How to Make and Sew DIY Potholders

If it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen!

Nah, you don’t have to leave the kitchen with this collection of tutorials showing you the best ways for sewing a potholder, trivet, oven mitt and pot handle cover!

You will quickly learn how to make a potholder, along with the items listed above.  Sure, you can purchase a heat-proof item for your kitchen, but why settle for the cheap stuff that allows the heat to pass right through?  

Or worse, why pay the extravagant amount for a professional oven mitt when you can quickly create your own that is equally functional and especially designed to match your kitchen?

Veggie PotholdersLook for the Veggie Potholders Link below

A DIY potholder is a great way to bring your own personal touch to the room that sees the most guests.  You can customize any of the heat-proof projects to match with your own kitchen color and design.

These creative potholder patterns will guide you in sewing a potholder AND they will look good hanging in your kitchen if you choose not to keep your finished work in a drawer.

Trust me on this; once you make your own personalized potholder or oven mitt, you won’t want to hide it in a drawer, ever!!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, this is it!  Customize them for the recipient, add a few kitchen tools or a gift card, and you are ready when you need a hostess, birthday, or holiday gift!

Grab the right fabric, and your sewn or quilted potholders can be unique to each holiday that you celebrate in your home. 

One of the tutorials below uses Halloween fabric to sew the potholder, and you will see just how adorable these practical items can be.

We’ve gathered the best and most creative potholder patterns for you on this page.  Most are easy enough for a confident beginner and can be sewn up quite quickly, but there are a couple of tutorials that recommend intermediate sewing skills, such as the mini potholder at She Pot the Motion.

Things to Consider When Sewing a Potholder

  • FABRIC:  Use only cotton, linen or a canvas material that can be washed. Do not use any synthetic fabrics like polyester which will melt. 
  • THERMAL BATTING: Use at least one layer of thermal batting. I prefer a double layer of thermal batting or cotton batting, but it is not necessary.  Regular batting is not the same as thermal batting which is heat resistant.  Look for brands such as Insulbright.
  • COTTON BATTING:  Use only 100% cotton batting. Once again, polyester or poly blends will melt. The cotton batting is in addition to the thermal batting.  You cannot use only cotton batting without the thermal batting. 
  • BIAS BINDING: Once again, make sure to use only 100% cotton for your bias binding which you will probably need to make.  Most of the packs of binding that you can purchase are made with polyester. However, not all of the potholder patterns on this page require a binding.
Skillet Handle CoverLook below to make a cover for your cast iron skillet handle

Look Below for DIY Potholders and More!

Now that you know what you need to sew a potholder, check out the links below.

We have a great collection for your kitchen.  You will find several potholders with pockets to protect your hands, as well as the traditional square potholders.

You can get fancy with the hexagon potholder pattern, and we even have some potholder patterns that will provide you practice with applique. 

My favorite is the double potholder with hand pockets.  I’ve seen these handy potholders used in other kitchens, and I think it would be perfect for me.

In addition to the potholders and oven mitts, you’ll find a cast iron handle cover that will fit your pan handle perfectly, unlike the silicone covers that are sold.

Check out the trivets that can be put to good use and are the cutest you’ll ever have!

Some of the potholder patterns involve paper piecing.  If you have never tried this fun technique, visit our paper piecing page for help getting started!

So scroll down to find the perfect craft for your kitchen and don’t forget the Insulbright!!

How to Make and Sew DIY Potholders

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Cast Iron Handle Cover

Cast Iron Handle Cover

Learn how to make a handle cover for a cast iron skillet. Keep your hands from getting burned when cooking with cast iron cookware by making quick and easy handle covers.

Dishtowel Potholder

Turn a dollar store dishtowel into a potholder. Artsy Crafty Babe

DIY Hot Pad

DIY Hot Pad

Hot pads are of the items that are absolutely crucial in a kitchen. This hot pad pattern can be whipped up quickly and easily. Hello Sewing

Double Pot Holder with Hand Pockets

This free potholder pattern will keep your hands safe when removing hot dishes from the oven. Make It & Love It

Double Potholder

Double Potholder

This double pot holder with hand pockets pattern will keep your hands safe and let you get that hot dish out of the oven quickly. No need for two potholders. Craft Bits

Drop Cloth Potholder

Drop Cloth Potholder

Easy beginner pattern for how to sew a potholder from drop cloth fabric scraps without using binding. Single Girls DIY

Easy Peasy Oven Mitt

Bake, gift and just enjoy this oven mitt tutorial. Jandi in Stitches

Easy Peasy Potholder

If you want to whip up a few potholders fast, this is the potholder pattern for you. No quilting and no binding make it quick to create. Mary Martha Mama

