Dog and Cat Projects to Sew

I just love sewing for my pets!  The sewing projects for cats (I have two little sweeties), and dog sewing projects are tons of fun to make, and I put so much love into making them!

Cooper and Ginger are our newest rescue kitties; we adopted them last month, and boy, have they been both a joy and a handful! 

I’ve gone a bit cat-lady-crazy using the sewing patterns for cats to make new toys, beds, scratching posts (see our Crafts for Pets page!), and even collars!

I just can’t stop myself, though they surely have enough toys!!  However, I keep seeing new sewing projects and patterns for cats, and then soon I’m off again sewing up more and more kitty toys!

This page has some great dog sewing projects that you are going to love!  Our home is a second home for a sweet dog named Riley.  

She practically lives with us during the day when her momma is off teaching at school and can’t come home to let Riley out or give her the attention she craves.

So, not only do I have cats to sew for, I have a pup to sew for as well!  It’s a good thing there are lots of dog sewing projects so I can keep Riley as happy as my cats!

Sewing Projects for Cats

There are many projects here on this page with sewing patterns for cats!  You definitely will not run out of ideas of things to sew for your fur babies!

We’ve included several cat bed patterns that will make a cozy place for kitty to curl up and sleep. They range in sizes from small to large, and there is even one shaped like a cat head with ears and all!

I think I am going to make one of the cat hammock sewing patterns as my next sewing project for my furry friends. All cats love to have a place that’s up high so they can rest in safety and check out the things going on around them. 

One of the patterns uses heavy duty swivel clips that seem to make a big difference, but check them both out and you be the judge!

Did you know that it has been found that cats in shelters who have these hammocks have fewer respiratory illnesses than cats without them?  And cats, especially ones exposed to the virus in close quarters, are very prone to upper respiratory infections.

One of our cats had three URI’s while in the shelter!

The hammocks would be a great community service project for 4H or Scouts!

Cat collars patterns, another sewing project for cats, can be found on this page.  Be sure to find the correct hardware including the nylon break-away clasp, nylon adjuster, and ring for the cat collars!  

I found a break-away collar hardware kit for less than a dollar, including shipping, when I searched using Google. Both tutorials say that this is a very quick sewing project for pets, taking around 15 minutes!

I can never have enough cat toys around the house for my active cats to play with, but even those can get expensive at the stores.

There are many tutorials here for cute and fun toys that you can sew up in a very short time at a minimal cost. Many of the toy sewing projects for cats seem to use inexpensive felt!

Browse through our list below for more sewing patterns for cats!

Dog Sewing Projects

Let’s begin with the sewing pattern for a dog bandana!  Your pup will look so stylish in either of the bandana patterns below.  Let your dog’s personality shine with the bandana patterns that come in sizes from XS to XL!

I just love it when I see a dog dressed for the weather on their daily walks!  It gets very cold where I live, and these pets need something to keep them warm during the winter months.

There are great dog sewing projects for doggy coats and sweaters on this page. Your dog will thank you!  If your pup is on the small side, be sure to check out the sweater pattern we found for you.  It’s so cute!

Of course, dog toys are great fun to sew up.  Many dogs are big into chewing, and the denim dog sewing pattern for a dog bone is tough enough to stand up to lots of pulling and chewing!  

It’s made from old jeans; what could be cheaper than that?! The tutorial explains how to add a squeak to the toy, if squeaks don’t bother you.

There are some very easy no-sew dog toys here, too.  All you need are some hand towels, cloth napkins, or even long socks to make a fun toy for your pup..

It’s not just the cats who get a pet pattern for a cozy place to sleep!  Look below great dog beds and mats.  

There are dog sewing patterns to make both cooling and heating mats for your furry friend.  The heating pad is made from an inexpensive (Less than $5.00 throw. 

The patterns are very creative, and I know some older dogs who would just love a mat for cooling down on hot days after a long walk and warming up tired muscles in winter. 

There are many more sewing projects for cats and dogs below, so be sure to keep scrolling!

And keep loving on those kitties and pups of yours!!

Dog and Cat Projects to Sew

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Cat Basket Bed

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Cat Collar

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Cat Hammock

Cat Hammock

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Cat Toy Critters

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DIY Catnip Cat Pillow Kicker

DIY Catnip Cat Pillow Kicker

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Dog Bandana

Dog Bandana

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Dog Cooling Mat

Dog Cooling Mat

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Dog Crate Organizer

Dog Crate Organizer

Keep all your dog supplies handy by creating a dog crate organizer to hang on the outside of the crate. Diana Rambles

Dog Heating Pad

Dog Heating Pad

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Dog Sweater

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Dog Training Treats Pouch

Dog Training Treats Pouch

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Junk Food Cat Toys

Junk Food Cat Toys

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Personalize Dog Bandana

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