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Mending is a way of repairing clothes and belongings. Being able to mend your own clothes and other items extends their life and saves money. 

If you want to learn mending skills, books are a handy guide.  Whether you are patching up jeans or sewing on a button, whether you are mending a frayed towel or fixing a torn sheet, books can be a wonderful resource.  

Here are some of our favorite books.

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  Mend It Better

Mend It Better #ad

Creative patching, darning and stitching. by Kristin M. Roach - Kindle Book - Published 2012 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Fix Your Clothes

Fix Your Clothes #ad

The Sustainable Magic of Mending, Patching, and Darning! Learn to repair your clothes from this cheerful, handwritten, and hand-illustrated guide by Raleigh Briggs - Paperback - Published 2017 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Hand Mending Made Easy

Hand Mending Made Easy #ad

Save Time and Money Repairing Your Own Clothes. by Nan L. Ides - Paperback - Published 2008 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Mending Matters

Mending Matters #ad

Learn how to stitch, patch, and repair your favorite denim and more. It includes more than 20 hands-on projects that showcase current trends in visible mending that are edgy, modern, and bold. by Katrina Rodabaugh - Kindle Book - Published 2018 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Stitch 'n' Fix

Stitch 'n' Fix #ad

What do you do when a button pops off your favourite shirt, or the hem unravels on your best dress – throw it away, or make some simple repairs? This fun but practical book caters for all your sewing emergencies, teaching everyone who never learned how to thread a needle, sew on a button, darn a hole and much more by Joan Gordon - Paperback - Published 2010 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Visible Mending

Visible Mending #ad

Visible mending is a new technique where artful stitches are used to repair and fix your favorite things.
Turn a chore into a delight! Instead of hiding holes or wear and tear on your clothes, make them a feature with all the ideas you will find in this book.
by Jenny Wilding Cardon - Kindle Book - Published 2018 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Joyful Mending

Joyful Mending #ad

Joyful Mending shows you how to fix old items of clothing, linens and household objects by turning tears and flaws into beautiful features. by Noriko Misumi - Kindle Book - Published 2020 Affiliate Link to Amazon

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