How to Quilt Your Own Fabric

Quilted Fabric

Do you have trouble finding quilted fabric you like for a project? And if you do, it can be expensive.


Learn a quick and easy way to make quilted fabric.

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Fusible Batting or Fusible Fleece
Rotary Ruler
Pen or Pencil
Sewing Machine

Most quilted fabric found in stores have a square pattern. However, it could be a diamond pattern, just straight lines in one direction or a design. This is entirely up to you.

This tutorial will explain how to do a square pattern.



Fabric should be washed and ironed flat.

Cut fabric and batting to desired size.

Lay the batting or fleece with adhesive side up on an ironing board. Place the cotton fabric on top with wrong side down.

Fuse the pieces together according to the manufacturer's directions.


With a rotary ruler, draw a straight line on the wrong side of the fused fabric (the batting side) with a pen or pencil. Starting anywhere.

Align the 45 degree angle line on the rotary ruler along first drawn line, mark the 45 degree line and draw another line in opposite direction.

Quilted Fabric

Example of lines on back of fabric


Attach a seam guide to the sewing machine and adjust the seam guide to the width of the desired quilting. I like my quilting lines to be about 1 inch to 1 1/4 inches apart.

Place the fabric under the presser foot along one of the marked pencil lines.

Begin with a very, very short stitch length. The stitches should be almost on top of each other. Sew 4 stitches. This will secure the threads. I do this because I do not want the quilting stitches to come undone.

Increase the stitch length to slightly longer than normally used. I prefer a stitch length of 9 stitches per inch.

Hold the machine thread and bobbin thread when stitching to stitch. This prevents the thread from nesting and tangling under the fabric.

Sew along the marked line and when getting to the end of the line secure the thread by using 4 very small stitches again.

Use the sewing machine guide to sew even lines of stitches from the previously line of stitching.

Continue until entire piece is quilted in one direction.

Then stitch in the other direction using the other line drawn.

When the fabric is completely stitched in both directions, the quilted fabric is finished and ready for the project.

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