How To Mend Clothes and Household Objects

Mending is a way of repairing clothes and household items.  Being able to mend your own clothes and other items extends their life and saves money. 

Mending is a life-skill that everyone should know.  To mend all you need is entry-level sewing skills.  Some mending requires a needle and thread and some basic hand-sewing stitches.  Some mending requires a sewing machine but only knowing basic stitches and machine knowledge.  And some techniques require no sewing at all.

Whether you are patching up jeans or sewing on a button, whether you are mending a frayed towel or fixing a torn sheet, whether you're repairing a curtain or an heirloom quilt, being about to mend and fix your own clothes and other items extends the life of the piece which is better for the environment and your wallet.

Below is a roundup of many how-to mending and repairing tutorials such as:

  • How to sew a ripped seam
  • How to fix holes and rips in jeans
  • Learn visible mending over a hole or stain
  • How to attach a button
  • Mending an undone hem
  • How to mend a sweater
  • Zipper repair and replacement
  • How to darn socks
  • And much, much more

To Mend or Not to Mend, That is the Question? 
Before you decide to mend or fix a garment or an item, you should ask yourself a few questions.

Do I still like it?
Is it worth fixing?
Is it an heirloom?
Is the rest of the item in good condition?
Is it worth my time and effort to repair it?

With the following tutorials, you can breathe new life into your favorite clothing and home accessories by mending, fixing, and repairing them.

Don’t forget to bookmark or pin this page because you never know when you may need a learn how to mend something.

How To Mend Clothes and Household Objects

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  Mend It Better

Mend It Better #ad

Creative patching, darning and stitching. by Kristin M. Roach - Kindle Book - Published 2012 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Fix Your Clothes

Fix Your Clothes #ad

The Sustainable Magic of Mending, Patching, and Darning! Learn to repair your clothes from this cheerful, handwritten, and hand-illustrated guide by Raleigh Briggs - Paperback - Published 2017 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Hand Mending Made Easy

Hand Mending Made Easy #ad

Save Time and Money Repairing Your Own Clothes. by Nan L. Ides - Paperback - Published 2008 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Stitch 'n' Fix

Stitch 'n' Fix #ad

What do you do when a button pops off your favourite shirt, or the hem unravels on your best dress – throw it away, or make some simple repairs? This fun but practical book caters for all your sewing emergencies, teaching everyone who never learned how to thread a needle, sew on a button, darn a hole and much more by Joan Gordon - Paperback - Published 2010 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Baby Clothes Tie-Dye Tutorial

Baby Clothes Tie-Dye Tutorial

Tie-dyeing baby clothes is a great way to personalize outfits and is ideal for covering up minor stains from hand-me-down items. Craft Bits

Bed Sheet Repairs

Bed Sheet Repairs

This tutorial shows how to fix a tear in a bed sheet near the side seam. Associate

Darn a Sock

Darn a Sock

This article explains and shows how to darn a sock. Super Mom No Cape

Darn It! How to Darn a Hole in a Knitted Garment

Follow this step-by-step guide for basic instructions on darning. This process can be applied to any knitted garment from socks to sweaters. IFIXIT

Darn Large Holes in Socks and Clothing

Darn Large Holes in Socks and Clothing

Use yarn scraps to decoratively patch up holes in your favorite garments. My Poppet Makes

Elastic Replacement - How to replace elastic in waistband

Elastic Replacement - How to replace elastic in waistband

Learn how to replace elastic in an elastic waistband.
Even if the elastic is sewn into the garment you can replace it without removing the old stretched out elastic. This tutorial will show you how to replace the elastic.
By Staff

Hem Knit Pants

Hem Knit Pants

This tutorial will show how to sew a hem on knit pants using the stretch stitch and a twin needle. Associate

How to Fix a Zipper

This is a easy way to fix a zipper without replacing it. By marcellahella at Instructables

How to Fix Holes in Blue Jeans

Three easy way to mend holes in blue jeans including the iron-on patch, hand sewing the rip and machine sewing a patch. The Happy Housewife

How to fix holes in Jeans

At Sew Guide you will find nine different ways to repair ripped and torn jeans. Sew Guide

How to Fix Pants Hem

How to Fix Pants Hem

Here is an easy and fast way to fix an undone or fallen hem on pants or trousers with a sewing machine. Associate

How to Hand Sew A Button

How to Hand Sew A Button

Learn how to hand sew a button onto a garment or project.

How to Machine Sew On A Button

How to Machine Sew On A Button

This tutorial will show how to sew on a button using a sewing machine with a built-in button stitch.

How to Machine Sew On A Button

How to Machine Sew On A Button

This video will demonstrate how to sew on a button a sewing machine and the zigzag stitch. If your sewing machine doesn't have a built-in button stitch, you can use the zigzag stitch to sew on buttons. Learn how with this video.

