Free Bargello Quilting Patterns and Projects

Hey quilter, these free Bargello quilt patterns are something you just have to try!  

By searching the internet, we have found some great beginner free bargello quilt patterns!  On this page, there are bargello patterns for both beginners, intermediate, and advanced quilters.

For those who are unfamiliar with bargello quilts, here is a quick summary of this style of piecing a quilt.  For more detailed information on bargello quilting, check out our general bargello quilting page.

By definition, bargello quilts are made of strips of fabric sewn together in such a way that it looks like there is movement in the pattern. The lines of the bargello quilt appear to twist and bend and flow with movement!

They are so pleasing to the eye, but they look very complicated.  A bargello quilt appears to be made with small scraps of square and rectangular fabrics, pieced in a way to show the movement. It really looks like only very experienced quilters could make them.

Beginner quilters often look at a bargello quilt in awe, imagining that it must have taken so much time to cut each piece and attach them together. 

The little secret is that they are deceptively easy to make!  Many of the links below take you to beginner free bargello quilt patterns!

Even though the finished bargello quilt looks full of curves and waves, there is no curved piecing to do at all!  The truth is that the quilts are strip-pieced!

To make a bargello quilt, fabric strips are cut at a specific width and sewn together.  New strips are formed by cutting the pieced fabric. The groupings of new strips are then sewn together into a ring with the seam allowances facing outward.

This sounds confusing, but the strips are then laid out in a pattern and a seam of each of the different rings are opened in different orders with a seam ripper.  The ring is then laid open. Once this is complete, the strips are sewn together and a quilt block is formed.

After the blocks are finished, they can be placed in different formations to create amazing patterns, from waves to weaving, from flames to diamonds and so much more.

Now that we have that perfectly clear (lol), trust that bargello quilting is something that is much easier to do than it looks.

Scroll down to see fantastic free bargello quilt patterns that create gorgeous quilts!  To give this technique a try on something smaller than a quilt, there are several great free beginner bargello quilt patterns to make placemats and table runners.

If you don't see something you like in our list of free bargello quilt patterns, check out the bargello quilt patterns for sale that we have collected. There are also nice Etsy bargello quilt patterns at this link.

This intricate looking technique is an easy show stopper!

Free Bargello Quilting Patterns and Projects

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A Wedding Bargello Quilt

Purl Soho has a beautiful free Bargello quilt pattern for you. To make this stunning quilt strips are sewn together, then cut and sewing up to form a new pattern. Purl Soho

All Tangled Up Bargello Quilt

This gorgeous Bargello quilt pattern comes from Braided Bargello Quilts by Ruth Ann Berry! Enjoy! C & T Publisher

Aurora In Flight

Aurora In Flight #ad

Here is a free Bargello quilt pattern made with triangle units. Affiliate Link to Connecting Threads

Bargello Placemats

Does Bargello look complicated? Before starting a large Bargello quilt, test the waters by making these Bargello placemats. Crafty Staci

Bargello Quilt

Rows of waves make up this quilt with a narrow accent border around the outer edges. The finished quilt measures 78" x 94”. Jordan fabrics

Bargello Quilt Pattern

Create a Bargello quilt with this free pattern and 2 packages of jelly roll strips. Also a video is available on the method. Ready and Thriving

Bargello Table Runner

With this free pattern, create a quilt and easy Bargello table runner with this method. Jordan Fabrics

Dancing Colors Quilt

The wavy Bargello design of the quilt center is complemented by the movement of the vines on the border. Moda Fabrics

Jelly Roll Bargello Quilt

You can create a Bargello quilt with this free pattern. Stitch 2 Write 1

Making Waves PDF

A Bargello quilt pattern designed by Mathew Bourdreaux for Art Gallery Fabrics. The finished quilt size is 108" x 87". Art Gallery Fabrics

Modern Bargello Block

Try this modern twist for a Bargello quilt. This Bargello design uses a lot of negative space. 13 Spools

Ombre Bargello Table Runner

This free table runner pattern measures 17" x 68" when finished. Jordan Fabrics

Playing with Scales

This bargello quilt pattern was named for the appearance of moving musical scales. This quilt using chain stitching so it saves a lot of construction time. The quilt is all straight seams and none of them match up, so you don't even need pins. Happy Quilting Melissa


Prism is a bargello quilt design created by Natalie Crabtree for Windham Fabrics. The quilt is assembled using 28 vertical rows. Windham Fabrics

Rainbow Bargello PDF

If you want to make a Bargello quilt, this is the perfect pattern for beginners because it uses jelly rolls and all you are sewing is strips. Jelly Rolls Fabric

Scrappy Bargello Placemats

With this tutorial by Simple Creative Home learn how to make scrappy Bargello quilted placemats as a stunning table accent. Simple Creative Home

Serenity Bargello PDF

This free pattern by Patti Carey creates an elongated wave design. Northcott

Spiral Bargello Quilt

Play with colors to have an eye-catching spiral bargello. This beautiful pattern is designed and made by Linda Onions for The Festival of Quilts. I Love Quilting Forever

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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