Easy Potholder

Easy Potholder

Learn how to sew a super easy potholder with this free pattern. Easy Things to Sew

Handmade Linen Potholders

These simple linen potholders sew up super quickly and are adorned with simple straight-line quilting. Say Yes

Helping Hands Oven Mitt and Potholder

Helping Hands Oven Mitt and Potholder #ad

Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions to complete an adorable set of oven mitt and potholder to adore your kitchen and protect your hands. Affiliate Link to JOANN

Hexie Potholder

This hexagon potholder would make a great addition to any kitchen, and it’s a scrap friendly make too. It can be used also as a trivet. The Sewing Directory

Holiday Aprons and Pot Holders

Holiday Aprons and Pot Holders #ad

This free potholder and apron pattern would make a perfect holiday gift. Affiliate Link to JOANN

Hot Pad

Raw-edge applique hot pad. Craft Foxes

Hot Pad Tutorial

With this free tutorial, you can make a very easy hot pad using a block pattern. Jandi in Stitches

Log Cabin Hexi Potholder

Log Cabin Hexi Potholder

This potholder is the perfect way to use up fabric and batting scraps. Free tutorial. Sew Can She

Mini Potholder

The pockets in this potholder make it possible to grip the edges of hot dishes safely. These potholders would make a great gift for people who love to cook and bake. She Pot The Notion

Oven Mitt

Oven Mitt

Keep your hands safe while removing hot dish from the oven by making this oven mitt pattern. This would be a great gift for Christmas wrapped up with a few kitchen utensils. DIY Candy

Patchwork Potholder with Two Pockets

Patchwork Potholder with Two Pockets

With this free pattern, sew a cute patchwork potholder with pockets on the back so your fingers never get burned! Sew Can She

Pocket Potholder

This free potholder tutorial teaches you how to make adorable double-pocket potholders. Very Shannon

Pot Holder

Pot Holder

Learn how to make quick and easy pot holders with a leftover panel or 7 - 8 inch square piece of fabric. This free potholder pattern can be completed from start to finish in less than an hour.

Pot Holder

There is nothing more wonderful than a hand made, unique gift. This potholder is easy to make for family and friends. Craft and Fabric Links

Potholders Pattern eBook

3 Free Quilted Potholder Patterns. Download Your Free Quilted Kitchen Accessories eBook from The Quilting Company! Quilting Daily

Quilted Oven Mitt PDF

How to make a quilted oven mitt. This is a great scrappy project. Warm Company

Quilted Oven Mitt

Take your potholder up a notch and create this quilted oven mitt that's great for taking out hot dishes and pans from your oven. The Spruce Crafts

Quilted Potholder

These potholders are a simple project to make and are easy enough for even a beginner to learn. Fiskars

Quilted Potholder Pattern

Quilted Potholder Pattern #ad

Purchase some kitchen-themed fabric and whip up some quilted potholders with this free pattern. Affiliate Link to JOANN

Quilter Hot Pad and Mug Warmer

This free quilted hot pad and mug warmer tutorial is the perfect handmade gift! They’re super easy to make and are totally functional. Fairfield

Scrappy Hot Pad / Potholder Tutorial

Use up those leftover scraps of fabric by creating a scrappy hot pad/potholder with this free pattern. There is no binding on this one making it super easy. Blooming Poppies

Scrappy Patchwork Trivet

Scrappy Patchwork Trivet

This patchwork trivet can be easily and quickly whipped together from the tiniest fabric scraps, and other leftover supplies from quilt making. My Poppet Makes

Simple Potholder

This simple potholder pattern makes a square potholder with a hand pocket, bias tape and hanging loop. Radiant Home Studio

Square Hot Pad

This free potholder pattern is a classic potholder with a hand pocket, binding and loop. Make It & Love It

Starbright Potholder

This free potholder pattern has a patchwork star center with simple binding and a loop to finish the project. Very Kerry Berry

Strawberry Pot Holder

The strawberry motif potholder makes this one a perfect decoration for your kitchen in the summer months. Check out the free tutorial. Craft Ideas

String Pieced Bowl Cozy Pattern

String Pieced Bowl Cozy Pattern

Our String Pieced Bowl Cozy Pattern and Tutorial provides detailed step-by-step instructions for making your own cozy. Use scrap fabrics and a string-pieced top to make a bowl cozy with this free pattern. Associate

Strip Piece Potholder

Strip Piece Potholder

Spruce up your kitchen with this tutorial on how to sew a no-binding potholder using leftover jelly roll strips with this free quilted potholder pattern. Associates

Veggie Pot Holder

Veggie Pot Holder

These pot holders were quick and easy to make. The paper piecing is a simple pattern so they are a good pattern to try for your first paper piecing project.

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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