Free Sewing Crafts for the Kitchen

Looking for some beautiful sewing crafts for the kitchen? Look no further!  We most assuredly have what you need! (If not, you will find something you just HAVE to make!).

Sewing Crafts for the Kitchen

Kitchen sewing projects are fun to make and if you choose the right fabric and colors, they will match your kitchen decor perfectly. 

You probably won’t find sponges in the stores that match your kitchen; only the boring sponges that turn grey with the first couple of uses.

There are many sewing projects for your kitchen below, and many of them are eco-friendly kitchen ideas!

Heat Resistant DIY Sewing Projects for the Kitchen

Let’s start with the items that use heat-resistant fabric.  Insul-Bright is the most common brand of this type of fabric. It protects from heat, explaining its use in potholders. It also keeps hot things hot or cold things cold. I use this material when making oven mitts. If your pattern calls for Insul-Bright, please don't leave this fabric out thinking you can do without it. An extra layer of batting just won’t fit the bill.

  • Cast-iron Handle Cover: I haven’t found a store-bought handle cover that fits without slipping.  Make yours the perfect fit.
  • Holiday Pot Holders: Pot holders can be made for any holiday or to match your kitchen decor. These would make a great Christmas decoration idea for the kitchen.
  • Mixing Bowl Cover: This pattern calls for an insulating fabric called Solarize.  It’s an interlining from FairField World that creates a thermal barrier which is perfect for these covers that fit bowls and Kitchenaid mixer bowls.  
  • Tea Cozy: Keep your tea warm by making this pretty cozy to cover a 6 cup teapot.

The following sewing projects for the kitchen don’t call for Insul-Bright, but I think it would be a nice addition.

  • Casserole Tote: This tote fits rectangular casserole dishes. Besides holding the casserole dish, this carrier has pockets for utensils and sturdy dowel handles. 
  • Round Casserole Tote: Most casserole patterns are for rectangular dishes.  This cute tote is just perfect for items you need to transport that are made in a round dish.
  • Cup Cozy and Can Cozy: This free craft for the kitchen doesn’t call for insulation either.  I am sure your coffee or tea will stay warmer longer, and the cup won’t burn your hands if you add a layer of Insul-Bright.

DIY Environmental and Eco-friendly Kitchen Ideas

So many of our free sewing crafts for the kitchen are eco-friendly; they are made to be reused and to replace the disposable items in your kitchen, including things to use for cleaning in your kitchen or other rooms in your home.

  • Cloth Napkins: Recycling is something that should be practiced in any household. Why throw away something that can be repurposed and used for something else? This eco-friendly idea is making reusable cloth napkins out of old T-shirts; it's good for the earth, and it will save you money! 
  • Bowl Covers: This zero-waste reusable bowl cover pattern shows you how to replace plastic wrap with your own fabric covers.
  • Reusable Unpaper Towels:  Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!  Check out the different links to directions that will help you get rid of disposable paper towels for good!  Besides being environmentally friendly, they will save you money!  One tutorial will show you how to recycle an old towel into the reusable unpaper towels!  
  • DIY Zero Waste Produce Bags: Those thin plastic bags that are used at grocery stores to hold your produce are such a waste.  Learn how to use mosquito netting, cotton, mesh, or voile to sew your own reusable produce bag. Keep in mind that this sewing project for the kitchen is environmentally friendly, so try using recycled materials like repurposing an old shirt or pair of pants.
  • Grocery Bag Holder: This free kitchen sewing idea gives you a beautiful way to hold those reusable plastic or paper shopping bags that so easily clutter up your kitchen space. We have two tutorials for making plastic grocery bag holders.
  • Microwave Potato Bag: Reuse this cooking bag over and over again!  The free and simple pattern for a kitchen sewing project shows how to create a bag that allows you to cook potatoes and other vegetables easily, quickly, and without any mess.
  • Reusable Sandwich Bags: We have two tutorials for making eco-friendly reusable sandwich bags to replace the plastic bags that get tossed in the garbage. Use oilcloth, also called woven PUL, to make these inexpensive sandwich baggies that are simple to clean and reuse.
  • Reusable Swiffer Mop Pad: This is a great tutorial for making your own wet or dry Swiffer pads that can be reused over and over.  There is a pattern, but the tutorial explains how to make your own pattern if you are using a different system.  Think of how many Swiffer pads will be kept out of landfills!
  • Reusable DIY Kitchen Sponges:  These DIY sponges are easy to make, use up your polyester fabric scraps, and are both useful and pretty in your kitchen. You can use a variety of materials such as mesh vegetable bags, heavy duty tulle, wadding or fiber-fill, fabric scraps, etc. to make this attractive DIY eco-friendly kitchen idea. They do not turn that yucky grayish yellow tinge like most kitchen sponges!
  • Tea Bags: With these easy muslin reusable tea bags, you can use better teas such as whole leaf teas or teas with whole ingredients to steep.  So much tastier!

