Eyes Of A Quilter

Origami Gift Bag

Paula from Ragadoodle came up with this precious origami-inspired gift bag tutorial. Learn how to make a gift bag yourself. Noodles and Milk

Origami Market Bag Tutorial

All that is needed to make this market bag is fabric, thread, scissors and a sewing machine. It's Sew Simple! Lola Nova

Origami Oasis Bento Bags

These Japanese-inspired bags are handy, pretty, environmentally friendly. Can be used for so many things - as a snack bag, reuseable gift bag, a lunch bag, small on-the-go craft bag. Tamarakate

Origami Shirt Advent Calendar

Origami Shirt Advent Calendar

This advent calender can be made with paper or fabric! Birdz of a Feather

Origami Star from Fabric Scraps

Whip up some origami stars for your Christmas tree with this free tutorial. By Anna Alicia at Gathered How

Sew a Japanese Knot Bag with Free Pattern

Sew a Japanese Knot Bag with Free Pattern

This super cute small Japanese knot bag makes a cute little purse or small shopping bag. Happiest Camper

Star Ornament

A fabric origami project. Zen Crafting

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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