Create a Scrappy Quilt Backing for a Wall Hanging

Are you stuck on ideas for quilt backs?  I recently made a small quilted and paper pieced wall hanging using batik fabrics in a charm pack.  

The charm pack pieces were too small for the quilt backing fabric of the wall hanging and I didn't have any other fat quarters or yardage from the same fabric line.  

Looking through my stash of batiks, I couldn't find one that coordinated well with the fabrics in the wall hanging.  What should I do?  I decided to make a pieced quilt back for the wall hanging.  This scrappy quilt backing fabric would be perfect for this wall hanging and would be big enough to wrap around creating a scrappy binding too!

Scrappy Quilt Backing Fabric - Facebook

With this idea in mind for a quilt backing, I quickly and easily created a back for my quilted wall hanging.  

This scrappy quilt back can be used for anything from a wall hanging, table runner up to a larger quilt.  For a larger quilt, using charm square blocks would be similar to creating another quilt front for the backing, but using larger square pieces of fabrics could definitely work even for a large quilt.

Learn more about this pieced quilt backing idea by watching our video below or keep reading this post.

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch Create a Scrappy Quilt Backing for a Wall Hanging in Youtube.

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WHAT YOU NEED for a scrappy quilt BAcking:

  • Charm Squares or other squares of fabric
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine

Butterfly Wall Hanging Batiks

The fabrics used for the front of this quilted wall hanging were from the Moda Line named "Tiger Lily Batiks".  One charm square pack of fabric was plenty to make my wall hanging and backing.  

INSTRUCTIONS for making quilt backing fabric

STEP 1: Choose fabrics

When making any quilt backing, select fabrics that compliment the front of the quilt, table runner or wall hanging.  

For this small butterfly wall hanging, I wanted to have a scrappy binding.  Having different colors around the binding would add some extra colors and interest to the quilt.Scrappy Quilt Backing Quick Tip Supplies

Using this scrappy back would be perfect along with a self-binding and achieve the desired look.

So, using the same charm squares from the butterflies on the front of the quilt would work perfectly.

STEP 2: Visualize the quilt backing

Take the charm squares and lay them across the wall hanging or table runner to get an idea of the look of the backing.  Remember, if using a self-binding, these fabrics will wrap around be seen on the front of the project.Scrappy Quilt Backing Quick Tip Cover Back

Lay the fabrics slightly overlapping to account for the 1/4" seam allowance when the pieces are sewn together.

Be sure the fabrics cover the entire project completely.  If needed add extra charm squares.  If using a self-binding, be sure to add enough charm squares with 1" extra around the whole project.  This 1" extra will be folded over and wrap around as the binding.Scrappy Quilt Backing Quick Tip Pieces Laid Out

If not using charm squares, any other size fabrics can be cut into squares or rectangles and then sewn together to form a quilt backing fabric.

STEP 3: Sew charm squares into rows

Stack the charm squares into piles to keep them organized.  This way they can be sewn together in the order they were laid out on the backing.

Alternatively, take two squares at a time and sew them together, keeping the fabrics on top of the wall hanging.

The squares will be sewn together into rows first.  Then the rows will be sewn together to make the full quilt backing fabric.

Take the first two squares in the first row and place them with right sides together.  Sew 1/4" seam along one side.Scrappy Quilt Backing Quick Tip Sew Together Rows

Take the next square in the row and sew it with right sides together onto one side of the previously sewn squares.

Continue until all squares in that row are sewn together.  Press all seams to one side or open.Scrappy Quilt Backing Quick Tip Row Finished

Then continue sewing the other rows together in the same manner. 

STEP 4: Sew together the rows

Have your rows laid on your work table or floor.  Take the first row and flip it with the right sides together over the second row as shown below.Scrappy Quilt Backing Quick Tip Sew Rows Together

Sew the two rows together with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Open the back on the seam and then add the next row.  Continue adding rows until all are added to the backing making a completed quilt backing fabric.

Press all of the seams open or to one side.

STEP 5: Finished quilt backing Fabric

The scrappy quilt back is complete.  The next steps would be to layer the backing, batting and quilt top together.  Add quilting to your top to hold the layers together.Scrappy Quilt Backing Fabric Quick Tip - Finished Back

Finally, bind your quilt.  We have several options for quilt binding methods listed below.

We hope you enjoyed learning how to make a scrappy quilt backing fabric and this will give you an idea for a quilt back to use on your upcoming quilt projects.


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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