How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings


Save money each year by starting new geranium plants from cuttings of an established plant.  Starting geraniums from cuttings is very easy and they propagate easily in water. 

Use this method to start geraniums from cuttings during the winter and have plants ready to put in the ground in the springtime. 
How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings - fb

Click the video link below for a video tutorial on how Annette starts Geranium plants each winter or keep reading for a photo tutorial.   This is one method for starting geranium plants from cuttings and has been successful for Annette.

Click to watch the How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings video in Youtube.

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In the fall bring the geranium plant(s) into the house and put it in a sunny location. By doing this you can propagate new plants throughout the winter months in preparation for spring.

How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings
Geranium Plant Brought Into House

How to Take Geranium Cuttings

STEP 1: Cut off Shoots

With a sharp knife cut off the tender, new growth from the geranium plant about 2 - 4 inches in length.

How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings
Tender New Growth on Geranium Plant

Below is a photo of the cuttings ready to be put into water.

How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings
Geranium Cuttings

Step 2: Place in Jar

Put the cuttings in a container (jar, vase, glass) with water. Remove any leaves that may be below the water level because they will rot.

How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings
Geranium Cuttings in Container with Water

STEP 3: Place in Windowsill

Place the containers filled with geranium cuttings on a windowsill so they get a lot of light but not direct light.

STEP 4: Roots will Develop

In a few weeks, the geraniums should begin to develop roots.

How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings
Geraniums with Roots

STEP 5: Plant in Pots

After the roots are established, it is time to put them in a pot with wet potting soil.

How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings
Potted Geraniums

STEP 6: Place in Sunny location

Place the potted geranium cutting in a sunny location and water them regularly.

How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings
In Sunny Location

After plants begin to grow, you can transplant them to other containers or put them in the ground when weather permits.

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