Free Crazy Quilting and Crazy Patchwork Patterns

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Most reading this already know about crazy quilting or crazy patchwork and are ready to look at the fun and creative crazy quilting patterns below.

To learn about the art of crazy quilting, please take a look at our crazy quilt topic page. For a quick review, here are the basics:

What is a crazy quilt?

Crazy quilting refers to the textile art of random crazy patchwork. Crazy patchwork is not a kind of quilting, which is the needlework that holds two or more layers of fabric together to make a quilted blanket.

Instead, it refers to a very specific kind of random patchwork that does not have the repeating geometric design that is important in a typical traditional quilt.  

These quilts have irregular shaped pieces of fabrics sewn together, usually scraps left over from other sewing projects or from pieces of clothing. The random pieces often include a combination of silks, tulle, satins and velvets.

Once the random pieces are sewn together, the seams and patches are then outlined with beautiful and heavy embroidery and are embellished with lovely buttons, lace, ribbons and beads. 

What is the difference between a crazy quilt and a crumb quilt?

Below are both crazy quilting patterns and tutorials for crumb quilts.  Crumb quilts and crazy quilts are very similar. 

However, crumb quilts are usually made of cotton fabric, unlike the variety of velvets, satins, corduroy and more in a crazy or patchwork quilt. 

A crazy quilt also has many embellishments such as embroidery, beads, lace, or ribbons, which a crumb quilt does not.

The fabric pieces in a crumb quilt are usually small and of regular shape such as a square, unlike the irregular shape and sized pieces of a crazy quilt.

Scroll down to find wonderful crazy quilting patterns and projects, as well as patterns for crumb quilts.

Get ready for unique ideas like…

  • Crazy quilt block patterns
  • Pot holder patterns
  • Crazy quilt sachets
  • Irregular pieced heart block
  • Crazy quilt books
  • Crumb quilt tutorials
  • Crazy quilt techniques
  • And more!

We hope you find the material below both helpful and interesting.  Most of all, we hope you find inspiration for your next crazy quilt project!

Free Crazy Quilting and Crazy Patchwork Patterns

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15 Minute Fabric

Grab a handful of various sized scraps. Stitch along with this tutorial to make a crazy patchwork block. 15 Minutes Play

A Crazy Quilt Block

These instructions tell how to make crazy quilt blocks, foundation pieced on paper. Cauchy Complete

Bloomin’ Quilt-As-You-Go

The wonky quilt-as-you-go technique creates a crazy patchwork block. Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Crazy Basket Friendship Quilt

This quilt design was inspired by combining the two very traditional patterns of Crazy Quilting and Rail Fence. Melanie Rudy

Crazy Patchwork Heart Quilt Pillow

Crazy Patchwork Heart Quilt Pillow

Learn how to make your own handmade crazy patchwork heart with this free tutorial. Use the stuffed hearts in bowls, tiered trays, as centerpieces, or on the mantel. Associate

Crazy Quilt Block

Here is a simple technique for creating a crazy quilt block using the stack and cut method. Ms. Elaineous

Crazy Quilt Block

How to create a crazy quilt block. Honey Bee Bliss

Crazy Quilt Block Piecing

The step-by-step process of piecing a crazy quilt block using the stitch and flip technique. Needlework Tips and Techniques

Crazy Quilt Block Tutorial

Scrap lovers rejoice! Dig through your overflowing, slightly (or very) disorganized, messy scraps and make a crazy quilt block with this tutorial. Scrapish

Crazy Quilt Needle Book

Create this needle book to hold you scissor and needles. Great gift idea! Crazy Quilt Studio

Crazy Quilt Pot Holders

Free quilted pot holder patterns get a Victorian twist with a crazy quilt spiral of fabric scraps and signature crazy quilt embroidery. Deborah Schlegel from Art Threads

Crazy Quilting - In a Modern Way

This tutorial uses cutting templates and rotary cutters and a sewing machine with lots of and lots of built-in decorative stitches to make a modern crazy quilt block. Elaine Schmidt

Crumb Quilt

Turn all these fabric scraps into crazy blocks using this method. Agilejack

Crumb Quilt Tutorial

With this technique, you can use up all of those small bits of fabric to make beautiful, colorful crazy patchwork fabric. Alanda Craft

Easy Crazy Quilt Block

A step-by-step instructional tutorial on how to sew a crazy quilt block. By Abby Holverson at Instructables

Fan Block Sachet

Here's a little crazy quilt fan quilt block lavender sachet you can make. Allison Dey

Hexagon Crazy Patchwork Block Pattern

Here find a gorgeous example of a crazy patchwork piece. It also includes a free hexagon pattern. Pintangle

Hot Pad, Pot Holder or Quilt Block

Stitch up this block (finished size 8 1/2" x 8 1/2") and then make it into a hot pad or potholder. Or just a quilt block to make a crazy quilt. Craft and Fabric Links

Modern Baby Crazy Quilt Pattern

Get the instructions for making a cute baby quilt which is a scrap buster. Create with Claudia

Modern Crazy Quilt Pattern

Grab the scrap bin and get ready for some crazy quilting. The Spruce Crafts

Scrappy Improv Heart Blocks

Grab scrap, sew together and make a scrappy, crazy heart block. Loaves and Stitches

Stack and Slash Quilt Tutorial

The stack and Slash patchwork quilt technique is one way to make a crazy quilt block. The Material Girls Quilts

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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