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An essential household tool is scissors.  They come in different sizes and styles and no matter the household task, including sewing, cooking, gardening or crafting, there is a scissor to do the job.  The right type of scissors can make a huge difference in how the completed project or task will turn out. Learn about the different types of scissors.

Watch this quick tip video about scissors and read on to learn and as  a guide to various types of scissors..

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch Best Crafting and Sewing Scissors in Youtube.

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Scissors Every House Should Have


Scissors Guide - Household Scissors

All-Purpose Scissor

Scissor Selection Guide - All Purpose Scissors All-purpose scissors are your go-to scissor for non-fabric cutting.  They have a long blades and pointy tips.  They are great for getting into small areas.  The design allows them to cut long, straight smooth cuts. These scissors are useful for cutting a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardstock and as an all-purpose hobby scissor.

Kitchen Scissors

Scissor Selection Guide - Kitchen Scissors Kitchen scissors are a handy tool in the kitchen for cutting and trimming foods included herbs, breads, dough, fruit, vegetables and more.

Hair Cutting Scissors

Scissor Selection Guide - Haircut Scissors If you are going to cut or trim hair, you should use hair cutting scissors because they are  specifically designed for cutting hair and are much sharper then other scissors.  


Scissors Guide - Sewing Scissors

Fabric Scissors

Scissor Selection Guide - Fabric Scissors

A pair of fabric scissors is an essential sewing tool.  Fabric scissors make long cuts and some models with an angled handle so it is easy to cut fabric smoothly on a tabletop.
Fabric scissors should only be used on fabric.  Never, never use your fabric scissors for cutting paper or other items.  You could dull or nick the blade.


Fabric Pinking Shears

Scissor Selection Guide - Fabric Pinking Shears Pinking shears have serrated blades that leave a zigzag design on the fabric.  Sewers use pinking shears to prevent fabric edges from fraying. 

Once again, just as standard fabric scissors, sewing pinking shears should only be used for fabric.


Embroidery Scissors

Scissor Selection Guide - Embroidery Scissors Embroidery scissors are small and have thin, sharp tips. These are ideal for embroidery and other needlework as well as for trimming little threads and doing precision cutting. These scissors are recommended for accurate and safe cutting of threads at the back of an embroidery, cross stitch and machine embroidery pieces.

Scissors Guide - Curved Embroidery Scissors


Rotary Cutter

Scissor Selection Guide - Rotary Cutter A rotary cutter is not a scissor but a cutting tool which looks like a pizza cutter and is usually used in quilting along with a rotary cutting mat.  It can be used in cutting many layers of fabric at once and is versatile for cutting a lot of different materials including leather, felted wool, faux fur and vinyl.  Just like fabric scissors, you shouldn’t be cutting paper with this if you don’t want to dull the blade. 
Tip: However, when I replace a blade, I save the dull blades.  Then, if I need to cut paper strips or other paper items, I can use the old blades.


Besides the all-purpose scissors mention above for crafting, there are some specialized crafting scissors. 

Non-Stick Scissors

Scissor Selection Guide - Non-Stick Scissors Do you get frustrated when you have to cut adhesive tape, duct tape or other sticky material?  Non-Stick scissors are the answer.  The blade has a special coating; so, they can cut sticky materials without getting gummy.

Decorative Paper Edge Scissors

Scissor Selection Guide - Decorative Edge These scissors have unique edges so you can create decorative borders on paper, photos, mats and other craft projects.


Kid's Blunt Tipped Scissors

Kid's Blunt Tipped Scissors Children need to know how to use scissors in order to participate in school and leisure activities.  Scissor activities help a child develop fine motor muscles, improve their focus and attention span and improve their hand and eye coordination.  To ensure that they do not get hurt, a blunt-tipped scissor should be used.
TIP: If your child is left-handed, you should purchase left-handed scissors so the child will not become frustrated or discouraged.

There are dozens of other types of scissors which may be helpful including poultry scissors, thread snips, left-handed scissors, manicure scissors, garden scissors, metal cutter and travel scissors to new a few.  

You should decide the type of scissors your household needs and then purchase scissors for that specific task.  Below you will find some affiliate links to scissor products.

Kid's and Decorative Edge Scissors


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Hairdressing Scissors

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Kitchen Shears

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Non-Stick Scissors

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Rotary Cutters

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Scissors For Kids

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Sewing Scissors

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