Are you looking for other recycled project ideas?  Click the link to find many others.

DIY Kitchen Towels

There are so many ideas here for various kitchen towels that would be so simple and fun to make.  I love my kitchen towels made to stay on an oven or refrigerator handle without slipping, and I use them many times each day!  I really don’t think I could work in my kitchen without them!  Here are some great kitchen towel ideas.

  • Hanging Hand Towel With Kam Snaps: These are the easiest and quickest DIY hanging hand towels to make!  Check out the tutorial for this one.  I just love it!
  • Fabric Towel Topper: This home sewing project involves attaching coordinating fabric with snaps to the top of a dish towel.  This crafts for the kitchen idea makes a very sharp and finished looking hanging towel.
  • Hanging Kitchen Towel (Easy Sewing Project): This video tutorial shows you how to use a coordinating potholder and towel to create a quick and useful towel to hang in your kitchen. Perfect for beginners!
  • Holiday Towels: This Christmas decoration idea for the kitchen uses fun holiday fabric to make DIY Christmas towels embellished with pom poms! They are so cute; make with fun and festive polka dot fabric, stripes, plaids or green and red fabric and the fun pom poms!
  • Towel Fabric Border:  This tutorial will show you how to add a decorative fabric band to the bottom of a store bought towel. This is shown using a machine embroidered towel, but any towel would look sharp with an added fabric band! 

Other Sewing Crafts for the Kitchen

Do you want to sew placemats, potholders or table runners?  Check out these pages for free placemat tutorials, potholder tutorials and table runner tutorials.

Please scroll down to see more kitchen craft ideas such as table runners, jar toppers, aprons, soup bowl cozies and more!

Your kitchen is going to look gorgeous, baby!

Free Sewing Crafts for the Kitchen

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Make your very own DIY apron to use on a daily basis or make as gifts. Craftsy Hacks

Apron - Pre-printed Apron Panel

How to make a apron with a lining using a pre-printed apron panel.

Beeswax Wraps

A zero-waste way to cover bowls and containers is to cover them with beeswax wraps. Learn how to make your own bee wax wraps with this step-by-step guide. Confessions of an Over Worked Mom

Bowl Cover

This DIY reusable bowl cover pattern will show you how to make your own fabric covers to save money and stop using plastic wrap. Zero-Waste Project! Easy Things to Sew

Cast Iron Handle Cover

Learn how to make a handle cover for a cast iron skillet. Keep your hands from getting burned when cooking with cast iron cookware by making quick and easy handle covers.

Christmas Tree Napkin

Nothing says Christmas better than a Christmas tree, so why not put them next to your plate by making Christmas Tree napkins with these free instructions. Hello Sewing

Cloth Napkins

Upcycle your t-shirts in cloth napkins with this free tutorial. Hello Sewing

Cup Cozy & Can Cozy PDF

Cozies will keep your beverage hot or cold. Kwik Sew has a sewing pattern for making cup and can cozies.