How to Mend A Quilt

Is your quilt falling apart? This is one way to mend your favorite quilt. By Bekathwia via Instructables

How to Mend Clothes

Learn how to repair stains and tears in clothing. How Stuff Works

How to Mend Rips and Tears

Save ripped or torn garments, towels or sheets by learning ways to mend them. How Stuff Works

How to Mend Torn Sheet

How to Mend Torn Sheet

To mend the sheet with this technique, two patches are sewn over tear. Super Mom No Cape

How to Patch Jeans

This tutorial will explain how Jennifer from The Craft Patch patches jeans. The Craft Patch

How to Repair a Damaged Quilt

Learn how to repair frayed seams, how to repair small holes, large holes and holes near the binding. Darcy Quilts

How to Repair Hole in Jeans

An easy way to fix holes in jeans and other garments. You can give new life to jeans with this technique. ManMade

Jeans - How to mend jeans

Jeans - How to mend jeans

Learn how to fix a hole in jeans or pants. This is a simple and easy repair technique which needs only basic supplies you may have in your sewing room.

Jeans Knee Patches

A cool applique technique for patching holes in jeans. Hammer and Thread

Jeans Repair with Visible Mending

This website shows some basic techniques and ideas to visibly mend pants to add character while also preventing more damage with Sashiko and denim patches. Closet Case Patterns

Jeans Zipper

Depending on the problem, there are several ways that you can fix a broken zipper in jeans. WikiHow

Jeans Zipper Replacement

How to replace a zipper in a pair of jeans. The Spruce Crafts

Knee Patches

Knee Patches

How to add knee patches to jeans. My Poppet Makes

Laundry Stained Clothes

Laundry Stained Clothes

How to fix clothes that have been dyed in the wash by mistake … Dye them on purpose!

Did you ever take clothes out of the washer to find that it is color stained. Don't throw it away. Tie Dye it!

Learn how to fix it with this tutorial. Staff

Machine Darning Hole In Pants

Machine Darning Hole In Pants

Learn how to darn a hole in pants using the darning stitch on a sewing machine. Associate

Mend a Seam

Torn seam a very common. This is a simple tutorial on how to mend a seam using a sewing machine. The Crafty Mummy

Mend Clothes with Cricut Maker

Mend Clothes with Cricut Maker

Heather Handmade is sharing an easy tutorial using the Cricut Explore Air 2 for a no-sew method for mending clothing and covering up stains. Heather Handmade

Mending Jeans

Prolong the life of jeans that have a hole with iron-on patches and some cute stitching. A simple, fun fix to a pair of jeans. Paging Supermom

Patch Bluejeans

Patch a hole in jeans with a cute heart patch. Learn how with this tutorial. Knotted Cotton

Patchwork Quilt Repair

How to repair old patchwork quilt with this tutorial. Lora B

Quilt Repair Techniques

There are many ways to repair a quilt - there is no right way or wrong way. Here are 5 options. Quilter's Review

Seam - Ripped Seam

Whether by hand or with a sewing machine, you can neatly extend the life of a garment with these simple instructions. The Guardian

Seam - Torn Seam

Torn seams are among the most common problems plaguing sewn goods. Mending a torn seam is not hard. The seam can be repaired by hand or with a sewing machine. Learn more here. WikiHow

Sheet Mending

How to mend a bedsheet. By Susan Beal at Makezine

Shirt Sleeves Too Tight

Shirt Sleeves Too Tight

Here is a really simple fix for a top with sleeves that are too tight. Learn how. Sum of Their Stories

Socks - How to Darn Socks

A comprehensive site on how to darn socks from supplies needed to how-to instructions. HJS Studio

Stained Baby Clothes Restoration

How to easily restore stained baby clothes using natural dyes. Adventures and Preggers


How to mend a sweater. Lifestyle at How Stuff Works



How to fix the hole in a sweater. Heather Handmade

Sweater Mending

How to mend a sweater. How Stuff Works

Sweater Mending Secrets

The secret of mending a sweater quickly and easily. Learn how to fix a hole in your favorite sweater without needing to know how to knit. Homemade on Our Homestead

T-Shirt Applique

T-Shirt Applique

Makeover a boring tee in minutes using your favorite fabric or do you have a stain or spot on your favorite t-shirt use this tutorial to upcycle it. DIY Candy

T-Shirt Hole

A Pretty Happy Home shows a no-sew way to repair a T-shirt hole. Learn more by clicking the link. A Pretty Happy Home


If your towel is becoming frayed and worn, give them a new lease on life by adding a scrappy fabric bias binding. Learn how by clicking the link above. Vicky Myers Creations

Towels - Repair Towels

Ways to repair a tattered towel. Lifestyle

Yo-Yo Cover-Up

Do you have a stain or minor hole on a favorite piece of clothing? Start making some yo-yos to solve the problem. Learn more here.... Make

Zipper Problems

How to fix any common zipper problem. By Thorin Klosowski at Lifehacker

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