Decoupage and Mod Podge Art Tutorials and Projects

When I think of decoupage, which was another huge crafting hit when I was young, I have a picture in my mind of my grandmother’s flat topped wooden purse that had postage stamps from foreign countries decoupaged on the top.  

Talk about the early 1970’s!

Following the trend to upcycle, decoupage is one of the most popular crafts that is coming back from its place in hiding.  It is a great way to decorate almost anything, from glass jars to large pieces of furniture. 

We have some wonderful decoupage tutorials, books, and crafts for you to explore.  Before we get to that, let's talk a little about decoupage itself.

What is Decoupage?

This technique is sometimes called Mod Podge decoupage, as Mod Podge was one of the first modern glue and sealant used.

The process of decoupage is cutting out images from paper or other medium and gluing them onto another surface.  The glued cut out portion is then sealed, forming a hard and smooth surface. As a matter of fact, the word decoupage comes from the French word decoupert, meaning “to cut out”.

Decoupage has been called “painting with paper” as the finished products can actually look like they were professionally painted!  

Even beginners can produce lovely and stunning work. We have found wonderful decoupage art tutorials to help you get started with this fun art.

There are many items on which you can use as your foundation for the art of decoupage:  

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Boxes
  • Vases 
  • Pots
  • Plates 
  • Trays 
  • Bowls
  • Lamps 
  • Lampshades
  • Furniture
  • Frames 
  • Mirrors
  • Terra Cotta
  • And more!!!

Decoupage Glass Vase

You may be surprised by the many items that you can decoupage onto your foundations:

  • Paper
  • Fabric
  • Tissue Paper
  • Napkins
  • Stickers
  • Postage Stamps
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Photographs
  • And so much more!

We Have Just the Right Stuff Here!

We have some great links below that give you the history of decoupage, the materials, and instructions on how to prepare your foundation. 

You will also find tips for perfect cutting techniques, the different types of glue to use, and how to finish your product to protect it for years to come.

There are wonderful books available on the topic of decoupage, and you will find links to several of these books below.

For those of you who are ready to get started, we have many free decoupage projects to inspire you.

Decoupage Pumpkin

Check out the fun decoupage container covered with postage stamps.  You’ll also find projects that are seasonal, such as a clever way to decoupage a dollar store pumpkin and various holiday tea light holder tutorials. 

We also have several tutorials for seasonal picture frame decoupage art.

I found an old end table that needs some sprucing up.  Painting it and then decoupaging on the top surface is my next decoupage project. 

What will you be trying?

Decoupage and Mod Podge Art Tutorials and Projects

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 Decoupage Your Home

Decoupage Your Home #ad

A contemporary guide to transforming everyday objects into something new and appealing. by Fransie Snyman - Paperback - Published 2017 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Mod Podge Rocks!: Decoupage Your World

Mod Podge Rocks!: Decoupage Your World #ad

Mod Podge Rocks! features over 40 simple, inexpensive decoupage projects that showcase the versatility of this celebrated product. by Amy Anderson - Paperback - Published 2012

 My Decoupage Projects

My Decoupage Projects #ad

Handicraft notebook to for decoupage projects, ideas and gifts. by Sabsis Handicrafts - Published 2019 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Americana Decou-Page

Learn about all of the different Americana Decou-page formula options to pick the best one for your project. Deco Art

Beginner's Guide to Decoupage

From the papers to choose to the tools to use: find all you need to know in this beginner's guide to découpage. By Kirsty Robertson at Prima

Block Matching Game

Block Matching Game

Use this tutorial and Dollar Tree supplies to create an educational and fun picture matching game for the kids. Associate



Learn from an expert who will explain everything you need to know about decoupage. Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Decoupage 101

Everything you need to know as a beginner to start your decoupage projects. Resalvaged

Decoupage A Box

Decoupage A Box

Learn how to decorate a plain box using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge by watching our video tutorial and reading our step-by-step written instructions with photos.
Decoupage boxes are great decorative accents for your home or make and use as special gift boxes. Staff

Decoupage Books #ad

Need a decoupage book? Click here. Affiliate Link to

Decoupage Glassware

A tutorial on how to decoupage on glassware so it is dishwasher safe. Plaid Online

Decoupage Glue

How to make decoupage glue, plus a great tutorial showing how to decoupage on fabric. Do It Yourself

Decoupage Mediums

Explore the different Decoupage Mediums to use for the vintage craft form known as Decoupage. The Graphics Fairy

Decoupage on Glass

Upcycle glass objects by decoupaging. Learn how here. WikiHow

Decoupage on Oyster Shells

Full instructions on how to decoupage on oyster shells to make lovely trinket holders. Pleasure In Simple Things

Decoupage on Shells

How to decoupage the inside of large found shells. A tutorial with step-by-step instructions and great photos. Surprising gold leaf detail explained. The House House

Decoupage on Wood

This post explains how to decoupage on wood.Want to learn how to decoupage on wood with perfect results every time? This tutorial shares expert tips for using Mod Podge on wood with a real-life example. First Day of Home

Decoupage Postage Stamp Container

Decoupage Postage Stamp Container

Looking for a quick and easy rainy day or snow day craft for kids? Look no further than this fun decoupage postage stamp container.