DIY Zero Waste Produce Bag

Learn how to sew a produce bag. Tim Rosanelli YouTube Channel

Easter Egg Dish Towel

Add a bit of color to your Easter holiday kitchen with this fun embellished dishtowel. Yarnspirations

Everyday Cloth Napkin

DIY Fabric Napkin Tutorial. A great way to save money on paper products and start to go zero-waste is to sew earth-friendly cloth napkins. This tutorial will show you how to sew a super simple everyday cloth napkin.

Fabric Casserole Carrier #ad

Besides the casserole dish, this carrier has pockets for utensils and sturdy dowel handles. Try this free casserole carrier pattern. JOANN

Fabric Jar Toppers

This video will show how to make fabric mason jar covers. These quick and easy fabric jar toppers make mason jars gifts very attractive and cute..

Grocery Bag Holder

This free project at AOK Corral will hold plastic grocery bags and paper shopping and grocery bags. AOK Corral

Hanging Hand Towel with Kam Snaps

Do you want a way to hang a hand towel so it does not fall on the floor? This tutorial will show you how to use Kam Snaps to make any hand towel into a hanging towel.

Hanging Kitchen Towel (Easy Sewing Project)

This video will show you how to make a towel topper using a kitchen towel and a potholder. This is an great gift project. It is perfect for beginner sewers as it's an easy sewing project.

Holiday Potholders #ad

With holiday fabric, rickrack, Insul-Bright and a few basic sewing supplies, create fun holiday potholders for yourself or as gifts with this free pattern. JOANN

Holiday Towels #ad

Dress up the kitchen for the holiday by making a few holiday towels with fun, holiday fabric that are embellished with pom poms. JOANN

Medieval Table Runner

A luxurious, glamorous table runner project - adapt for any holiday by use of holiday colors.

Microwave Potato Bag

With a microwave-baked potato bag like this one, you can cook potatoes easily, quickly, and without any mess! Learn how to make one! Hello Sewing

Mixing Bowl Cover

This tutorial teaches how to sew a simple fabric mixing bowl cover that can be used on a variety of bowls, Handmade in the Heartland

Plastic Bag Holder

The plastic bag holder is not a new idea BUT sewing your own using this grocery bag holder pattern, means you can coordinate your neat little DIY plastic bag holder to your kitchen color scheme Hello Sewing

Produce Bags

A DIY free pattern on how to make reusable produce bags. Hello Sewing

Quick and Easy Table Runner (Easy Sewing Project)

Learn how to sew a super quick table runner with these detailed instructions. This would be a great beginner sewing project.
Make these table runners for Christmas, birthday or other holiday. These table runners would make great gifts too!
Needlepointers Staff

Reusable Sandwich Bags Tutorial

These sandwich bags are easy and fun to whip up in a variety of fun prints. Craft Buds

Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bag

This video will describe and instruction on how to sew reusable snack and sandwich bags from Babyville Boutique PUL fabric. Save money and the environment by making your own reusable bags.

Reusable Sponges

These unsponges are zero-waste kitchen scrubbers. With fabric, batting, tulle or mesh and some basic sewing supplies make reusable sponges. Hello Sewing

Reusable Swiffer Mop Pad

Don't buy Swiffer pads from the store! Just learn how to make your own DIY Swiffer pads with this free tutorial. Hello Sewing

Reusable Tea Bag DIY

This tutorial shows how to make reusable tea bags. Hello Sewing

Reusable Un-paper Towel

The perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper towels.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Learn how to recycle an old towel into reusable un-paper towels that can be used instead of paper towels.

Reversible BBQ Apron

With a few pieces of fabric, you can make a simple apron. AOK Corral

Soup Bowl Cozy

With this bowl cozy pattern, you can make a cover for your bowls and not burn your hands with 3rd-degree burns whenever you heat something up in the microwave. Hello Sewing

Tea Bag

How to use a reusable muslin tea bag so you can enjoy quality tea and go zero waste. Easy Things to Sew

Tea Cozy

Free pattern for an insulated tea cozy. Craft and Fabric Links

Towel Fabric Border

How to add a fabric band to the bottom of a towel.

Unpaper Towels - Eco-Friendly

A tutorial on how to replace paper towels with unpaper towels. Fresh Stitches

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