Sewing Techniques

Sewing Techniques

Do you want to learn how to sew?  Find many links to articles on sewing techniques like buttonholes, blind hemming, french seams, couching, cording, elastic waistbands, and many other sewing how-tos.  

Look to the right for many other topics on sewing, free projects, and tutorials.  

We love to teach sewing and several of the tutorials below are our own.  If you have a question, please click the link and find the Youtube video for the tutorial.  Add any comments or questions you have in the Youtube comments section.  We try to answer questions on Youtube.

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Attaching Ribbing

Learn how to correctly attach ribbing to a project, finished inside and out. Craft and Fabric Links

Bias Tape

How to sew bias tape onto a project the proper way and the cheating way. Made Everyday

Bias Tape - The Old Fashion Way

The Quilt Ladies

Blanket Binding

How to apply blanket binding. Dove Originals Trims

Cording and Piping

Tips, Tricks And Hints For Creating Your Own Cording And Piping


Learn to couching in 5 easy steps. Young Embroiderers

Decorative Fabric Towel Border

Decorative Fabric Towel Border

How to add a fabric border to the bottom of a store purchased towel.
This tutorial has easy step-by-step instruction on how to embellish a towel with a decorative fabric border. Even people learning to sew can do this.

Double Fold Bias Binding

How to attach and join double fold bias binding. Tessuti


This articles explains the different types of elastic and also explains an easy elastic waistline application. Sewing

Elastic - Elastic Waistband

How to sew an elastic waistband.

Elastic - Elastic Waistband on Skirt

How to instructions. Independent Living

Elastic - Elastic Waistband Tutorial

How to attach waistband with enclosed elastic. Sew Inspired

Elastic - How to Sew in Elastic (Video)

A video on how to sew elastic and make it fit the garment. You Tube

Elastic Casing - Video

How to sew in elastic casing. You Tube

Fabric Manipulation Magic

*Shirred Piping *Reverse Tucks *Slot Buttonhole *Ruffled Tubing Learn how to do these fabric manipulation technqiues. Oak Trees

Fabric Tubes  - How to Turn Tubes Right Side Out

Fabric Tubes - How to Turn Tubes Right Side Out

Learn how to turn fabric tubes right side out with this handy, dandy sewing tool, the Dritz Quick Turn.

Needlebook Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions for making a needlebook to hold handwork or sewing needles. Meari's Musings

Overlock Machine - Sewing Techniques

Tips to help you sew with an overlock machine. New Mexico State University

Pattern Making

An article on how to make your own pattern. Made Everyday

Patternmaking Skills

Learn pattern making skills Sew News


How to apply piping like a pro. Pate-Meadows Designs

Piping  - How to Sew Piping with a pintuck foot (piping foot)

Piping - How to Sew Piping with a pintuck foot (piping foot)

A video tutorial on how to make piping using a pintuck foot. You can also use a piping foot.

Piping - How to Sew Piping using a Zipper Foot

Piping - How to Sew Piping using a Zipper Foot

How to make piping (cording) using a zipper foot.

Plaids - Matching Plaids

Instructions and illustrations on how to match plaids. Craft and Fabric Links

Plaids - Matching Plaids

How to match plaids when making a jacket. Pure Whimsy

Pocket - Welt Pocket

How to sew a welt pocket.

Pocket - Zippered Patch Pocket

How to instructions. Jan Andrea

Pockets - Patch Pocket

How to sew a patch pocket. New Mexico State University

Purse - Pleated Purse Tutorial

How to sew a pleated purse. By Monica Gee at Bolsa Chica

Scarf - How to Sew a Fleece Infinity Scarf

Scarf - How to Sew a Fleece Infinity Scarf

A video tutorial on how to make fleece infinity scarf. This is a perfect project for beginners. It is fast, easy and so much fun.

Scarf - How to Sew A Fleece Scarf with Fringe

Scarf - How to Sew A Fleece Scarf with Fringe

How to sew a fleece scarf with fringe. Learn to sew with this simple sewing project.

Scarf - Picot Edge a Scarf

Learn how to use this method for edging a scarf. Burda Style

Sewing Lesson - Free Sewing Book

On-line free sewing book - Sewing lessons for beginners and children. Craft and Fabric Links

Sewing Shortcuts

Sewing shortcut ideas - from basics such as getting organized to collar quickie to quick cuff and more. New Mexico State University

Towel Fabric Border

Towel Fabric Border

How to add a fabric band to the bottom of a towel.

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Sweatshirt Conversions

Techniques and instructions for making sweatshirt jackets and tunics.


Techniques for making wedding veils.

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