DIY Farmhouse Valentine Heart Rag Wreath

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As you all know, we have made quite a few different rag wreaths, a fall rag wreath, a patriotic rag wreath, and a candy cane rag wreath. But we never made a rag wreath by ripping the fabric. 

We love making rag wreaths for every season and holiday.  So today's tutorial is how to make a Farmhouse Heart Rag Wreath using the rip method. 

DIY Farmhouse Valentine Heart Rag Wreath Tutorial - fb

What is a rag wreath?

If you are not familiar with a rag wreath, it's a simple and can be a frugal way to add some color and texture to your front door or indoor holiday decor.  The rag wreath decorating idea possibilities are endless.

It's the process of cutting fabric strips and then tying the strips onto a frame. It's frugal if you use leftover scrap fabric, old sheets, tablecloths or curtains, t-shirts, denim or any fabric you have on hand. 

Rag wreaths are easy and fun but they do take a while to make.  So get comfy and work on the wreath while watching television, a movie, listening to music or a podcast.

We, also, have an awesome collection of more than 30 free DIY handmade wreaths tutorials for any occasion here.  We have something for every skill level, so hurry and check these out!  You won’t be disappointed!

If you love this farmhouse valentine's heart rag wreath as much as we do, then watch the DIY video tutorial or keep reading for a step-by-step photo tutorial to learn how to make it.

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link DIY Farmhouse Valentine Heart Rag Wreath to watch in Youtube.

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Heart Rag Wreath Finished On Wall

WHAT YOU NEED for the heart rag wreath:

  • 12" Heart Wire Wreath Frame
  • Fabric of your choice - 1 2/3 yards
  • Lace  - 14 yards
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Valentine Wreath Supplies

heart rag wreath INSTRUCTIONS :

STEP 1: CHOOSING Fabric and accents

Let's talk about fabric and decor accents.

Rag wreaths are a wonderful way to use up fabric and hobby materials.

The red fabric in this wreath has been in my stash for years.  Not finding a useful purpose for it and unfortunately, not being fond of the pattern for use in a quilt anymore, it was still in my fabric stash.  I just couldn't toss it out!

So this year when deciding to make a Valentine's Day, this red fabric came to mind.  This red pattern would look fine cut into strips.  I wanted to add a textural element to the heart wreath.  Voila! I incorporated lace (from my stash) into the project. Heart Rag Wreath Fabric and Lace This rag wreath is easy to customize with other colors and prints just by choosing different fabrics.

Other rag wreath textural element ideas besides lace are ribbon, yarn, string pearls, burlap, twine, raffia, to name a few things.  The textural elements can be mixed.  Use whatever is available in your crafting stash. 

STEP 2: Tearing and cutting instructions

To begin the wreath the fabric needs to be ripped and the lace cut into strips. Farmhouse Heart Rag Wreath Fabric Strip From the Fabric
For this wreath, I experimented with a couple of sizes and found that strips that were 1 ½ inches wide by 9 inches long worked best for me.

To make 9-inch-long fabric strips that are 1 ½ inch wide, let's use the snip and rip method.  With a scissor make a small cut every 1 ½ inches along one edge of the fabric. Heart Rag Wreath Cut to Start fabric

Then rip the fabric by holding one side of the fabric in place with one hand and pulling the other side with the other hand.  The fabric will rip straight. Heart Rag Wreath Rip Fabric Strip

After ripping the  1 ½” strips, cut them into  9” long pieces.

The easiest way is to fold the strip in half, fold it in half again.  You have four layers of fabric.
Heart Rag Wreath Measure Length

With a scissor, cut the folded end. Heart Rag Wreath Cut To Length

With a ruler cut the four layers 9" long. Heart Rag Wreath Strips Ready

You now have four strips 1 1/2" x 9" long.  Keep ripping and cutting until you have lots of strips. Then set them aside.

From the Lace
The lace should be cut into 7-inch-long pieces.  Again cut a lot. Heart Rag Wreath Cut Lace

STEP 3: adding fabric and lace strips onto heart frame

Heart Rag Wreath Ready to Tie On Frame For this project, a 12-inch wire heart wreath frame was purchased from Joann Fabric.  These heart wreaths can be found at other craft stores or even at dollar stores.

The typical wire wreath has four wires.  Note, the heart wreath frame only has three wires.   When adding the fabric to the wreath, it will be wrapped around two wires.  When adding the lace, it will be wrapped only around one wire.

Let’s begin adding fabric and lace strips to the wreath! Grab a fabric strip and fold the strip in half lengthwise. Heart Rag Wreath Find Strip Center

Wrap it around an outer and middle wire, from back to front, Heart Rag Wreath Place Under Wire Frame tie a double knot in the front.  Make sure to place the knot in the front. Heart Rag Wreath Tied Knot

Repeat this double knot process on the other outer wire and middle wire. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, Heart Rag Wreath Cross Over ends wrap it around two wires. Heart Rag Wreath Two Knots Tied

Every once in a while, I tied a piece of lace around a single wire with a knot. Heart Rag Wreath Lace Knot Tied Repeat this double knot process on the other outer wire and middle wire.  Alternate your knots back and forth between the three wires. Adding lace accent as you go along.

When the rag wreath is finished it will look something like this from the back: Heart Rag Wreath Finished Back

Here is a closeup look of the back: Heart Rag Wreath Back Closeup

And something like this from the front: Heart Rag Wreath Finished

STEP 4: add lace hanger to heart rag wreath

To hang the wreath, cut a piece of lace about 14" long and tie it around a wire. Heart Rag Wreath Finished On Door

Don't be concerned about the fabric fraying.  The fraying of the fabric and the lace adds to the “farmhouse charm” of the wreath.

I hope you enjoyed this video and photo tutorial and make a valentine rag wreath for yourself or as a gift.  

Something I love about fabric rag wreaths is they are so easy to store when not in use.  When ready to use it again, just fluff the fabrics and ta-da it is ready to hang on the door or in your home.

Once you make one rag wreath, I'm sure you'll be hooked (as I am) and make more for other holidays and to give as gifts.

Happy Crafting!


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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DIY Valentine Heart Rag Wreath Tutorial

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