How to line a crochet bag with fabric (Tutorial)

Boho Chic Mosaic Tote Bag

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Boho Chic Mosaic Tote Bag

How to calculate size of lining:

First, Measure the Width of the Widest part of your bag this will be "Bag Width" below.

Next you calculate the Width of Fabric = Bag Width + 2" (seam allowance on sides)

So, my "Bag Width" was 19.5 inches. And calculating the Width of Fabric = 19.5" + 2" = 21.5".

I cut my fabric 21.5" wide.

Next the height. Measure the height of your bag which will be "Bag Height" below.

Height of Fabric = Bag Height + 1" (top seam allowance) + (Bag Bottom Width / 2)

So, my "Bag Height" is 18 inches. And calculating the height of fabric = 18" + 1" + (5" / 2) = 21.5"

If you need to cut two separate pieces for your bag lining, you will need to add 1" to the bag height to account for the seam allowance along the bottom.

So, I cut my lining so that the fold is along the bottom. So, I cut 21.5" of fabric by width of fabric. Then I turned the fabric and measured from the fold out 21.5 inches and cut off the extra. This gave me one piece of fabric which when folded in half is 21.5" x 21.5". I did not have to sew the bottom together.


Decide what size pockets you want. I usually make one longer pocket and then sew some separators into the pocket.

I made one larger pocket across the whole width of the bottom. A second pocket was put higher and was smaller in size.

Cutting pocket fabric

For the larger pocket, I cut the fabric 12" by the width of the bag 21.5". I then folded and pressed the fabric in half (wrong sides together) so that it is 21.5" wide and 6" high.

The smaller Pocket I cut as 11" x 12". I folded and pressed this pocket in half, wrong sides together, so that it is 12" wide. I opened the folded fabric and folded in and pressed each side in .5 inches on each side. Then re-fold and press the first fold. You end up with a pocket 5.5" x 11".

Sew Pockets onto bag fabric

Add the smaller pocket where you want it to be in your bag lining. Remember that you will be folding down the top of the bag 1" so you will want to put the smaller pocket 2" - 3" down from the top of your bag.

Once you have your pocket in place, flip the fabric down and sew across the bottom of the pocket. Flip and iron it back up and sew the sides. Finally sew some separators into the pocket.

The larger pocket you will place near the bottom of the bag. Do not place the pocket across the bottom of your fabric. The bottom of the fabric will be in the middle of the base of the bag, so measure up from the bottom of the fabric the amount of half the bag bottom width. For my bag, my bottom width is 5" so I measured up 2.5". You can place your bottom pocket up higher if you want.

Sew your bottom pocket on by flipping it down and sew the bottom seam. Flip the fabric back up and iron it flat. Baste the sides of the bottom pocket to hold them in place while you sew the bag lining sides.


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

Sewing your lining together

Now that you have the pockets in place, we are ready to sew the lining together. Place the pieces right sides together. Sew the side seams at .5" seam allowance. If you have two separate pieces, sew your bottom also.

Making Boxed Corners

To make the boxed corners in the bottom of your bag, fold the bag so that the side and the bottom seams are together (see video). You will have a triangle in the bottom corner. Measure from the point seam across by half of the bag bottom width (for me this is 2.5"). Draw a line across and then sew on this line. This will make a boxed corner. Repeat for the other side.

Adding your lining to the crocheted bag

Fold down your top seam by 1" wrong sides together. Insert your lining into your bag matching side seams. Pin the lining to the bag around the top.

Remember to change your bobbin thread to match the yarn on the outside of the bag. Your top thread can match the lining fabric. Sew around the top of the bag. Be sure not to catch any bag handles into the stitching.

And your lining is in your bag!

Boho Chic Mosaic Tote Bag

Boho Chic Mosaic Tote Bag

Click the image below to find out more about the bag itself.

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