Blind Hem Stitch Tutorial (Slip Stitch)

This hemming stitch is almost invisible on both sides of the garment. 


Make a ¼” fold on the raw edge of the fabric.  Make another fold the width of the hem.


Start with a threaded needle with a knot on one end.


To anchor the knot, insert the needle on the folded edge coming out at the crease line.  The knot is now hidden in the fold.


Next directly across from where the knot was anchored, use the tip of the needle to pick-up a few threads of fabric.   Pull the thread gently but firmly.


Now go back directly across to the folded hem side and insert the needle into the folded hem side tunneling about ¼” coming out on the crease line.  The thread is hidden.


Again pick-up a few stitches of fabric directly across from where you came out.


Go back down through the folded fabric on the hem side tunneling about ¼”


Repeat this process until you are finished.


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