DIY Dollar Store Mini Magnets Tutorial

For most crafters, finding inexpensive crafting supplies to make a wonderful DIY project is a real bonus.  Enter the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store!

Both the Dollar Tree and Dollar Store have realized the large demographic of crafters who shop at their stores.  Many items in the store can be used for crafting, and now the stores have designated areas full of crafting materials!

Our site has many tutorials on the page, Dollar Store projects!

I have made several crafts with Dollar Store supplies, and this tutorial teaches how to make a DIY mini magnet.

Dollar Store Magnet

This is a great tutorial on how to make a refrigerator magnet as well!  Use this magnet wherever you'd like!

Three popular Dollar Store supplies that will be used in this craft are the Tumbling Tower Game, roll of magnetic tape, and calendars. 

On the back of the Dollar Store calendars are small pictures; it doesn't matter what year the calendar is from because they all have the mini pictures.

Another supply that is necessary for this project is Mod Podge.  Mod Podge is a glue-like sealant, often used for decoupage. 

What is the difference between different types of Mod Podge? 

All of the different types of Mod Podge function the same and are all used as glues, sealers and finishes.  One difference, though, is the sheen of the finished project.

  • GLOSS: This is a shiny finish
  • SATIN: This finish is between the gloss and matte finish
  • MATTE: This gives a flat finish with no shine

The Mod Podge used for this tutorial has a gloss finish, but any finish can be used.

Learn more about making a mini magnet with Dollar Tree tumbling tower blocks and the inspirational and cute Dollar Tree calendars by watching the video below OR keep reading this post for written directions supported with photos.

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link DIY Dollar Store Mini Magnets Tutorial to watch in Youtube.

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diy magnet tutorial

WHAT YOU NEED to make dollar store mini magnets:

  • Dollar Store calendar
  • Three blocks from the Dollar Store Tumbling Towers game
  • White or ivory chalk paint. (Other paints can be used as well)
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Sponge applicator
  • Small bowl
  • Glue gun
  • Table protector (optional)

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 1 Supplies

INSTRUCTIONS For making a dollar store mini magnet

STEP 1: glue the tumbling blocks together

If desired, cover the work surface with something to protect it.  Here, a piece of parchment paper is used.

To make the base for the DIY dollar store mini magnet, three of the blocks from the Tumbling Blocks game are glued together lengthwise. Take one block and using the glue gun, put the hot glue on the narrow side of the block.

DIY Refrig Magnet Apply Glue

It is not necessary to use too much glue, as the excess glue will squeeze out and need to be removed.  Taking another block, place it against the glued side of the first block.

Dollar Store DIY Mini Magnets 4 Blocks Together

It is important to press the two blocks together, making sure they are even on the top, 

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 5 Place Blocks Together

and they are even on the sides.  Keep gently moving the Tumbling Tower blocks as the hot glue dries, gluing the blocks together as flatly as possible.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 6 Check Blocks Are Aligned

Once the hot glue has hardened, use the hot glue gun to add glue to the long, narrow side of the blocks that are glued together.

Take the final Tumbling Tower game block and glue it on the side of the two blocks that are already glued.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 9 Hold Together

Once again, move the blocks as the glue hardens to make sure the base for the dollar store mini magnet is very flat, solid and stable.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 10 Aligned

Once all of the hot glue has cooled and hardened, remove the excess hot glue with your fingers.

STEP 2: paint the wooden base 

For this demonstration, Waverly chalk paint in "plaster" is used to paint the block.  Any brand of chalk paint can be used, but a white or off-white color is recommended.

I use chalk paint in all of my decoupage projects, but a neutral acrylic paint can also be used.

Begin by pouring a small amount of the paint into a bowl. 

This makes painting much easier and neater since the applicator is not being pushed into the small opening in the bottle.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 11 White Paint

Using the sponge applicator, paint the glued blocks with the paint.  Begin by painting the top.  

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 12 Apply Paint

Holding the block by two opposite sides, paint the other sides of the block base.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 13 Paint Sides

Set the block on the work surface until the paint dries.

Once the top and sides are dry, turn the block over and paint the back and other two sides with the paint.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 15 Paint Sides

Allow the paint to dry before moving to the next step.

step 3: cut the small calendar picture to size

On the back of the Dollar Store calendars are small pictures of the calendar pages.

Choose one small picture to use for this project and carefully cut the picture away from the page.

Many of the small pictures are just a tad too large to fit on the painted block.  If it is necessary, cut small strips off of each side of the picture.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 18 Trim Picture

Place the picture on the block to see if it fits.  If necessary, cut small slices off of the edges again.  If the picture is just a little too small, this is not a problem.  The paint will fill in the small spaces around the edges of the picture.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 17 Size Picture

step 4: glue the picture onto the DIY Dollar Store Mini Magnet block

This Mod Podge is the gloss variety. Matte Mod Podge works well too.  Pour a small amount of the Mod Podge into a small bowl.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 19 Mod Podge

Using a clean sponge applicator, apply a small and even amount of the Mod Podge on the top of the painted block. 

This will act as a glue to hold the picture in place. Learn more about adhesives on our glue and adhesive page.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets_1

Gently and carefully lay the picture onto the top of the block. Be sure to center it.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 20 Place Picture

In order to eliminate bubbles and bumps on the finished DIY Dollar Store mini magnet, smooth the excess Mod Podge that is under the picture.

Begin in the middle and using the index fingers of each hand, smooth outwards toward the edges many times on the top of the picture. 

Smooth out to the sides and out to the top and bottom until the picture is very flat. Let this dry before the next step.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 21 Smooth Bubbles

step 5: Seal and Decoupage  with mod podge

Once the Mod Podge has dried to adhere the picture to the wood, it is time to seal the entire piece.  This is called decoupage.  For more information on this technique, check out our decoupage page.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 22 Apply Mod Podge

First, use the applicator to brush a layer of Mod Podge across the top of the piece where the picture is.  Because brush strokes may be visible here, it is important to brush in one direction only.

For this example, the Mod Podge is brushed horizontally.  Do not mix stroke directions.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 23 Mod Podge Sides

Finally, seal the edges of the wooden Tumbling Block pieces by brushing a layer of Mod Podge with strokes going from the top of the side edge to the bottom. 

These will be vertical strokes. There is no need to decoupage the back of the DIY mini magnet block. 

Let the Mod Podge dry before the next step.

step 6: cut and adhere the magnet

Once all of the Mod Podge is dry, it is time to cut a piece of the magnetic tape for the back of the DIY Dollar Store mini magnet.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 24 Magnet Supplies

Cut a piece of the magnetic tape a little shorter than the length of the block.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 25 Cut Magnet

The magnetic strip will have a layer that protects the adhesive and will need to be removed. Once the layer is removed, the magnet can be stuck to the back of the wooden block.

Place it in a diagonal position from one corner to the other.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 26 Peel Off Backing

If the magnet came in a roll, it may be necessary to hold the small piece in place so it is not curved.  These arts and crafts magnets also come in strips and would probably not need to be held in place.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets 27 apply magnet

And there is the completed DIY Dollar Store mini magnet!  These are perfect to give as gifts.  I've used them as stocking stuffers and have added them to larger gifts as well.

Dollar Store Mini Magnets Finished We hope you enjoyed this tutorial showing how to make a Dollar Store mini magnet!  Please like, pin and share!

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If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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