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Among the long list of tools quilters need including a sewing machine, rulers, mats, cutters, markers and clips, the iron plays an incredibly important role in sewing and quilting.  

A common ironing question is whether to steam or not to steam.  

If you steam, what type of water do you use in the iron?  Tap Water? Distilled Water?  How do you keep a supply of water handy for refilling the iron?

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To steam or not to steam is up to the quilter.

Tap water or distilled water is up to the iron manufacturer.  Do you know that some irons are designed to operate using untreated tap water?  For instance, I own a Rowenta and the instruction booklet says exactly that - to use tap water.  So before adding water to your steam iron, check the instruction sheet.

Ok, so you know what water is recommended. But you're using the steam feature and continuously having to add water to the iron.  How do you keep water near the quilter's ironing board? 

Watch our YouTube video or keep reading this post for a quick tip on a way to keep water near the ironing area.      

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link Iron Quick Tip to watch in Youtube.

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how to keep water near the ironing board

To keep water handy at the ironing station - presenting the coffee creamer bottle. This coffee creamer bottle works amazingly well as a bottle for adding water to the iron. Iron Quick Tip with Bottle The bottle has a nice snap top that closes tightly, a nice pour spout, holds a nice quality of water and sits nicely on the ironing board thereby helping prevent drips and accidents.

how to repurpose the coffee creamer bottle into water bottle

what you need

  • Coffee Creamer Bottle
  • Scissor
  • Water

STEP 1: clean the bottle

When you finish off the coffee creamer, wash and rinse the inside of the bottle thoroughly.

Iron Quick Tip Creamer Bottle

STEP 2: remove label

Remove the label by using a scissor to snip and tear it from the container. Iron Quick Tip Remove LabelDepending on the type of coffee creamer, you'll be left with a clear or frosted bottle.  

STEP 3: fill the bottle with water

As mentioned earlier, some irons are designed to operate using untreated tap water.  Here is the Rowenta iron instruction sheet regarding water to use: Iron Quick Tip Iron Manual Fill the coffee creamer container with the appropriate water.

STEP 4: add water to the iron

Open the iron water tank lid.  Unsnap the water bottle top and pour the water from the bottle spout to refill the iron water reservoir. Iron Quick Tip Fill IronMake sure you don’t fill it above the max level.  Close the iron water tank lid.

STEP 5: Resnap cap

Resnap the cap.  The cap keeps the water clean. Iron Quick Tip Fill with WaterThis simple bottle is an efficient way to keep a handy refill supply of water close at hand.  It's a great addition to a sewing room.

Advantages of Coffee Creamer Water Bottle

  • Sits firmly on the end or near the ironing board
  • Snap cap closes tightly
  • Has a nice pour spout
  • Water won't spill

I hope you enjoyed this ironing quick tip.  


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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