This tutorial will show how to make a fun storage container using an old grit container, used postage stamps, and decoupage.

Decoupage Pumpkin with Book Pages

Decoupage Pumpkin with Book Pages

Pumpkin decorations can be used all fall, from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Learn how to make cute decoupaged pumpkins with dollar store finds.

Decoupage Recipe

How to make your own decoupage medium. Elmers

Decoupage Tea Light Holder Tutorial

Decoupage Tea Light Holder Tutorial

Make a fabulous candle holder for tea lights to decorate your holiday table this year! This inexpensive Dollar Tree DIY is a fun craft for kids and uses decoupaged napkins to create a unique look. Make several and add flameless tea lights and use it as a centerpiece. Staff

Decoupaged Frame

Decoupaged Frame

This video and photo tutorial will teach you how to decoupage an inexpensive frame into a pretty frame using scrapbook paper.
This same technique can be used to decoupage a frame for Easter, Christmas, graduation, birthdays or any special occasion. Staff

Decoupaging on Wood

Comprehensive tutorial on learning how to decoupage on wood, one of the most popular and surprisingly simple ways to upcycle wood crafts and furniture Fave Crafts

DIY Decoupage

Here's a great way to save some money on your craft addictions; make your own Decoupage! Do It Yourself Divas

Easter Decoupage Frame

Easter Decoupage Frame

This video and photo tutorial will show you how to decorate a frame using decoupage and scrapbook paper with an Easter theme, but any theme can be used.

Elmer's Glue Decoupage

Can you use Elmer's glue to decoupage? Here is one person's view. Crafty Staci

Furniture Decoupage

Learn how to prepare furniture for decoupage, choosing and applying the images, applying glue and more. A comprehensive instructional site. Passage

Glass Jar Decoupaging

How to decoupage a glass jar with Mod Podge. Running with Sisters

Homemade Decoupage Mediums

Learn how to make your own decoupage two ways - with glue and with flour. Create with Jennifer

Homemade Mod Podge Decoupage Recipe

Make your own decoupage glue with 2 very simple basic ingredients. Budget 101

How to Decoupage

An article that explains different decoupage mediums, what object to decoupage and much more. Country Living

How to Make Decoupage

Two ways to make your own decoupage medium. WikiHow

How-to Decoupage on Wood

An article that explains how to decoupage on wood. House Tipster

Make Your Own Decoupage Glue

Save money by making your own decoupage glue with this recipe. One Project Closer

Method for Wrinkle-Free Decoupage

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create beautiful accessories finished with wrinkle-free decoupage. Home Dzine

Mod Podge

An ultimate guide to all 17 varieties of Mod Podge. Plaid Online

Mod Podge Extreme Glitter

Mod Podge Extreme Glitter

Learn all about the Mod Podge Extreme Glitter formula! Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Mod Podge for Beginners

Mod Podge for Beginners

If you’ve never decoupaged before or just have some questions, use this resource to learn how to Mod Podge. Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Mod Podge for Crafts

The author of this post hopes to answer many of your questions about Mod Podge. Artsy Fartsy Life

Mod Podge Paper to Wood

The process to mod podge paper to wood is simple, but there are a few extra steps you can make the finished piece look professional. WikiHow

Mod Podge Photo Transfer

How to use Mod Podge photo transfer medium to transfer black and white or color photos. Video, ebook, tips and tricks. Plaid Online

Mod Podge Picture to Wood

Mod Podging pictures onto wood is a bit tricky due to the type of paper. Learn how here. WikiHow

Mod Podge Recipe

How to make homemade mod podge. The Make Your Own Zone

Mod Podge Sparkle

Mod Podge Sparkle

The ultimate guide to learn about Mod Podge sparkle. Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Mod Podge with Fabric

How to use Modge Podge glue with fabric on glass. By S.R. Becker at Home Guides

Oyster Shell Decoupage

Turn an oyster shell into a beautiful trinket dish, paper clip holder, catch-all tray, jewelry dish & ring holder by decoupaging them. A Piece of Rainbow

Transfer Photos to Wood

Transfer Photos to Wood

Learn how to transfer photos to wood in three simple steps! Mod Podge Rocks Blog

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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